"This can't be happening..." Netto breathed uneasily as he took in the sight before him. Even in his wildest dreams, he would never have imagined nor expected to see Dark Rockman ever again. "This isn't real. You can't be the real Dark Rockman."

"Oh, is that so, Netto-kun?" the dark navi purred, eyes glinting maliciously. "I'm as real as you can see. There's no room for doubt here."

Forte narrowed his eyes. "Don't call him that," he snarled, taking a step forward. "You have no right to!"

Dark Rockman let off a laugh. "And what are you going to do about it, o fallen one?"

The cloaked navi promptly fired off a buster shot, which Dark Rockman easily dodged. "I didn't think you were that sensitive..this will be more fun than I thought!" he grinned insanely, bringing up his own buster.

"Netto-kun, are you alright with this?" Forte asked lowly as he dodged a barrage of buster shots from the dark navi. "Are you just going to let him stand there and mock us?"

There was a bit of silence before the boy answered. "Don't worry, I know that he isn't the real one. The real Dark Rockman is long gone..." Forte heard Netto take a deep breath, supposedly in hesitation. "That's only a fake! Forte...no mercy." he uttered.

If Forte was bothered by Netto's answer, he didn't show it. However, he quickly pushed it to the back of his mind as he brought his busters up again. "As you wish!"

Dark Rockman grinned again.


Rockman panted as he dodged a Royal Wrecking Ball, and immediately had to dive for cover as a Number Die was tossed at him. "What have I gotten myself into...?" he asked himself, readying his weapon. "Last time I think I can take on six navis all by myself."

"Rockman, to your left!" Regal barked. The blue navi gave a quick leap backwards, barely avoiding a Screen Divide. "That was too close." he heard the scientist mutter.

"This isn't working!" Rockman grit his teeth as he tried to think of a way to fight against the dark navis. He frowned as no good ideas came to mind. "Dammit..." he said under his breath, keeping his distance from the navis. For some reason, they were all just standing there, waiting for him to move again.

"At this point, you only have two options;" Regal muttered. "You can either take them out one by one, or try to take them all out at once. Which one do you think will work?"

Rockman lightly snorted, the answer obvious. "The first one, clearly. The problem is trying to hit them without being surrounded in the process." He glanced at the dark navis again, who were readying whatever weapons they had.

The blue navi could almost feel Regal nod. "Indeed. That's why we have to divide and conquer."

That does make sense... Rockman thought as he ran through whatever options he had left. But... "That just brings us back to square one. How am I supposed to do that without being able to out speed them?"

"You are right about one thing. You can't outrun them when they're grouped together. That's why I have a plan." Regal said smugly, swirling a battle chip within his hand.

Rockman blinked. "Alright, tell me the plan then."


"Hold still!" Forte growled out as Dark Rockman avoided his shots with ease, dancing between each volley unharmed. Snarling, the cloaked navi pulled back a little, raising his arms to block a vicious punch from the clone.

"Is this the best you can do!?" Dark Rockman laughed as he started to kick at Forte's defenses rapidly. "I expected a lot more!" One kick slipped past Forte's guard, and the cloaked navi grunted as he flew back onto the floor.

Growling, Forte stood up and rolled out of the way of a heavy punch, which cracked the ground upon impact. The kick didn't hurt at all, Forte noted, but something was very off about his opponent. Not only was he faster and stronger than Forte, or Netto, remembered him, but there was something about the way he was attacking...

That's it; Forte suddenly thought, staring at his chuckling opponent. Dark Rockman might have been powerful, but he was still Rockman. He would definitely have the same fighting style. This isn't him at all, so...of course! His eyes suddenly widening, he grinned maliciously as he thought up his next plan of attack.

Netto's smile was grim. "I see we have the same idea, Forte." he said, wincing a bit as he clutched his head. Apparently, both he and his navi realized the exact same thing.

The copy in front of them wasn't Rockman, or even the Dark Rockman that they knew. The Lord of Chaos seemed to be able to mimic the blue navi's counterpart...but it missed something very important when assuming that form.

Netto then shook his head to try and clear it, but there was a weird static noise that kept pestering him. Granted, it was low enough not to cause a headache, but it was very annoying, nonetheless. "Alright Forte, you know how to-"

That was when the static in his head drowned out everything else.

"...be gone...!"

