This is my first Avatar Fic, so don't kill me for trying


Sokka was sound a sleep in his seal skin sleeping bag. "Sokka," Aang whispered "Sokka!" Aang yelled "Wake up!" he said joyfully as he strut around the campsite doing a few air tricks along the way. Katara was picking up her bags, and putting them up on Appa's saddle. Appa sighed happily as he chewed on some hay. "Sokka," Aang said nervously "Sokka, … don't move there's a bristle snake on your sleeping bag…" "Aang, you think I'm stupid enough to fall for that again?" Sokka said sleepily "Stupid enough, but Sokka, there really is a bristle snake on your sleeping bag!" Aang said louder as he watched the snake slither closer to Sokka's face.

Sokka opened his eyes and looked strait into the bristle snake's eyes. Sokka let out a yelp and jumped out of his sleeping bag. "Ahh! Jeez Aang! Why didn't you tell me?" Sokka exclaimed! "Well I did!" Aang yelled back, as the snake slithered away into the bushes. "Sokka come on and pack up your bags and maybe we can get moving sometime soon!" Katara yelled at him "Alright, alright" Sokka sighed as Sokka folded up his bag and gathered his things, MoMo flew down and landed next to him and rustled through his bags. "MoMo!" Sokka yelled at the furry creature. MoMo just looked at him and turned his head sideways.

Finally Sokka, Katara, and Aang were packed up and ready to leave and adventure into a new place. "Appa, yip yip!" Aang said as the bison flew of into the air. Katara looked out the side of Appa's saddle and peered into the glassy clear blue water into her reflection. She stared into the water for a long while thinking about something. Aang looked back and stared at her "Watcha thinking about?" he asked her "huh?" Katara looked up "Oh what… nothing." She said still looking in the water. Aang sighed and looked back and faced Appa's head, "Appa yip yip." He said as Appa smoothly landed on firm ground.

Katara and Sokka looked around. There where trees and a beautiful water fall, a lake, and pretty colored flowers. "Why did we stop here Aang?" Katara asked "Me and a group of friends from every nation used to come here, and we'd hang out, and there where always the cutest animals…-" Aang stopped "Bunnies!" he shouted as he ran up to a bunch of bunnies who tried to run away, but had to suffer the wrath of Aang's hugging.

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