Make Room for Daddy

By Lord Raa

Disclaim-me-do: Careful, my advantageous mongoose is feeling a bit randy.

I stole parts of this idea from Innortal.

Ranma Saotome walked down the street with his travelling companion. "Are you sure about this, Pops?"

"Of course I am, boy," the rotund man insisted. "My old training partner's family has a dojo not far from here. They'll put us up."

"Good thing, too," Ranma noted. "It's starting to rain."

"Damn it, why did you have to knock me into that spring?" the now female martial artist asked. "You should have more respect for your sensei!"

Ranma, still male, just smirked. "Hey, it's not my fault you took us to a cursed training ground, 'Mom'."

"Don't you ever call me that again, boy, or I'll make you suffer!" Genma-chan growled.

"Whatever. Which way is it to this dojo?"

"Follow me," Genma, now sporting a pair of soaked breasts gestured down the street.

A knock on the door of the Tendo house alerted its inhabitants. "Kasumi, could you get that for me? I'll finish up the soup."

"Yes, Mother," the brunette nodded happily. Upon opening the door, Kasumi greeted the visitors. "Hello there, can I help you?"

"Hello," the woman bowed. "I'm here to see Reiko Tendo, is she in?"

"My mother is in the kitchen, do come in Ms.?"

"Genma Saotome, this is Ranma," the red haired woman smiled.

Kasumi bowed and directed them into the common room. "I'll be back in a minute with some tea."

"Well, who is it?" Reiko asked her eldest daughter, turning the heat off the stove.

"Genma Saotome, and some boy named Ranma," the girl answered. "They're here to see you."

"I've been expecting them, could you call your sisters for me, Kasumi-chan?"

Reiko brought the tea in with her as she prepared to greet her late husband's training partner.

"Oh, excuse me, I'm looking for Genma Saotome, he was a friend of my husband," the chestnut haired woman bowed in apology.

"I'm Genma Saotome! I can explain!" the darker haired woman insisted.

"I didn't think that you would go for a sex-change, Saotome-kun," Reiko commented dryly as she took her place. "Though I must admit that's some impressive cosmetic surgery."

"No, it's not that, here," Ranma smiled as he grabbed a cup of hot tea.


Genma, now bald and a lot less attractive, glared at his son. "Thank you, Ranma."

Reiko was frozen in place at the transformation that had taken place in front of her own eyes.

"No, thank you, Pops," Ranma replied pointing at the stunned woman. "You've managed to upset our host."

"I have not upset Reiko," the portly Saotome insisted.

"What have you done to our mother?" Nabiki demanded, her sisters standing behind her.

"I haven't done anything!" Ranma protested. "It were Pops!"

"Blame me, why don't you?" the bespectacled man snorted.

"Hey, I'm not the one who changed shape!"

"W-what's going on?" Reiko asked in a quiet voice. "What happened to that woman that was sitting there?"

"That was me," Genma explained. "Here, let me show you."

He stood up and stepped out through the sliding door into the cold rain.

Stepping back inside, however, was a young woman in her late teens with long red hair and Genma's now ill-fitting gi hanging indecently off her lithe frame.

"Watch this," she said as she picked up another cup of hot tea and poured it over her head.

The change was remarkable for those that hadn't seen it before. Thick, wavy red hair receded. Soft feminine curves turned to muscular bulk, and the martial artist gained over a head and a half in height.

"Oh my!" the Tendos chorused eerily.

"How did this happen?" Nabiki asked.

"We were in China a few weeks ago, when Pops here decided to take us to the training grounds at Jusenkyo," Ranma started the explanation with a small smile. "Unfortunately, those grounds are cursed so if you fall into a pool, you'll take the form of whatever drowned in there last. Pops fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl, where as I fell in the Spring of Drowned Boy."

"The injustice of it all," Genma bawled, "that I would be so cursed."

"Yeah, and this had nothing to do with the fact you can't read Chinese, does it?" the teenaged boy asked. He used a teasing tone that suggested that this was not the first piece of bad luck (act of stupidity) that had befallen the pair.

"Silence, boy," the man growled. "Anyway, cold water activates the curse and hot water reverses it."

Ranma shrugged. "So now you know why Pops turned up as a girl."

"I see," Reiko nodded. "Anyway, now that we're all here, I've got an announcement to make. Your father and Mr. Saotome here used to train together."

"You knew our dad?" Akane asked, intrigued as to what the man was like.