"Isn't it obvious...? I'm going to kill you!"

"Such pathetic creatures..."


"I will...I will have my revenge...!"


"Arrrrrrgh!" Netto roared suddenly over the communication, resisting the urge to slam his head into the wall. His head was pounding...!

"Netto-kun!?" Forte exclaimed in surprised, temporarily looking away to look at the screen beside him. What just happened!?

A harsh laugh met his ears once he did, and growled once again. He just screwed up.

"You fool! Don't take your eyes off your opponent!" Dark Rockman taunted, having formed a large cannon with his two hands. Before Forte could do anything, he fired.


Rockman grunted as he got hit with a potshot from one of the navi's busters, but shrugged it off. Ducking back behind a piece of debris, he gently nursed his aching arm while running over the plan again in his head.

I just have to get them to group together before I use 'that' chip...and then use the time they are confused to try and delete one of them. Rockman thought, repeating the exact words that Regal had said to him only moments before.

Grimacing, he allowed himself a peek of what was waiting for him, and it wasn't good. They were spread out; close enough to make an attempt, but far enough apart that it would prove difficult. To get them together, he would need to reveal himself within the next minute, or else it would be futile to even try the plan.

Satisfied that his arm didn't hurt as much as it was, Rockman took a deep breath. "Rockman, hurry! Delaying it any further will only make you lose in the long run!" Regal said gruffly, preparing the chips needed for the assault.

Nodding, Rockman leaped over the debris and fired off a few shots to get them to go in the direction he wanted. He allowed himself a small smile as he saw that it worked; he was managing to corral them into a single group.

That was when he noticed that Colonel was beginning to move. I have to do this now...!

"Dr. Regal, now!" he shouted, placing a palm on the ground while mentally activating a program he had installed.

"Right!" he exclaimed. "Deathmatch 3, slot-in!"

Immediately, the ground started changing from where Rockman laid his hand down, morphing from an ordinary platform into a murky, purple swamp. Before the dark navis could do anything, they were ensnared by their feet.

Got them! Rockman thought in triumph, thankful that Netto installed a Hover Shoe program in his customizer hours beforehand. He had to be quick, though. They would soon free themselves from the swamp, and-

"Behind you!"

A sudden noise behind him startled him, and it took both Regal shouting at him to roll out of the way and his own long-term memory before he realized what was going on. As it was, he barely avoided the sword that now stuck in the ground where he was.

He had forgotten that Shadowman also had Hover Shoes. Growling, Rockman brought up his buster. Time was running short, and he couldn't afford to let the dark ninja prevent him from his attack.


"And you were supposed to be the ultimate navi..." Dark Rockman said wryly, grinning as the smoke started to fade away. "How weak...what!?" he growled in surprise as he didn't see a deleted navi, but a fallen cloak.

"Got you." came a deep voice from behind the dark navi. Dark Rockman had no time to react as an Earth Breaker slammed into him, sending him flying to the other edge of the platform. When he looked back up, Forte stood there, a bit beaten up but otherwise in one piece.

Dark Rockman grit his teeth. "So, you survived it after all." he muttered, displeased with the situation.

"Of course, I always do." Forte said cockily, smirking down at the kneeling form of the dark navi. His assumption had been correct; while the Lord of Chaos knew Dark Rockman's attacks and personality, it couldn't mimic the dark navi's style or tactics.

From what Forte could remember from Netto's memories, Dark Rockman loved to savor the helplessness of his opponents and took great pleasure in wearing them down.

This...fake was trying to kill him as quickly as possible, which went against the Dark Rockman that was in Netto's memories.

"Like it means anything," Dark Rockman snarled, his cool demeanor vanishing as if it never existed. "You will not survive long to gloat about this!" he roared as he brought his buster up and formed a Super Vulcan.

Forte was once again put on the defensive when multiple shots came his way. Netto frowned as he observed, finally able to shove the influx of voices and memories in his head aside. "He can use other battle chips now too...how?"

"Netto-kun, are you finally alright?" Forte called out, evading another shot before he heard Dark Rockman snarl in irritation. He had run out of bullets.

"For now, yes..." came the reply. Forte immediately understood; this was going to happen again, and soon. He had to get rid of Dark Rockman as fast as he could. "I'm sending you a few chips, be ready!"

