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Does Beast Boy get naval lint?

AN: This takes place sometime after the events in my story Getting to Know Her. I strongly suggest you read that first.

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I hope to include in this story something that one of my reviewers for Saying Goodbye hinted at wanting. You know who you are, but you have a bit of a wait. :P

Until the End of the World

Chapter 1 – The Giving of Thanks

It has been an amazing spring and summer. Raven and I have been going to that meditation group regularly, often stopping for a beverage and chat afterwards. The Titans had survived Raven's grumblings about her birthday. We managed to survive Slade's delivery of the prophecy that Raven had been stuck with since birth. And we managed to survive the end of the world. And now Jump City is slipping into a peaceful autumn. Well, sorta.

I wasn't certain that we would survive Starfire's version of Thanksgiving.

Starfire has always been big on celebrations. Seems to me like Tamaran is just one big party after another, the way she goes one with all her puddings and celebrations and hullabaloos. Recently she has been trying to partake in more of Earth's holidays, and had been amazed at how many we could celebrate, but don't. It had taken Robin quite some time trying to explain to her all the religions and differences in holidays and why some were celebrated while others weren't and by whom.

I had spent a good long while snickering over the hole that Robin had dug himself when it came to explaining Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa to Starfire.

Today though, it seemed as if Robin was going to have his revenge. Starfire had wandered into the common room carrying several boxes and had started whistling to herself as she flew around, stringing up orange and brown streamers.

"Dude!" Cyborg cried out when I hit pause on our game of Outrageous ATV Racing. "Can't you deal with the fact that I am beating you!"

I ignored Cyborg's protests and asked Starfire, "Um, Starfire? What are you doing?"

"Friend Beast Boy! Is it not most glorious?" the tawny haired alien began. "Friend Robin has decided that I should do the planning of the Giving of Thanks this year!"

I scratched the back of my head while I translated her broken English. "You mean Thanksgiving?"

Star giggled softly as she replied, "Yes. Thanksgiving. Today I am going to decorate the Tower and tomorrow I shall do the shopping for our feast."

Cyborg and I slowly turned and looked at each other in horror.

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Star?" Cyborg began, as we turned back to Starfire.

"Have you talked to Robin about all of this?" I continued.

"And who's going to do the cooking?" we finished in unison.

Starfire looked at us a moment longer before she turned back to hanging her paper streamers. "We will all be cooking different things. Robin has told me that part of the Thanksgiving is the gathering of family in the kitchen. And you are my family here on Earth." Before Cyborg or I could ask, she continued, "We will be having the turkey and ham, the dressing and sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans." She paused to inhale, "And friend Robin has suggested a most wonderful thing called a Tofurkey ™ for you, Beast Boy!"

"Aw man!" Cyborg grumbled, quietly enough that Starfire couldn't hear. "They even managed to get tofu into the holidays!"

I walked quietly down the halls of Titan's Tower towards Raven's room. It was Tuesday, and we have a standing agreement to meet and go together to the meditation group at the Jump City YMCA. In the months that we have done this, I have gone from a sense of foreboding to a quiet anticipation.

I smiled wryly as I round the corner of the hall. A few short months ago I would have told anyone who suggested I would be meditating with Raven that they were crazy. I mean, I had always wanted her to do more things with me, but I never imagined that we would be going to a meditation group together. Now, our Tuesday and Thursday trips to the meditation group were the highlights of my week.

As much as I enjoyed it, it still hadn't made the feeling that there was something different about the halls outside Raven's room go away. But it was becoming a familiar difference. I still think it's creepy here though. The lights still seem dim, and her door still doesn't sound like steel when I knock on it. I raised my hand to knock on Raven's door and stopped myself just in time when it opened, Raven's face where my hand would have struck the door. "Oh! Um, hey, Raven. You want to go?" I asked nervously.

When she smiled slightly I felt something in my chest do small somersaults. "When haven't I gone since you first asked me?" she asked.

I found myself scratching the back of my head as I answered, "Um… You always have."

