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Wow! This is such a cliche idea! But u know...when in doubt, go with alliterations...or rather, when your brains fried and there's nothing but hot air left, revert to alliterations. Well, here's the ABC's of KuroFai drabble. There'll be 26 chappies, each one with fluffy, angsty, or just-plain-random drabble. By the end of this little adventure, I guarantee you'll know the ABC's like the back of your hand (no refunds...blabablahblahbablah...see stores for details...) xD xD xD But even though this is so totally stupid, I hope you'll still enjoy the drabbling... hugglez /333

Warnings: Shonen-ai...nothing too big, just some KuroFai sweetness.

Rating: K+ ...since there really isn't anything too bad but then again it depends how offended u are by shonen-ai or if ur offended by it at all... -''

Pairing: Kurogane x Fai ...duh! xD just kidding...I know how slow some people can be...coughcough me...

Disclaimer: Clamp owns all! Only the drabbling is mine /3

April Affinity

Rain…There had been nothing but rain for the past week and Kurogane couldn't take any more of it. Being cooped up in a one-bedroom house with nothing but bread and milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, was more than sufficient damage to the brain. But, no, that wasn't what had driven the ninja to the point of insanity. The fact that there were only three beds was the hell of it all.

Obviously when Syaoran was asked to share the double bed with Sakura, both children flushed bright red and Syaoran stuttered a very lame excuse. The two next options that popped into Kurogane's head were simple: him and Syaoran or Fai and Syaoran…but the mage didn't waste time in suggesting another option.

"Ah! How about I share the bed with my little Kurowanwan!"

Kurogane's reaction to this outburst was truly indescribable.

"WHAT? Why the hell would I do that?"

Rubbing his poor ears from possible hearing damage, Fai smiled at the fuming ninja and calmly answered him.

"Because the double bed is right by the window while the single beds are by the door. Obviously, if someone were to break in, they'd use the window. So…" Fai paused to do a little twirl around Kurogane, who was on the brink of exploding, "…if we share that bed, we'll be able to stop intruders before they reach the children."

There was no flaw in Fai's logic, even if he had made it up on the spot, and Syaoran and Sakura were more than happy to comply.

"Three against one, Kuromyuu!" Fai chirped happily.

Several veins throbbed in Kurogane's temple as he opened his mouth to object. But before a single word escaped from his mouth, there was a flash of white and then nothingness as the ninja was suffocated by the sticky hold of something round and dough-like.

"Mmfet mnoof mmme myuu mufid mmumpling!" The ninja screamed, trying to get the "mufid mmumpling" off his head. …he could not.

Only when the ninja truly ran out of air, did Mokona let go and jump into the safety of Fai's arms.

"Four against one! Mokona wants to vote against Big Puppy too!" The white manjuu declared as Kurogane swayed dizzily from the temporary lack of oxygen.

So…with much complaint and protest from Kurogane…not to mention, the brief use of a straightjacket…it was decided that Big Puppy and Big Kitty would share the double bed.

For the first three days, Kurogane had refused to touch the bed, choosing the hard stone floor instead. By the fourth day however, Fai began to make the ninja live up to their agreement. Even though Kurogane clearly remembered starting out the nights on the floor, he would always, somehow, end up waking between the mage and the window, on that despicable double bed. For three days, it had been like this but the worse didn't come until yesterday.

When Kurogane woke in the morning, Fai was not only beside him but pressed rather tightly against him, his right leg crossed over Kurogane's abdomen, his right arm stretched across the ninja's chest.

"What the fu-" Kurogane cursed loudly, only to be hushed by the stirring of Syaoran in the other bed. "Shit," he hissed, body tensing up as he watched the boy make a few more turns before settling back into an almost undisturbed sleep.

"You shouldn't be so loud, Kuromyuu," a whisper tickled his ears, catching the ninja off guard and making him jump. With only the thought of getting as far away as possible from the mess of blond that had so suddenly blocked his vision, Kurogane scrambled back and hit his head rather hard on the window.

"Ah! Dammit!" Kurogane winced, rubbing his aching head before turning to Fai, "Why the hell were you sprawled all over me?" he hissed.

"Hm?" Fai cocked his head in faked ignorance.

A vein threatened to explode in Kurogane's temple, "The kids could've woken up and been permanently scarred for life!"

"Why? It wasn't anything…" There was a certain glint in the mage's eyes and a smile spread across his face.

"Anything what?" Kurogane asked.

Fai, still grinning, moved closer, eliminating what little distance they had between them to begin with, until, at last, the ninja was pinned against the window with his head locked in place between Fai's arms.

"Like this…" Fai whispered, lowering himself and pushing his lips gently onto the ninja's. After a few seconds of shocked paralysis, Kurogane's lips began to respond though his brain had yet to catch up. Was he being…kissed? B-by Fai?