"Got it." he muttered before activating the first one, a Neo-Variable Sword. Forte looked at his enemy coolly, watching as he formed yet another giant gun with his hands.

Dark Rockman grinned again. "Dark Wide Shot!" he bellowed, sending out waves of dark energy heading at Forte.

Concentrating, Forte swung his sword multiple times, creating his own waves of energy that flew towards Dark Rockman. It had just the effect he wanted as they collided with the Dark Wide Shot and canceled each other out.

The dark navi was not so pleased. Forte could tell that he was losing his patience, but why? Why did he need to kill him so quickly? The cloaked navi had no more time to observe as Dark Rockman suddenly straightened up and laughed.

"This has gone on long enough..." he chuckled, his red eyes gleaming with insanity. "It's time to make sure you perish!"

"Forte, watch out!" Netto cried as he watched Dark Rockman form a Dark Sword and immediately charge towards his friend at extraordinary speeds.

The navi grunted as he narrowly dodged an overhead swipe, but was surprised when Dark Rockman swung again, nicking his arm. Grunting in surprise, Forte kicked the dark copy backwards before charging forward, continuing his own assault. He couldn't let Dark Rockman gain any more momentum.

Netto could only watch only as the two navis clashed, trying to keep the voices in his head from overwhelming him. As it was, it felt like his head was going to explode any minute. Grimacing, he prepared another battle chip, focusing on helping Forte out before he sorted out his own problems in his own head.

He just hoped he could hold out long enough.


Rockman grunted, fending off another thrust from Shadowman's sword and rolling to the side. He was running out of time...if the other dark navis managed to get out...

"Barrier, slot-in!" Regal suddenly shouted, as Rockman blinked in surprise as a green barrier went up around him. He only realized what happened as he saw some of Shadowman's shuriken bounce off the protective shield. "Rockman, you have to concentrate! You're letting everything get to you, and you're not going to get out of here alive if you can't focus!" the scientist chided, grabbing another battle chip as he did so.

The blue navi took a deep breath and nodded. Regal was right, he was still trying to push things to his advantage, but kept getting distracted whenever things didn't go his way. "Yeah, you're right. Just tell me when you're about to send it." he said, charging up his buster. He could already see that the navis were almost out of the swamp, and it would be ineffective as soon as they got themselves unstuck.

"Alright, but you must do something about that ninja." came the reply, and Rockman found himself nodding. Concentrating, he stood still as he relaxed his body, waiting for that single moment when Shadowman would appear. If there was anything he learned from fighting alongside the ninja navi, it was to follow his instincts when they screamed at him.

At that moment, they were roaring at him.


Quickly turning around, Rockman let off a charged shot, catching the ninja totally by surprise. The dark Shadowman went tumbling to the ground, unmoving. Resisting the urge to watch and see if he got back up, Rockman immediately turned back to the swamp. They're almost out...! "Dr. Regal!"

Regal nodded at the confirmation. "Earthquake 3, slot-in!" Rockman felt the heavy weight appear in his hand, but he didn't dwell on it. Right now...right now, it was when it counted. With a great cry, he threw it as hard as he could towards the group of dark navis. They saw it coming, but only a few were able to avoid it.

Numberman wasn't one of them.

As he watched the golden weight fall onto them, he watched with trepidation. As the dust cleared, his eyes widened as he watched the dark Numberman's data explode, signifying his deletion. Knightman managed to survive, but looked worse for wear.

Yes! he howled with triumph in his mind, glad to see that things were starting to go his way. With at least one navi out of the picture, it would get a bit easier. His face turned into a frown, however, as he watched the swamp disappear. One is down, but five more to go... he said to himself as he started to evade rapid buster shots and another Royal Wrecking Ball. In a one against many situation, always take out the support first... the blue navi recited to himself. He immediately looked at Toadman. Well, there's my next target.

"Great job Rockman, but don't celebrate yet. You still have too many more to go through." Regal lightly rebuked, noticing the field going back to normal. "I suppose you know who to go for next?"

"I do. Send me any Elec elemental chips when you can!" he said as he shot back at the dark navis. It was still going to be a long fight ahead.


The fake Dark Rockman, Forte observed, had gone berserk. What the dark navi was doing was nothing short of a kamikaze attack. No matter how many times Forte shot at him with his busters, Dark Rockman would keep charging in, hoping to get a swipe in. Some of them actually connected, and Forte had to admit, they had stung.

