Not a Chapter.

Hello everyone, I'm sorry about the neglect of this fiction.

As some of you might have noticed, I changed my name from Miako6 to Miyako Miyazaki. This is my net name everywhere, even for dubbing.

I wanted to tell you all that I never forgot about this fic or any of the others.

I am in the process of re-reading the whole story to get back all of this plot and ideas, because the plot was really complicated and had hints for future references all over the chapters.

Also, by doing so I've been editing and correcting some mistakes. Hopefully my English improved though I doubt it improved that much.

You'll see in the future a note by the end of every chapter done editing as: EDITED

So you can know this is the new edit.

Another thing is, I didn't write in so long, so I'm worried about my writing style. Not to say it was good before, because now as I read the old chapters, they were really badly written, how did you stand that?

I'm really thankful to all those who kept reviewing and following the story, they gave me insomnia thinking how awful I am for making them wait this long.

The date of the last update: 20-1-2010, this is so I can remind myself and never repeat this long hiatus.

I promise to update soon, I quit my previous job at a bank, and got a new job as a secretary and now I have so much free time I can use to get back to writing, ne?

I'm the type that needs nagging on 24/7 so I can finish what I do, so feel free to so.

Even more you can add me on skype to bother me even more, haha.

PM me and I'll send you my contact there.

Sorry about talking too much but I thought you all deserve to know what's happening.

Next chapter will not be posted here, so you all can be notified.

Thank you for reading this.