Old Fears, New Love

Chapter One

It's a sunny morning today. The streets glisten with rainbow car oil trails draining into the citys' sewer system, home to hundreds of thousands of indistinguishable fuzzy critters. There are no singing birds here, as they all died long ago from the air pollution, but the sewer critters were quick to clear up the carcasses. But that didn't mean everything was quiet. One could still usually hear the honking of cars, the cursing of the drivers, and the screams of mortal terror echoing in the distance.



"HEY, SQUEE!" said the local resident who was more often than not the cause of such screams. "GOD, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!"

As Nny continued to happily hold the screaming boy in friendly embrace, the boy's short, dark and horned companion turned to greet him.

"Hey!" said Pepito, as he started conjuring up a fire-ball to throw. "Who are you!"

"Hm?" said Nny, peering down at him over Squee's head. "I'm Nny..."

"Knee?" asked Pepito, looking at the skinny man's leg.

"Noooo," the man responded. "N-n-y...it's short for Johnny C. I'm Squee's old friend slash bodyguard."

"Really?" Pepito suddenly decided he liked this guy, especially after he set Squee down. "Cool. Nice to meet you. I'm Pepito."

"Pepito, eh?" Nny folded his arms and smiled. "Are you the little anti-christ that's been taking care of Squee while I was gone? Hey, that's a nice shirt!"

Pepito put his hands on his hips and smirked. "Yeeeaah...I gotta keep an eye on him constantly, though. What with all the bullies at our skool and all. But I take bien care of mi amigo. Es familia."

"Ah, bien, bien!" Nny nodded. "That's great...hmmm, so what do ya like to do for fun?"

Pepito shrugged. "Kid stuff. Movies, drawing, video games, trying to get him to join the dark side--uh...puppies."

"Okay. I'm glad you've been looking out for him...I mean, his parents suck, other kids try to kill him...he's lucky to have a good friend like you. You're such a good little boy for that."

"Why, thank you! I do my job!"

Then they both started laughing. "HAHAHAHAHA!"

Little Squee, mainly ignored up until this point, hid his face in his hands and silently prayed for death, at the same time wondering why the god(s) had decreed his life should be surrounded by demons... "WAAAAAH!"

"AMIGO?" said Pepito and ran to the little crying boy's side.

"SQUEE?" said Nny as he did the same.

But the boy was inconsolable, and would not stop crying to tell them what was wrong.

Nny thought for a second, then started rubbing Squee's head in a fatherly manner. "Ahhh, I bet you're just hungry! It IS lunch time... Hey, how about you kids come have lunch with me at my favorite place? That way I can Ketch-up with Squee and get to know you, Pepito! What do ya say?"

Pepito grinned. "Sure!"

Squee just continued to cry.

(At the restaurant)

"This place makes great burgers!" said Nny. "You kids order whatever you want, okay? It's on me."

The trio were all sitting at a booth, with Pepito and Squee on one side, Nny on the other.

"Okay." said Pepito.

"..." Squee said nothing and resigned himself to his fate by resting his face down on the table.

Soon enough, a waitress came to take their order. "What can I get ya?"

Nny looked at the menu. "Uhhh...One of your big house burgers and a coke, please."

Pepito folded his own menu. "Same."

"And you?" she asked the top of the 3rd customer's head. "Same too?"

Squee mumbled something muffled by the table that sounded like a bottle of anti-depressets and coffee...

The waitress wrote it down. "GOT IT! I'll be right back with your orders!"

After she'd gone, Nny furrowed his brow worriedly. "Aren't you hungry, Squee?"

Squee's shoulders shrugged. "Not really..."

"Okay... Soooo! What have you been up to?"

Squee's head came up as it was only polite to do so when making conversation. "Nothing much...When did you get out?"

Pepito cocked an eyebrow. "Huh?"

Nny nodded in understanding. "Oh it's nothing...it's just that Squee and I were both interred at the same mental institution a while back... Those people asked the weirdest questions...anyway, I got out about 2 years ago."

Squee's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "They let you out before ME? ARGH! WHY?"

He smacked his head back on table.

Pepito looked cautiously from one friend to the other. "...Okay..."

Nny nodded. "Yep...when I got out, I got far away from my old house."

Pepito shrugged. "So where you live now?"

"Well, I wanted to get back to being an artist, so I rented out this old fire house I burned up 5 years ago... I saved my money up and now I'm going to an art skool nearby...I'm even gonna try and get Devi, my old girlfriend I once tried to kill, back! MY LIFE IS GOING GREAT!"

Just then, the waitress came by with their order. "Here ya go, guys!"

"Thanks, Deema!" Nny waved as she left again. "Well, let's dig in!"

"YEAH!" agreed Pepito, then both he and Nny began tearing into their burgers.

Squee just chugged his pills and coffee then smacked his head back down.

"So!" Nny said as he took a break between bites. "How you been, Squee?"

"Sane...Mr. Johnny."

"Why are you calling me Mr? I'm only 28...I think...AND I STILL CAN'T GET LAID! WHYYYYY--Oh well..."

Pepito smiled and elbowed Squee. "I like him."

Squee looked up at Nny. "Do you still kill people?"

Nny smiled. "Nope! Not anymore!"

Squee started cheering up a bit. "Oh...that's good!"

Pepito rolled his eyes. "Pff..."

(End Chapter 1)