(Riddick's POV)

I waited until Jack's breathing evened out and I knew she was asleep before stealthily climbing off the bed and changing clothes.

We're not going to kill him, just scare that punk a little. The beast in me growled.

I hid my shivs in their regular places and glanced back at Jack once more before leaving the room. First I had to find the holy man, needed him to keep an eye on my Jack. He was reading in his library.

"Goin' out," I said lowly, making him jump, "Need you to keep an ear out for Jack."

"Is something the matter Mister Riddick?" Imam asked, closing his book and standing up.

"Had a visitor tonight, Jackie's ex whatever he was. Need to make sure he doesn't know who I am."

Imam nodded his head, "You won't harm the boy, correct?"

I waited, thinking it over. As much as I would love to make that prick bleed, Jack would be upset with me if I did. So I shook my head and I saw the worry on the holy man's face clear.

"I won't hurt him. But I will scare him."

"Has he harmed Jack?" Imam asked.

I nodded my head, "He's lucky he's still breathing right now," I told him.

Imam nodded his head once, "I will watch out for young Jack while you are gone. But I do not think it's wise for you to be gone long."

Something in his stare made me twitchy; there was something he wasn't telling me. But right now, my mind was on other things; namely this Shane fucker. I'd get whatever the holy man was hiding out of him after I dealt with this problem. I nodded back, then disappeared. It wasn't hard following this kid's trail. After leaving the complex, he walked to a bar; drank, found a cheap whore and left with her. I followed them back to, I assumed, his apartment; and watched from the shadows to find out which place was his.

I grinned ferally when I saw lights come on and his body through an open window. Stupid kid, I thought; doesn't he know that there are monsters in the shadows? Now all I had to do was be patient and wait.

Damn I hate waiting.