Disclaimer: Danny Phantom and all related characters are the product of Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon studios. Fiona, Elegy, and Kat/Electra are the product Silent Elegy.

The darkened confines of the creature's cage were an oppressive, physical force. It wanted its freedom. It wanted to go out and do what it had been created to do. But its master…its hated, horrid master…would not let it out. It paced across the iron bars like a wild tiger held captive against its will.

Actually, it rather liked that analogy. It became a tiger, then, the better to pace like one. Its low growl echoed across the cavernous distance. It had been aeons since its master last checked on it. The master liked to know that it was still locked up. Its creation had been somewhat of an accident.

From what it understood, the master had been experimenting with creations from a younger time. Few of them were worthy of the master now, and had been allowed to evolve into better things. But not this one. It had steadfastly refused to change, and had been locked away for its crimes.

What crimes would that be? Even it wasn't sure. It had only been interacting with the life forms under its master's charge. It could hardly be considered the creature's fault if those life forms were so awed by its presence that they sought its favors.

Well…maybe the creature had…nudged things a bit. Just a bit.

It pawed at the thick iron bars in agitation and froze. It pawed again, then looked around warily. The master had not been by in some time…Was it possible the master had forgotten it? It became a bull and trotted to the far side of its cage. It pawed at the ground like all bulls do in movies and television, then charged forward to slam into the cage.

Sure enough, the iron cracked slightly. It threw itself into them again and again until, suddenly, it smashed through. Turning into a wolf, it howled with joy, then abruptly became a mouse so as to be as quiet as one. It rushed forward towards the now visible light and the freedom beyond. It didn't care which of the master's worlds it wound up in. The important thing was that it was free at last.

Moments later, perhaps drawn by the noise or some sixth sense about these things, the master stepped into the cave. She took one look at the broken bars and groaned, "Oh, bugger…"

Danny Fenton ran home from school, certain that he would arrive to a pair of angry parents and probably another grounding. Dash had started it, as usual. It wasn't Danny's fault he was the school bully's favorite punching bag. But, naturally, the second he tried to fight back, he got detention. Lancer had it out for him, that was all there was to it. He didn't know why, but he suspected it had something to do with the fact he was not his sister.

He slid to a stop outside his front door, confused. Something felt…off, somehow. He couldn't quite place it, but it felt like his ghost sense should have been going off. He shrugged it off and walked into the house…

…Where he was promptly assailed by a squealing demon. "Oh, my gosh!" the girl squealed. "You must be Danny!"

"Um…hi…" he responded, bemused. "Who are you?" He blinked and wondered if he was seeing things. The girl was about an inch or two shorter than he was, with shoulder-length hair the exact same shade of black as his own. Her eyes were the same shade of blue. Everything about her was like looking into a mirror, only she was a girl. It was eerie.

The girl giggled prettily (pretty annoyingly, rather) as Maddie and Jack walked up behind her. "Danny, sweetie," Maddie said. "We probably should have told you before now…"

"Told me what?" he asked suspiciously, not taking his eyes off the clone that stood before him.

His parents exchanged glances, and Jack shrugged. "Danny, this is your twin sister, Fiona."

The boy continued to stare at the grinning apparition for several seconds until that sank in. He blinked and looked up at his mother and father. "My what?"