"He was a good man," Genma smiled fondly. "During our many hardships under our master, we pledged that we would unite the Schools of Anything Goes through marriage."

"Yes, these are my daughters, Kasumi, she's 19, Nabiki, she's 17 and Akane, she's 16," Mrs. Tendo gestured appropriately at the girls. "Obviously, I can't expect you to pick one right now, but I was hoping that you'd get to know them a little bit better before you made your choice, Ranma-kun."

Ranma turned to his father. "Pops, is there something that you've forgotten to tell me?"

"What about us, Mom?" Nabiki turned to her parent. "You can't expect us to marry some guy we've only just met!"

The parents began to sweat under the glares their offspring were giving them.

The Tendo girls had a quick conference, and after a moment, they came up with a viable option to postpone/evade the engagement.

"Mom, there's something that we've been meaning to tell you," Akane started.

"Yes," the oldest Tendo nodded.

"We've been thinking that it's been a while since you had companionship, so we were thinking perhaps you should be the one to get married again," Nabiki continued.

"Y-you do?" Reiko blushed.

"Yes," Kasumi nodded. "Plus, we're all trying to work something out with some boys that we know. Being engaged to Ranma, as nice a young man as he is, would ruin it for us."

"And you didn't tell me this before?"

"Well, we didn't want to jinx it," Akane admitted in a quiet voice. She hoped that her mother would believe her little white lie.

Reiko knew that her youngest was a little superstitious, so nodded softly. "I see."

Ranma shrugged. "Fair enough, Pops, it's not gonna work out, unless you want to marry Mrs. Tendo."

Genma waved his hands defensively. "No, that's not an option."

"Why not?" Nabiki asked, sensing that there was something unsavoury about this sex-changing martial artist.

"It would cast a stain upon my friendship with Soun," the part time man lied quickly.

"I understand," Reiko nodded with a look of remembrance in her hazel eyes. Her husband was a good man, if a little emotional at times, and often spoke of good times training with Genma.

"That leaves you with one last option if you want to join the schools," Nabiki hinted.

"How old are you, Ranma?"

"18," the pigtailed young man said slightly confused by the whole situation, "why? And what do you mean one last option to join the schools?"

"You get engaged to Mom," Nabiki smiled.

"Nabiki!" Kasumi and Reiko scolded in unison.

"Hey, it's not that scandalous," the short haired girl smirked. "I mean, he's an adult and can make his own decisions, and when was the last time you spent some quality time with a man?"

"That's none of your business!" the scarlet cheeked woman insisted.

"So it was when daddy was alive," Nabiki mused. "Mom, it's time for you to start dating again. You're still young, and Ranma's good looking. Plus you'll be helping us find our own happiness."

Genma mulled those points over in his mind. "Yes, and I think that it would be good for Ranma to be under the influence of someone that was a bit more mature."

Ranma stuck his tongue out at his father, inadvertently proving his point.

The widow noticed that the pink flesh stuck out nearly ten centimetres from the pigtailed young man's lips felt her lips become dry and something stir in her loins.

"So then, it's decided, Ranma and Mom will be engaged!" the Tendo daughters decided.

"What happened to it being scandalous, Kasumi?" Reiko asked, unsure as to what her little girls were planning.

"Well, we were getting concerned that you were lonely," the tallest girl admitted.

The Tendo parent sighed. Her daughters were right, though it was probably closer to sexual frustration, rather than just a lack of company. "Ok, since this is the only way to get what my dear Soun wanted, I'll do it."

"So then Ranma, what do you think of your fiancée?" Genma asked, hoping that this son would honour the agreement.

Ranma now took his first good look at Reiko Tendo. She was quite clearly where her daughters got their looks and figures from, and she seemed nice enough. Taking a gulp of his tea to steady his nerves, he nodded. "If you really want to, Tendo-san, I'll be happy to see if we can work something out."

Reiko smiled. "Thank you, Ranma-kun."

Ranma and his father sat in the Tendo's bathtub, relaxing before dinner. The pigtailed young man wasn't too happy about the fact that he'd been engaged to an older woman he'd just met and was making his displeasure known.

"Pops, I can't believe you sold me out like that!"

"It's for your own good, boy," the portly man insisted. "Reiko is a good woman and she'll take care of you when you get married."

"And you don't think it a bit weird for me to marry your best friend's widow?" Ranma asked. "I mean she's old enough to be my mom!"

