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Memories of loved and lost cherry blossoms

Chapter 4(sorry for the last mix-up)

Knowing your real

Sakura kept her eyes steady and glued onto the figure's position. It was almost as if she looked away he would just vanish from her sights, just as he had done those few years ago. She drew in another fresh breath while letting out another one that she was involuntarily holding back.

She was trying hard to hold back the urge to bombard him with about a million questions that she had been saving up each and every day he was gone. But as she opened her mouth to speak all those questions were whipped clean from her mind. The only things she could think of were foolish little remarks that flickered off of her tongue.

"I see your wearing black now huh," she muttered. "It suits you I guess."

Of course to anyone remarks like this were thought of to be stupid and just useless observations. But he wasn't like everybody else. No, he had always been more complex than that. And at times he had almost seemed as simple as a child. That was probably one of the reasons that all those years she had been drawn to him; he was something unbalanced. Even as she held him in her eyes she felt as though what she was seeing wasn't real. After a few minutes of silence she thought she was truly going insane.

Say something.

Please be real.

Say something.

God Damn It!


Sakura removed her eyes from being fixated on him and turned to the ground. The rain was coming down in soft little drops, not the belting down against the earth as it had been only moments ago. By then Sakura couldn't tell if the drops against her face were from the rain or her own. But she couldn't let him see her like that. She just couldn't bear to face him after all this time.

Her hands pushed against the ground as her fingers dug into the watered soil. She could feel her whole entire body shake with enough force to shake off the continuous rainfall. Across from her position she could just barely hear the sounds of him getting up from the soaked dirt ground. He moved over towards her and removed his cloak from his body. With such grace that no other person could achieve he moved soundlessly towards her until he stood only an arms length from her freezing body.

Before she could even protest about his actions he draped the cloak over her shivering shoulders. The cloak produced a strange warmth that couldn't have come from the fabric. No, it was almost as if a certain veil had been lifted from her shoulders but only to be replaced with another more comforting one. After his motion he slowly stood back in front of her almost unsure of his next move.

Sakura glanced up at him uncertainly. She removed her fingers from the ground and placed them around the cloak pulling it tightly towards her body. She was afraid that if she let go for even a minute that the all too familiar coldness would return. Without another second to open her mouth to let loose all her words he extended his hand out towards her. Sakura did the only thing that came next into her unclear mind; she reached out and took his waiting hand.

Sakura knew that by just by doing that he was reaching out to her life a lifeline that could either pull her out of the sea or open her up to a more chaotic reality. But she took it without hesitation. Slowly he pulled her up off of the ground without a sign of difficulty. He had probably grown even more powerful over those few years too.

How much strength has he gained?

Why has he decided to actually come back now?

What is he going to do now?

Has he truly gotten revenge for his clan?

That was what he set out to accomplish, but if he did it why is he here?

Unconsciously Sakura was already walking right behind him. Sakura was only a step behind and deep within her own thoughts to even realize where she was even heading. Her eyes were glued to the ground and slowly they traveled up towards his tall figure. Slowly Sakura reached out her right hand towards the figure in front of her; almost afraid of what she would see when she reached out for him.

But she kept moving towards him until her fingers were a touch away from his back. And then she touched him. It was gentle but with enough force to make him stop moving ahead of her. He faced her then and stared at her with the same emotionless face that she had fallen asleep to every night. Those onyx black eyes that she had stared into many times years ago lingered on her form. His eyes were on her just as they been that fateful night; Sasuke.

"Why the hell are you here?" Sakura asked coldly.

He returned her cold tone with a small glance of his unemotional eyes and then turned them towards the ground almost as though he had not heard her. But Sakura was tired and sick of always having to be the one who was pushed to the side; ignored.

"Why the hell are you here?" Sakura repeated but in her voice was a hint of fear.

She was afraid. It wasn't a normal feeling that she had felt ever since that day Tsunade had first started training her. But now, standing in the rain with the boy who she would have done anything to see again, she was afraid. It wasn't his appearance that scared her, no; the years had been very good to him. It wasn't even the way that he had fought with her in battle, no; even with the little bit of chakra he held onto he had still fought her seriously.

The reason she was afraid was that deep down she feared that he wasn't even truly there, or if he was that he would just leave without any warning again. That was what she, for the moment, feared above all else.

"What the fuck are you doing here!" Sakura yelled loudly enough for half the forest to notice.

