Just Allura

Author's notes:

When I originally wrote "Just Allura" I was somewhere around the age of 13ish - it was *way* back in the stone age... you know, before the internet! LOL

Over the years, I have learned SO much about life, love, the human condition. I've learned so many things that are beyond the understanding of a 13 year old girl. Things that simply must be learned from living.

I've also grown as a writer. I've learned many things that come only from experience in writing - how to create an ebb and flow to the words, to find a rhythm, to create prose, rather than just stringing together sentences. I've also learned a lot about the technical aspects of writing - grammar, punctuation, etc. These things come with practice and time.

When I recently decided to finish out my Voltron fanfic series, I started re-reading my old fanfics... And I realized that I like the direction in which the story moved, but the writing left something to be desired. So, I decided I was going to have to take the same advice I've been dishing out to my kids forever...

"If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right."

So, I've set out to re-write the entire "Just Allura" story arc. What you can find here on fanfiction dot net are the first few fics in a much longer, much more involved series. If you'd like to read other fics I've written, you can visit my website:

The Lion's Keep: The Next Chapter

shanshantlk . weebly . com (just take out the spaces!)

I really hope that you'll come by my site and take the time to read my entire series! :) And just so you know, each fanfic will read as a complete work by itself, but when read in order, with all the other fics, each fic becomes a story within a story...

I hope that you enjoy... I hope that even if for just a bit of time, the following words transport you to another time and place...

Thank you!