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Jack followed Dame Vacco down the long hallway to where Dame Vacco told her the seamstresses worked.

"Dame Vacco, if I may ask a question?" Jack asked as they walked along.

"Of course My Lady," she answered demurely.

"My son's surrogate, where is she?"

"Back on her home world My Lady. Lord Riddick asked her if she would like to stay on, but she declined; saying that her family needed her. Of course, Lord Riddick let her go, with a great deal of compensation."

"He paid her?" Jack asked, surprised.

"Without her knowledge My Lady," Dame Vacco answered, smiling slightly, "He called her family's bank and transferred to them a large some of money."

"Do you know how much?"

"No one does My Lady, save for Lord Riddick himself. Though I believe it was enough to take care of her family for as long as they needed."

"Wow," Jack said, stunned.

"You do not approve?" Dame Vacco asked her, confused.

"No, no. It's not that," Jack said with a smile, "I was just thinking that if he hadn't paid her, I would make him do it. She gave us both a very precious gift, and any monetary compensation given to her couldn't be enough in my book."

Dame Vacco nodded her head slightly as they reached the seamstresses room and Dame Vacco opened the door for her, ushering Jack in before her. When the door opened, the seamstresses looked up from their work and became silent as Jack walked in, each one seemingly frozen in time.

"Ladies," came Dame Vacco's voice from behind her, "The Lady Jack needs some suitable clothing for working out, every day and formal occasions. As of yet, we do not need a coronation gown, but be assured that the order for it shall come soon."

The twelve women in the room stood simultaneously and bowed to Jack, who blushed.

"Please, don't do that," she said, walking over to the nearest woman.

They stood straight and watched as one of their own was approached by the Lady Jack.

"Dame Vacco tells me you all do excellent work, and from what I've seen, I must agree. I hope we can come to some sort of compromise about my clothing," she said softly with a smile.

The seamstress bowed her head, "Whatever My Lady wishes," she said in a whisper.

Jack laughed, surprising each woman in the room.

"Please, I'm placing myself in your very capable hands, because I have no idea what the fashion is here. I have only one request."

"Of course My Lady," the head seamstress said, coming over.

"When I walk out of here today, I would like to be wearing something that will make the Lord Marshall's jaw hit the floor," she said, eyes sparkling with mischief.

Each of the ladies laughed, making Jack relax slightly. She looked them over and found a surprise. She looked at the head seamstress.

"You weren't converted?" she asked, surprised.

"No My Lady, Lord Riddick gave us all a choice. Many of us had no family back home," she said, gesturing to the others, "And wished to come along, to see the Verse, but did not wish to be converted."

Jack turned to Dame Vacco, "Are there many non-converts on board?" she asked.

"Of the millions of us, there are a few thousand who chose not to convert," Dame Vacco answered, "And then there are also a few hundred who wished to reverse the conversion. Lord Riddick granted that as well."

"He never told me that," Jack said with a smile.

"I believe there are many things he hasn't had the chance to tell you yet My Lady. Like about the children he saved and brought on board."

Jack's eyes widened, "Oh, he and I are having a serious talk when we're finished here!" she exclaimed, her smile growing.

Dame Vacco bowed slightly, also smiling, "As you wish My Lady. If we may?" she gestured to the seamstresses, who surrounded Jack in a minute.