"You alright, Forte?" came Netto's voice, sending him various chips to try and ward off the dark copy's attacks. So far, they were not working as well as they had hoped.

Forte grimaced. "Yeah, for now at least. Keeping this up any longer isn't going to end well for us, however." he muttered. Netto grimly nodded. Even if Forte was incredibly strong, he could only hold out for so long.

"Just...buy me a few minutes, please...I'm trying to think of something to work, but..." He left the last word unspoken. Forte knew what he meant; Netto was trying to divide his attention between him and drowning out the memories in his head.

Nevertheless, Netto would have to overcome that, and soon. They were in a battle, and the longer he delayed, the worse it got for them. "Alright, but please hurry, Netto-kun." he said softly, watching as Dark Rockman started to charge in again.

"Don't worry, we'll get through this. I just need the right chip..." Forte didn't hear any more of Netto's muttering as the clash of two swords rang throughout the silent area. Dark Rockman was grinning again; but this time, it was an insane, evil grin that told him what the dark clone was up to. He was totally focused on trying to kill him as fast as possible.

"You can't dodge forever!" Dark Rockman cackled as he thrust the sword at Forte again, who evaded it. "Your stamina will eventually give out!"

Forte frowned as he said that. I know that! But why doesn't Dark Rockman seem worried about his own? he thought in worry, noticing that the dark copy didn't even looked winded at all. Was this another of the Lord of Chaos' abilities?

Whoops! Forte grunted as he was nicked yet again on his side by the Dark Sword. It stung, but he immediately pushed that to the side and countered the swipe by landing a direct hit to Dark Rockman's arm with his own sword. He smirked as Dark Rockman roared in pain and backed off a bit to check his wound. Forte didn't let up, however, as he immediately pushed his advantage and sent rapid strikes at the dark copy.

He saw that Dark Rockman was hard pressed to fend off his strikes; perhaps he had done more damage to his arm than he thought? Testing it, he feinted a strike, and smirked when Dark Rockman brought up his sword to defend. The dark copy was shocked when Forte didn't strike there, and on reflex, brought the sword where it was really going to strike.

Unfortunately, his reflexes were too slow from the strike Forte hit him with earlier.

Forte grinned when he saw Dark Rockman scream in pain as his left arm hung uselessly at the side. Great, with one arm out, he could...

"You scum!" Dark Rockman roared in anger, "I'm going to rip you apart!" he screamed as he brought up his working arm and formed another blade, charging at Forte in blind anger.

"Netto-kun, I hope you have that chip!" Forte yelled out, bringing up his own sword to defend in preparation.

"I do!" Netto exclaimed finally. "I'm sending it to you right now. This is it!"

Forte felt the chip come to him, and his eyes widened slightly as he realized what it was. "Okay, just have to time it right..." he muttered as Dark Rockman sped towards him.

The brunette watched as Dark Rockman approached Forte, each of his footstep seeming like a countdown to what was going to happen. "Almost...two..."

"One..." Forte breathed, instinctively activating the chip he had with him.

Now! both of them thought in unison as Forte unleashed the power of the chip, just as Dark Rockman was upon him and ready to attack.

"Iai Form!" Forte roared, swinging his blade one last time at a speed no one could see. It knocked Dark Rockman's sword aside, and left a deep cut on his body.

Dark Rockman roared in pain once again, staggering backwards. Holding his wound, he stared blearily at Forte, trying to find the willpower to move his body, but couldn't. "Urgh...no...!" he cried, unable to even lift his sword.

"He's finished." Netto stated, breathing heavily. Something odd had happened when Forte unleashed his attack...had he actually felt himself doing it? No, that couldn't be... Shaking his head, Netto glared at the dark copy. "Finish him off before he does anything else!"

Forte nodded, a bit perturbed at Netto's attitude. Before he could even take a step, however, Dark Rockman let off another horrifying laugh, his eyes filled with madness.

"You think you have beaten me!?" he bellowed, his voice changing from the insane one of Dark Rockman to the loud, booming voice of the chaos. "We're just getting started!"

Netto nodded slowly. "I knew it. I knew that wasn't even Dark Rockman, or even a perfect clone of him...it was just the Lord of Chaos trying to throw us off guard."

