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Resident Ed: Peach Creek outbreak

On one stormy night, an Umbrella Corp C-130 Cargo plane was flying over Peach Creek. The plane was carrying T-virus samples to the Peach Creek branch of Umbrella. The plane ran into turbulence because of the storm, a lightning bolt hit the planes fuel line, it caught on fire………………

"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!" the plane pilot screamed into his radio, hoping that there will be a response, he only heard static……….

The plane crashed next to the Cul de sac, with a huge explosion, spreading fire everywhere, waking people up. Every thing and everybody on the planes was destroyed except for 1 T-virus rod which rolled into the Kanker Sister's trailer.

"What the hell was that?" Eddy asked as he woke up from the sound.

He quickly went to Ed's house where Double D was helping Ed with his model rockets.

"Ed, Double D!" Eddy screamed excitedly and scared, "there has been a HUGE plane crash in the woods!"

"Really Eddy? I thought it was a mutant pirate robot from robo 3 crashed landed in his escape pod from his flag ship" said Ed.

"You have been watching too much horror movies Ed" said Double D.

"Who cares, lets go check it out tomorrow" said Eddy.

Eddy slept over with Edd in Ed's house, at the same time, the T-virus rod broke and infected the Kanker sisters, put they could not handle it and died, but the virus escaped to the underground ventilation systems. The next day, everyone was amazed by the sight of the crash site. While the Eds were searching the crash for stuff they can sale or use.

"Awesome dude" said Kevin who was really amazed of the site.

"Why is this flying machine here?" said Rolf confusedly.

"Hey look" said Eddy, "I found a gun"

"Eddy!" said Edd nervously, put that down"!

"Hell no" Eddy replied, "We might need it for our next scam.

The Kanker sisters, May turned into a huge monster with a rocket launcher she found, while the others turned into normal zombies. The infection spread through out Peach Creek. Hundreds of zombies were heading to one of the only uninfected places, the cul de sac.

When Eddy sees the zombies, he asked "who are those freaks?"

"Oh dear" Double D said in a worried voice, "that plane was the Umbrella transport".

"What the hell is going on?" Eddy asked.

To save time Edd gave Eddy a file about the T-virus, everyone read it and was surprised.

"What idiot would make such a thing?" Eddy asked.

"Well, the virus can be used to help people with medical problems" replied Edd.

A zombie crept up to them.

"Oh what do we do?" Jimmy said scared.

Then Eddy sighed and shot the zombie with the gun he found.

"Nice", said Ed coolly.

"Come on, lets get out of here", Edd said desperately.

Then the Kanker sisters, came in, May only said one word, "Eds"

"Oh dear" Double D said.

May launched her rocket launcher at Ed, but fortunately, missed. Every one was scattered around screaming. Ed got an idea and pulled out a sling shot and with a homemade bomb, he flinged the bomb at May, the bomb exploded throwing May back with incredible force; it threw her to the other side of Peach Creek

"That's my RPB( rocket propelled bomb)" said Ed proudly.

"Wow Ed, so thats what explains the trash in your room" said Edd sarcastically.

"Nope", Ed replied, "the trash is fro something else"

They were heading to the edges of Peach Creek so they can leave, but there was a biohazard sealed wall around it to prevent the infection to escape. So they split up, Ed and Eddy are partners, Rolf and Kevin were put together, Jimmy and Sarah went together. And of course, Nazz and Edd were partners, Edd got really nervous. Before they spilt up, they armed there selves at the gun shop.

Edd told all of them to meet at the airport.

Author's notes: now each chapters is going to be about each pair and how they get to the airport