A/N: Okay, so I've decided to make a few changes on my Two Worlds, One Love fic. That said, I've decided it would be much easier for me to repost it as a whole new story on it's own, since the changes are enough that they'd possably have negative effects if I tried changing the chapters in the "old" version. Fear not though, for the changes won't effect the overall story/plot! Think of them as an improvement on the fic and not a completely diffrent story. (Does that make sense?)

The most major changes would be: the OC's name from Emiri Rankin to Emma Solinger, a descriptive paragraph about Emma instead of a bio, Kakashi isn't as big a flirt as before, the absence of "Kakashi's forgotten 'play date'" scene, chapter length, and Kakashi will now have been celibate for about 8-10 years from before the beginning of this fic. All other changes are mostly minor and consist of spelling/grammer mistakes and whatnot.

For those wondering why I made these changes it's because of all the feedback I've gotten on how to better the story and the minor imperfections several people had with it. And what kind of writer would I be if I ignored my readers and wasn't willing to change/learn? So please check out this new version and tell me what you think, it's titled One Love: Two Worlds. I know, it's uber original, right? Anywho, please inform me of you think about the changes. Is this better then the original, or should I just forget about all the changes and delete it?

I know authors aren't allowed to post notes like this and whatnot, but I have like 100+ readers and this site makes you wait 2 minutes between each PM you make. That's kinda a big, time consuming, and REALY tedious task for me to take on. And what with juggling married life with my schooling, add in some family issues of late, and I just don't have the time to do all that. I hope people understand this and that the owners/moderators of this site don't kick me off for this. I was kinda hoping that once I didn't a post a new chapter my loyal readers would look at my homepage and see if I had any notices about it-for which you would've seen the "new" story added. But since it seems that idea has so far backfired, I'm left with only this option. Once again, I'm sorry and I hope everybody understands and that the owners/moderators aren't pissed off with me right now.

Oh, and sorry for all the spelling/grammer errors.