"Too bad it didn't work." Forte scoffed, staring intently at the barely standing figure.

"You've amused me so much...I would have never thought you could even beat a form I assumed, let alone two!" it cackled, standing up straight. Forte took a step back in shock; wasn't he supposed to be critically wounded? "I see you've noticed. I cannot be killed! Not even a wound as deep as you inflicted would be able to destroy me!"

Forte chuckled. "Immortal? Nothing is immortal in this world. Not even Serenade, for all of its power, is immortal."

The voice boomed with laughter again. "Have you already forgotten that I do not come from this world? I am a being far beyond your puny comprehension! Nothing you do will harm a millenia old being such as I!"

"It sure is full of himself..." Netto remarked dryly. "But if what it says is true...how are we going to handle this?"

"Don't worry, we'll get to that as it comes." Forte growled. This thing couldn't be immortal, could it? It just couldn't be...!

"And now, my friends, I think this has truly gone on too long. Prepare, as I show you my true power!" it cackled as chaotic energy began cackling again and covering Dark Rockman's form. Forte had to avert his eyes from the energy, not to mention struggle to stay standing.

"This power...! It's so oppressive..." he growled out as it felt like he was being smashed from the pressure.

"Hang in there!" Netto cried as he immediately sent a Barrier to Forte. The black navi sighed in relief as the pressure lightened, but it didn't totally disappear.

"Ha ha ha..." came the laugh as both navi and operator looked at the swirling mass of energy. "Be honored that I have to use this form to kill you. I will take great delight in erasing you from existence." As the energy cleared, both of their eyes widened in shock.

"No...no! Is this even possible!?" Netto cried in shock, slamming his hands on the table.

Forte took another step back, eyes wide. "This...this can't be! How!?" he stuttered, not believing the sight before him.

"Nothing is impossible for a being like me...including this. Your surprise is absolutely wonderful to behold!" it laughed as it's red eyes gleamed. Netto gulped before trying to calm himself.

"Forte...can you really fight that...thing?" he asked shakily. Forte nodded, although Netto noticed he wasn't as enthused either.

"...yeah." he said bluntly. Turning back to the Lord of Chaos, he grit his teeth. "You're going down for even daring to assume that form!"

The Lord of Chaos merely grinned and raised a hand, already gathering energy for its attack.


Rockman was breathing hard. He managed to cut down the numbers into something more manageable but...

Taking out Toadman was harder than it seemed. He was surprisingly agile and a misstep would paralyze Rockman, which meant he had to be extremely careful in dealing with him. To his luck, however, the dark Toadman was too busy trying to attack him with Dark Wide Shots to even think about supporting, allowing him to get in and deliver a Custom Bolt 3 right to his face. Inside, he felt a twinge of sympathy as he saw Toadman being deleted, but reminded himself that these were only mere copies, not the real thing.

Knightman was easier, if anything. True, his Royal Wrecking Ball made it a challenge to get close, and his Stone Body would make anything Rockman threw at him neigh useless. However, he had sustained heavy damage from the Earthquake 3 he had thrown earlier, and was moving even more sluggish than usual. It just took some dodging and some feints before he got close and deleted him with a Drill Arm.

That was the easy part. Now, however, Rockman found himself being forced back by a double team of Shadowman and Tomahawkman. The two dark navis worked surprisingly well together, which only meant that Rockman knew he was in trouble.

"Rockman, try to create an opening so you can get some breathing room!" Regal ordered, searching through his chip folder for the right one.

The blue navi grimaced. "Even if I did, Colonel would be on me in a second once I got enough room!" he retorted. He had wondered why Colonel was just hanging back, a question that had been answered once he got enough space between him and the dark navis. Rockman had been forced back into the fray when the dark Colonel had shot a Screen Divide at him, making him leap right into Shadowman and Tomahawkman. That hadn't gone over so well, and he came out worse for it.

Regal grunted in acknowledgment. "Urgh...there still has to be something you can do!" he said. Rockman was already feeling the effects of the battle, his body starting to get exhausted, but he still had to go on.

Ducking a tomahawk that was thrown by Tomahawkman, Rockman racked his brain for any sort of strategy. If he could just delete one more of then...but who? Blinking, the blue navi glanced over the dark Tomahawkman. Dingo had always said that he hated fire...

