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A few days later, Aragorn finally let Legolas out of bed. Whatever internal damage the poison had caused was being healed by his elven healing ability, and most of the time his abdomen was merely tender and a little sore. It pained him more if he walked fast, if he made any sudden moves, or if he climbed stairs.

At the moment, he and Aragorn were slowly walking through the gardens. Legolas had improved so much since those horrible first two days, but the elf was still too pale for Aragorn's liking. The human sought out a bench and sat down, which forced Legolas also to sit. To anyone else, he would've appeared normal in the action, but the King could see that he did it stiffly.

"Have you lost your taste for strawberry pastries?" Aragorn suddenly asked.

Legolas shook his head. "No. To give in to something like that would be a weakness, implying that I fear the result of eating them. There is now nothing to fear, for our enemy no longer lives." He suddenly smiled. "Besides, if your kitchen staff continues to make them the way they have been this week, I would not be able to give them up."

Aragorn's eyebrows rose. "You have already had some?"

Legolas nodded. "Your cooks have apparently been working day and night to improve the recipe, and they constantly bring them to me to ask my opinion. I cannot understand why a pastry's perfection is suddenly so important to them."

Aragorn couldn't hide his smile. "I would think the reason obvious, my friend."

A sudden giggle sounded somewhere behind them, before it was abruptly cut off by a 'shh!'

Aragorn looked behind himself, but didn't see the hiding females. He looked at his friend, his smile widening.

Legolas smiled back and shook his head, looking up at the sky. "Obvious, indeed."


HAHAHA too funny! Legolas has some secret admirers! ;)

Allrighty then, here's a preview for my next story! It's called, 'Blood of a Brother'! It was supposed to be an entry in the May-June Teitho contest, but forgot to send it in time and missed the deadline! (I still can't believe that I did that!) LOL!


Legolas was barely able to see where he was going. He leaned heavily against the human, his steps very unsteady.

Gimli ran ahead of his friends, prepared to defend them if he had to. His heart was beating against his ribs at the thought of being attacked with Legolas such an easy target.

Leaving the mountain, the three friends were relieved to see no orcs, but they were suddenly able to hear them coming.

The sky was very dark, and to their dismay, it began to rain again.

Aragorn quickly helped Legolas further up the path, until they were on top of the cave, where they would be hidden from the orc's eyes.

Evidence of the previous day's lightening strike could be seen from their location; large pieces of rock laid askew, some nearly as big as the dwarf.

Picking a location far from the mountain's edge, Aragorn gently sat Legolas down, motioning for Gimli to keep watch.

After throwing an assessing look at Legolas, Gimli obeyed, heading back to the edge.

Aragorn knelt beside his friend, whose eyes were tightly closed as he bonelessly leaned against the boulder behind him. The elf's breath came fast, from the exertion on his weakened body combined with his increased pain. "Are you all right?" the human asked, putting a hand on his arm.

Legolas' eyes remained closed. "Fine," he lied. His voice shook.

Aragorn squeezed his friend's shoulder.

Gimli suddenly rushed over. "They come!" he exclaimed.

Aragorn drew his sword, and the two mortals stood in front of their injured friend, prepared to defend him to the death if any orcs dared come their way…


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