She slipped out of her room, and we walked together in silence to the roof. There, I transformed into a small, green starling and we flew into the city.

After our meditation group was over, Raven and I found ourselves walking the streets of Jump City. It has become a habit that after the meditation group we would go for tea and a soda, and talk. Most often, Tuesdays found us going to Camille's, that cheery coffee shop that had old fashioned bottles of soda and real tea while Thursday's found us at one of Raven's darker haunts. And today was no exception.

As we walked in silence together, our feet leading us to Camille's, I reflected on how our friendship has grown. I have come to treasure my post-meditation chats with Raven. And in fact, I have been thinking a lot about what it would be like to date her.

'Raven really is my best friend,' I thought. 'We've come a long way since I tried meditating and asked her to come.' I grinned as we slipped into Camille's and headed towards our customary table in the corner. 'But I've changed at least as much as she has. I still tease her and tell her jokes to try and get her to open up, but… I also respect her space and who she is more.'

Seeing us arrive, Susie – the server from our first visit – went to get Raven her tea, and a random soda for me. She had learned early on that Raven always had the same variety of tea, while I liked any of the vintage varieties of soda they had.

I pulled the chair out for Raven, and then slipped around the corner of the table to seat myself. Just as I settled in, Susie brought out Raven's tea and a Dad's Root Beer™ for me.

"Thank you," Raven said to Susie as she set out the teapot, tin of leaves and cup.

"You're welcome, dear" she replied, eliciting the usual small frown from Raven for calling her "dear". Which Susie ignored as she always did. "Do you two have plans for Thanksgiving yet?" she asked as she set down my soda.

Suddenly remembering the conversation I had with Cyborg and Starfire this morning I let out a small groan. "Yea," I said, "one of our friends is making us all dinner."

"So why the groan?" Susie asked. "That sounds wonderful!"

"Well," I said, "it would be, but the girl doing the cooking isn't the best cook… Her heart is in the right place though."

As I spoke, Raven visibly paled. "You mean Starfire is cooking?" she asked.

I nodded and Susie just smiled at us. "Remember, Thanksgiving is about the good things you have. Not about the quality of the cook." With that she slipped off, knowing Raven and I would likely talk for an hour or two before we left.

As we walked back to the Tower in silence I was mulling over a thought I so often had now. 'Why shouldn't I ask Raven out? I like her. She's free from Trigon's influence. She has more control over her powers than ever. And – to be perfectly honest – she's darned cute.'

Passing through the Tower towards her door, I made a decision I had toyed with for far too long. Peering around to make sure that we are alone in the hallway, I stopped in front of her door rather than continuing to my room as I usually did.

As her door opened, I spoke. "Raven, um…" I asked, finding my courage suddenly failing me.

"Yes, Beast Boy?" she asked, turning to face me.

"Well, um…" I scratched the back of my head and I felt blood running to my cheeks. 'Great, I'm blushing. Not smooth.'

Raven looked at me, and I got the distinct feeling that her eyes were looking through me to my soul. "What is it?"

I closed my eyes and forced myself to ask, the words running into one another as I tried to get the question out. "Raven, do you want to go outwithmetoamovie?" I inhaled deeply after the question is asked, afraid that she will decline rather than simply killing me on the spot.

She raised one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows and asked, "Do you mean as friends? Or as a date?"

'I can back out of this. Nothing bad will happen. Just say that I wanted to see it with a friend,' I though to myself. My mouth had other plans. "As a date," I found myself saying.

She blinked slowly before the barest hint of a smile formed on her face. "I think I would like that," Raven replied.

Now it was my turn to be amazed. Even though we'd become much closer in the last few months, I never thought that she'd say yes. Happy, I leaned forward and gave her brief hug, aware of how protective she still was of her space. "Why don't you pick the time and movie," I said, knowing that I would enjoy whatever she picked, just for being with her.

"Okay. Let me see what's playing and I will tell you tonight. I will talk to you a little later on, Beast Boy," she said before slipping quietly into her room and closing the door.

I skipped to my room, so happy I could burst.