That's it! Rockman thought. Tomahawkman had an aversion to any sort of fire, from what he remembered. If he could land one good hit on him, then his life would be a little bit easier. Dodging a combined Muramasa Blade and Tomahawk Swing, Rockman started to fire back. "Dr. Regal, I need a powerful Fire chip, and quickly!"

"You have a plan?" he asked, but readying a chip nonetheless.

Rockman nodded. "I do. It's risky, but it has to be done." He gulped when he saw Shadowman back off and Tomahawkman leap into the air. Something bad was coming his way. "Hurry!"

Regal slotted two chips in just as the dark Tomahawkman came in with a Tomahawk Rolling. Rockman knew he had to stop him here, or else the damage that would be done would be disastrous. When he felt the two chips come to him, he smiled. Perfect. These two were exactly what I needed!

As the rolling body of energy got closer, he activated the first chip. "Heat Body!" he cried as a blaze of fire ignited around him. Tomahawkman slammed right into it, his attack struggling against the searing flames. The flames eventually won out, and Tomahawkman dropped to the ground, burned all over.

That was exactly the opportunity that Rockman needed. He activated the second chip, rearing his fist back as it erupted in flames. "Fire Punch 3!" he cried as he slammed his fist into the dark Tomahawkman's face. He grimaced as he felt the data collapse under his fist, the sign of a navi being deleted. I'm sorry...

"Excellent job!" Regal congratulated, marveling at the way Rockman handled himself in a tight situation. "You still have two more to go, however...are you feeling alright?"

Rockman was feeling far from alright; his body was nearing the point of exhaustion. However, giving in would be his deletion. "I'm...fine. Just keep supporting me, doctor." he breathed out. He saw Regal nod, and then readied himself against Shadowman. The ninja was quite possibly the biggest annoyance, and would have to be taken out before he could finally move onto Colonel.

He was almost done. Just two more to go...

That was when he felt a sudden chill shoot up his spine. This feeling... he mentally gasped. Netto-kun, Forte! What's going on!?


Bolts of energy were raining down, and Forte was frantically trying to dodge them. It didn't help that he was still in disbelief about what he was facing. Netto was yelling at him to concentrate, but he just couldn't for some reason.

"Against a foe like me, I guess it would be common to feel something like fear, no?" it asked, raising its hands again as it charged up. Forte snarled, but could do no more as he was forced to dodge yet again.

"Forte, you have to attack!" Netto cried as he tried looking over his battle chips. He hadn't prepared for something like this!

"I know, I know!" Forte retorted as he brought his busters up and tried shooting at the Lord of Chaos. He grit his teeth when he found that he missed. "It's not working...!"

The figure laughed. "It's useless. There is no way you can hit me with such pathetic attacks." it sneered. "Let me show you power!" Holding up one arm, Forte saw a black energy form within his palm before making a motion to throw it at him. "Hell's Rolling!"

Forte's eyes widened as several disks of dark energy just flew out of the figure's palms and rolled right at him. Growling, he jumped around to try and avoid them, but was surprised when they changed directions right at him. "Netto-kun!"

Luckily, his partner was there to answer the call. "Dream Aura, slot-in!" he hastily said as he sent the data to Forte, who immediately cloaked himself in the protective aura. The dark wheels collided with the aura and vanished, the aura managing to repel them. Forte let off a small sigh of relief before turning back to the smirking figure.

"How...that shouldn't even be possible!" Forte said, glaring at the floating figure in front of him. That attack...not even he could do it!

The figure smirked evilly. "How many times must I tell you? I can do stuff that not even a puny creature like you could do...but if you're wondering why I can do it, I can answer that easily." it said as it walked closer. Forte growled as he came clearer into view, trying to think of a plan.

"After all...I'm who you could have been." the figure said as it grinned madly, red eyes gleaming.

Netto was extremely worried. "Forte...what do we do now?" he asked desperately.

The black navi couldn't take his eyes off of the figure. "...I have no idea, Netto-kun." he muttered helplessly. What could he do?

After all, he never had fought against a mirror image of himself.


Next Chapter: Battle with Myself:

"Forte...we can't...lose here...!"

"No...I'm not going to lose him...!"

"There has to be something I can do! Anything!"

"...just believe, Forte."


Author's Notes:

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