"She's only 33. Besides, it's not age, it's experience," Genma sighed. "You'd know that if you were actually a man and not the whiny boy that you are!"

Ranma faced his poor excuse for a parent and gave him a look that said "I'm tired of your bullshit" before leaving the tub.

"I guess that it's all down to your training, Sensei."

Nabiki met with her sisters in her room to discuss their plan to avoid the engagement to Ranma.

"Look, I know it was unfair to force Mom, but it does give us more time to figure a way out of this," she reasoned.

"But what if Mom likes him?" Akane asked aghast. "I mean, we'll have to call him 'Daddy'. And what if he wants to do, you know, with Mom?"

"Akane, you have two sisters. Don't you think that Mom knows about sex? As far as I'm aware, we were all conceived naturally," the short haired girl sighed.

Akane just blushed.

Kasumi brought up another reason for their actions. "It's also been a while since Father died; don't you think that that Mother's lonely?"

"Yeah, but you know, wouldn't Daddy be angry?" Akane asked, obviously uncomfortable with the idea of her mother remarrying.

"Don't worry, Akane, we won't let him get too close without making sure we know what his intentions are," Nabiki reassured. "But I'm sure that Mom can look after herself."

Reiko Tendo pushed her brown, collar-length hair behind her ear as she stirred the meal she was cooking.

Her mind wandered as she mulled over what to do about her daughters' manipulation. 'I think that I'll have to teach them a lesson about who runs this house,' she thought with a devious grin.

"Dinner's ready!" the Tendo matriarch called out.

She was not surprised to hear the sound of five people jostling for position on the stairs. As always the smell of mouth-watering food was rather and had permeated the house.

"Hello, Tendo-san," Ranma smiled as he took a seat at the table.

Reiko smiled as she placed the bowls of food on the table. She waited until her daughters were seated before verbally replying. "Please, Ranma-kun, it'd make me feel much better if you were to call me Reiko. After all, you will be my husband one day."

Ranma blushed.

The three lovely daughters froze.

Genma smiled as drool escaped from his lips.

"Please, eat up, everyone," the cook smiled as she took her place. "Nabiki, Kasumi, Akane, it's rude to sit there staring with your mouths open. Now pass the rice."

Nabiki shook her head. "Yes, sorry. Here you go, Mom."

The rest of the meal was eaten in relative silence as the Saotomes filled their cavernous stomachs with a finely prepared meal.

After the table was cleared, Reiko turned to Ranma. "Ranma-kun, could we talk in private?"

"Yeah, Te- Reiko-san," the pigtailed young man corrected himself with an embarrassed smile.

Ranma found himself being led away from enquiring minds and into the pantry.

"Ranma, I have a favour to ask of you," the brown haired woman started nervously. "It's about this engagement."

Ranma nodded mutely.

"I know that it's a bit sudden and it seems a bit old fashioned. To tell you the truth, I never really cared for the idea of an arranged marriage for my daughters."

"Why not?"

Reiko scratched the back of her head. "I was in one with Soun. I was only 13 at the time, but I wanted a big, strong manly man. He came along at the right time and I got married to him soon after."

"Ok," Ranma nodded in understanding.

"But, my lovely daughters have tricked me into taking their place and in order to teach them a lesson, I want you to pretend that we're in love as joke," the widow whispered conspiratorially.

"Oh, so you don't like me?" Ranma asked, slightly hurt by the older woman's plan.

"But you'll be getting back at your father for springing this on you," Reiko replied with a wink. "How about this – I'll let you look at the Tendo martial arts school scrolls and make sure that you're well fed if you go along with this."

"Ok," the Saotome heir nodded. "But they may want proof and we could be forced to kiss and that. And we have only just met…"

"Don't worry, Ranma-kun, I'll make sure it doesn't get too far out of hand."

"That's good," the blue-eyed young man said in a relieved voice, "I'm glad I won't have to do anything like that with someone who doesn't like me."

"Hey!" the brown haired woman protested. "I never said that I don't like you. We have only just met, you know."

"But you never said you did," Ranma countered, folding his arms over his chest. "For the last 12 years, I've been treated like my feelings don't matter, and now I've had enough. I can deal with people not liking me, it happens – I've upset plenty of people on the training trip. I'm not happy about being treated like a thing."

"What do you mean?"

"Would you believe me if I said that Pops left me to deal with his bar tab several times?" the young martial artist asked with an angry tone. "That it was me that had to get a job because he spent the food money on sake?"