And after that she felt a bit of her repressed anger come spilling from her mouth. She didn't really remember what she had said just that she had been almost shaking but not from the cold. She didn't even know how long she had been yelling or how loud her voice was getting either. As she yelled she kept her eyes closed, almost as if she was trying to block out what could or could not be standing there when she reopened them.

The next second was a complete and utter blur as far as Sakura could ever remember. She felt herself spouting out more and more angry questions like "Why the hell did you have to nearly kill Naruto!" and "Why did you not even try and get stronger in the village!". The next second she felt a change in the wind movements and something edging closer to her. Then she felt it once again. This time she knew who it was and it happened so fast that she barely knew it was happening.

The gesture, his lips against hers, was what she had wished for when she had been younger. Well obviously that had shut her up and left her utterly speechless. But for some reason she didn't react as she would have normally have done. It was almost as if her inner self hadn't left her and was inside her head again, cheering Sakura on as she had done many years ago.

She didn't try to pull away from Sasuke, even though a part of her brain was telling her to let it go. But that was what had always had attracted her to Sasuke. The fact that even if she knew she shouldn't there was a part of him that pulled her to follow him anywhere. And then just like that it was over. He was the one who was supposed to break it off, but Sakura quickly pushed him away. She had opened her eyes and looked at his face in front of hers. Even if he had reached out to her, she was still afraid.

"That's new," he muttered just low enough for her to hear him.

His hands were at his side, almost like they didn't belong, and shifted into the pockets of his pants. It was enough to almost make Sakura cry out at him with either anger or happiness. It was almost like the image of him from their genin days had been taken and just aged a few years. It was almost as though he had never left, but the reality was that he had left. And what was stopping him from leaving again?

Sakura saw a brief image of how she had pleaded with him to stay, how she could make him happy, and of how she had even said that she would assist him in his mission. But he had though of her too weak and just like that he threw her aside, just as he had done to everything else. She remembered how she had promised that she would train until she was worthy of his acknowledgement.

She had sworn to bring him back no matter what was standing in her path. She had built up the strongest image and had sworn to never let her weaker self show in front of anyone. But in a flash all of her training and planning was thrown from her mind. Instead she did something that she had promised to never allow herself to do if she ever saw him again; acting like the little girl that she used to be.

She rushed right towards him and landed against his chest. She just stood there for a moment until she started to lean against his chest, accepting the fact that he was actually standing there. After a second in against him, Sakura felt his arms leave his pockets and the next second they were rapping themselves around her small body. It was almost as though he was thinking the same thing that she was, making sure that she was actually right there against him.

Sakura wasn't sure if she was crying or not but it felt like the rain was starting to settle down to a light drizzle around them both. Without thinking Sakura breathed in the scent of him, which was different from the cloak that still clung to her shoulders. There was no real way to describe what he smelled like but it engrossed Sakura into him even more than ever.

It was just another thing that made Sasuke there all the more real. She just wished that the moment didn't have to come to an end. She had lost track of how long that they had been standing there but the rain was starting to finish up its long downpour. Sasuke was the first to break the silence.

"So the old lady actually taught you how to swear huh?" he whispered low against Sakura's ear.

Sakura could imagine his face in full smirk mode as he spoke to her. Sakura shook her head not moving her face away from leaning against his chest. Sakura briefly remembered muttering something back to him but it had come out too muffled to make out what it had been. But Sakura still leaned against him not wanting to leave that spot. She was afraid that if she even moved an inch away from him that just like that he would disappear again.

Just like he had done before and many other times in previous dreams that she frequently woke up in a cold sweat and reaching her arms out to somehow feel him right in front of her. But for the first time it truly felt real, not a dream that she could be woken up from, or would want to be waken from either. It was like she was taken away from the harsh reality that had plagued her for the past few years and been allowed into a safe place.

Sakura heard Sasuke say something but her ears were acting up which made it impossible for her to hear anything that he said. All Sakura could feel was the familiar pain starting to creep up from the tip of her neck. The pain was different than the other times that it started. Instead of slowly spreading to her head, Sakura felt it spread out to every inch of her entire body.

But by far the pain coming from her neck and her head hurt the worst out of every other place. Sakura couldn't tell if she was screaming or crying out but she knew that Sasuke had noticed her behavior one way or another. The next thing Sakura felt was herself pulling away from Sasuke against her will but it was her body performing the actions. She didn't even know what the hell was going on but she could tell that this wasn't ever going to end.

I have to make it stop…somehow…I'm not going to die now…I just can't!

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