Fai's tongue prodded Kurogane's gently, working its way into Kurogane's damp mouth. There was a moan as Kurogane leaned forward, physically wanting more, yet mentally still confused…but the mage had no intention of satisfying him. He broke the kiss off just as fast as he had started it, licking Kurogane's chin with a quick swipe of his tongue before waltzing right out of the room.

Greatly flustered and cheeks of cherry red, Kurogane stared dumbly at door through which the head of blond had disappeared. What had that been about? He still could not fully grasp it and when he finally got dressed and walked into the kitchen, Fai regarded him as if nothing had transpired between them.

"Would you like some tea, Kuropun?"

Tea. Would he like some tea… Kurogane didn't understand Fai at all. It felt like a dream. The kiss was like some odd daydream, out of place and so utterly intangible a memory, it barely even existed. Nothing more happened that day and when night came, the ninja slept soundly.

In the morning, Kurogane found he hadn't moved an inch from where he had fallen asleep on the floor, but Fai was gone, the bed sheets strewn aside in disarray. He wasn't sure why he should care if the wizard decided on a whim to disappear, but he did.

"Spinning, spinning, spinning…mmmm…" Mokona murmured, curling up in the mage's coat.

"Stupid manjuu," Kurogane mumbled.

Turning towards the wall, he shut his eyes against the bright light of dawn that was now seeping in through the un-curtained window and tried to get some more sleep. But after a few minutes of fruitless determination, he still could not fall asleep. Instead, images of yesterdays ordeal flashed through his mind, so clearly that Kurogane could almost feel those soft lips back on his.

"Ah, damn that stupid wizard!" he muttered, running his hand through his hair as he sat up. His eyes fell on the still-empty bed of ruffled sheets and could not help but think that Fai, wherever he was, was gloating over the torment and confusion that now beset his mind.

Sighing, Kurogane stood up and walked over to the bed. Where the hell could the mage be? He flopped down on the white bed sheets and stared up at the white ceiling. It was kind of depressing how white the room was. A little blue would be nice… a little blond perhaps…

"Ah! What the hell!" Kurogane hissed, hitting himself over the head, "It was just a little tease."

Inhaling and exhaling deeply, he shut his eyes. Why was he getting all riled up over a stupid kiss? Like everything else the mage did, it was just something to annoy him, to enrage him, and bring about yet another attempted homicide. But, oh god, he had to admit it was good while it lasted.

"It was very good…"


Kurogane's eyes flew open at the all-too-familiar voice. "Gyaaaahh!" He exclaimed as he came face to face with the grinning mage, "Shit! You're even in my hallucinations!"

Fai quirked an eyebrow at the odd remark, "What do you mean Kurorin?"

"You..you're everywhere! Just leave me alone!" the ninja waved his arms in front of him, forcing Fai to back away.

Had Kurogane finally lost it? Had all these months of coping with the mage finally gotten to his brain? Or did he hit his head too hard on that window yesterday? Fai grabbed hold of Kurogane's arms in two quick movements and leaned forward to whisper into the ninja's ear.

"Did you miss me, Kurowan?"

The ninja froze, "Y-y-you're…real!"

Fai straightened up and let go of the ninja's arms, giving him a quizzical look, "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Y-y-you…" Kurogane backed away, flustered and blushing, "Why did you kiss me?"

The mage smiled, a little surprised but still finding the question very amusing. He crawled a little closer to Kurogane and ran his fingers teasingly over the ninja's cheek, "Don't you know?"

"If I knew, why would I be asking you?" Kurogane asked in a petulant tone, deciding it was better than looking flustered and cherry-like.

"Would you like another?" Fai asked, getting dangerously close.

"What! No! W-why would I wa-" But before Kurogane could finish protesting, Fai sealed his lips shut with another fleeting kiss, this time no more than a peck.

"Stop toying with me you stupid wiz-"

Fai wrapped his arms around Kurogane's neck and whispered, "Not so loud…Syaoran and Sakura are stirring…"

"Then stop with the god damn teasing!" he hissed.

"Kurotan, but I'm not," Fai said, kissing the ninja's cheek as Kurogane lapsed into another temporary paralysis.

"Y-you're not?"

"Of course not," Fai said, nuzzling the ninja's neck. After a few moments of speechlessness, Kurogane wrapped his arms around Fai's waist.

"You're so cute," the mage whispered into his ear.

Kurogane grunted in response. There was a giggle and then something warm and damp ran over Kurogane's ear.

"Gyaaaahh! What the he-"

There was a gasp and Kurogane broke off. They turned around, finding Syaoran staring at them, wide-eyed, "K-Kurogane-san! Fye-san!" Flushing a nice shade of red, he rolled over on his bed and stuttered, "G-g-gomen na sai!"

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