"I'm sorry to hear that you've had a rough childhood, Ranma-kun," Reiko said in her most sympathetic voice. "There are those that have had just as rough a time."

"I was 12 at the time," Ranma added curtly. "If I hadn't been training so hard, I'd have been carted off in some pervert's van."

"What do you mean by that?" the brown-eyed woman asked.

Ranma rubbed his eyes, his whole body language telling his host that he'd been through some tough times. "A man asked if he could spar with me. I thought it would good practise and said yes. Throughout the match, he kept trying to grab my ass and touch me."

"Where was your father?"

"He'd drunk himself into a coma with the money the man paid him."

Reiko's face darkened. "I see. Anything else I should know about?"

"Probably, but like you said, we've only just met." Ranma sighed. "Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to vent at you like this. It's just that I've always been treated like a thing to be bartered for the best deal."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Ranma-kun."

"To be honest, it'd be nice to just be friends with a nice person and to take it from there. So, how about it?" the blue-eyed martial artist asked with a small, but genuine smile.

"I'd like that Ranma," Reiko smiled back. "But I reserve the right to say things that embarrass my daughters and your father"

"Since you put it that way, how can I say no?" Ranma chuckled.

Much to the three girl's consternation, the newly engaged pair walked hand-in-hand into the common room, where everyone was assembled,.

"Mom?" Nabiki asked, hoping that her plan hadn't backfired.

"Don't worry, Nabiki-chan," Reiko smiled, "Ranma-kun has promised to be very gentle with me."

"Mother!" Kasumi exclaimed in outrage. "How can you think of doing that sort of thing with Ranma-kun so soon?"

"Quite easily, Kasumi-chan. It's just that I need to make sure that Ranma-kun here knows his way around the bedroom."

Ranma blushed as his fiancée kissed him chastely on the cheek.

"Saotome-kun, you have made sure that Ranma-kun knows how to take care of a lady, haven't you?" Reiko asked dangerously, her eyes narrowed.

"Of course I did," the portly man insisted. "That woman from Osaka said that Ranma had great potential."

"You mean that woman who wanted to recruit me as a manwhore?" Ranma asked, clearly not happy with his father's actions.

"That was because your mother wants you to be manly!" Genma blurted out.

"Wants? As in present tense?" the middle Tendo daughter asked.

"I think you've got some explaining to do, Saotome-kun. I suggest you start now," the widow's voice hinted that pain was in the sex changing martial artist's immediate future.

The rotund man started to sweat nervously. "I can explain."

Ranma clenched his fists as he grinned maniacally at his father. "This better be good."

"Please, you have to believe me when I say that Ranma needed to be taken away from his mother for his training. She would have coddled him and made him weak," the balding man insisted.

"Ok," Ranma nodded. "I can understand what you're saying about comforts; I mean, that's why you said I couldn't have that stuffed toy for my sixth birthday."

"Exactly," Genma nodded, unknowingly digging his own grave.

"But this thing about 'being manly' what's that all about?" Reiko asked, closing the gap between her and the deadbeat dad. "And can't women help raise 'manly' children?"

"She's a nice enough woman but she's obsessed with manliness and she'd get in the way. In order to train Ranma, I had to promise to make him a 'man among men'. If I failed, we'd both commit seppuku."

"Ah, so if I'm not manly enough, then we'd be slitting open our stomachs?" the pigtailed youth asked as he placed a hand on his father's shoulders.

"Please, Ranma-kun, it's not right for a guest to have to deal with such chores," Reiko said with a smile. "Allow us to take care of this."

"Eh?" Ranma asked, puzzled as to why his hosts were now looming up on Genma.

He was soon enlightened when he saw his sensei being beaten unconscious by four women.

"Please forgive us for that unseemly display of violence," Kasumi apologised with a deep bow.

"We're not normally like that," Nabiki added, her head also bowed.

"It's just that sexist idiots like that upset us," Akane finished. "You don't think that women are weak, do you?"

Ranma's jaw shut with an audible click. "No, women aren't weak. Definitely not now I've just seen you beat the crap out of Pops."

"That's good to hear, Ranma-kun," Reiko smiled sweetly. "Now, it's been a long day, why don't we turn in for the night?"

"I'll prepare the spare room," Kasumi announced.

"I'll take care of Pops," Ranma smirked as he grabbed the larger man by his ankles and dragged him up the stairs.

To be continued…?

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