Chapter 8
The Red Knight

Zuko was in the training room working out, he saw Sokka walk in Fire Nation robes. Zuko walked up to him "My sister told me that you proposed to her?" He said "Oh, yeah... I did." Sokka said covering his face with his arms "I'm not mad Sokka, you have to ask my fathers permission to marry her," Zuko said knowing his father would NEVER let his daughter marry a southern peasant. But since Sokka looked like a real Fire Nation warrior, it would be hard to prove, but Zuko had a plan. Sokka started to do pull ups. "Oh Sokka, heres your week pay." Zuko said handing him a bag of money, then he walked out of the room smirking to himself.

Katara and Aang were locked up in chains and dragged from Zuko's ship into the palace dungeons. Katara and Aang sat there hopelessly, now knowing it was over. Fire Lord Ozi walked up to Aang and Katara's cell "So, this is the all powerful Avatar, master of all elements? Ha!" Ozi laughed "You haven't even mastered water, fire, and earth. You expect to beet me and my army." "Oh Daddy, Daddy!" Nava yelled as she ran over to her father "I want you to meet my fiancée." She said pulling him out of the room. Aang sighed in disbelieve, "I can't believe we were captured, we need a plan." Aang pondered "Thats it, Sokka's is getting married but he needs Ozi's permission, and if he says no, Sokka will want to come home." "You think he'll say no?" Katara asked "Sure, we just got to let Ozi know that Sokka really isn't a Fire Warrior, and that he's a Water tribe man."

Zuko walked in his father palace. A guard walked up to Zuko "Dinner will be in an hour, so be ready." He said as he walked away. Zuko saw his father talking to Nava and Sokka, his plan was going well. Zuko leaned againest the wall listening to their conversation "Fire Lord Ozi," Sokka bowed "It's an honor to meet you. Sir I would like to know if I can marry you daughter Nava?" He asked "Well, we have to se want you made of. Are you a Fire Bender?" Ozi asked "No, Sir only a warrior." Sokka replied "Ahh, I see. Well, if you want to be able to marry my daughter, You'll have to fight one of my best men and win." Ozi Said modestly "O-Ok" Sokka choked. Three men walked out of a room behind Ozi, The first one was wearing a red and black outfit, He had a huge steel mase as a weapon. The second guy wore a gold and black outfit, and for a weapon he had huge sharp sword. And the third guy wore a green and black outfit, and a bow and arrow, with some spiky arrows. And plus all the guy were totally buff, ripped, built.

Katara and Aang were dragged out to a huge stadium were someone was in a battle. Guards stood by the Avatar, while Aang was chained to the seat. Just then an announcer started speaking "Ladies and Gentleman, and Fire benders alike, Today we are going to have a Battle!" He shouted as everyone clapped "But first, I'd like to present to you the Avatar!" And another roar from the crowd. "Now, let me introduce, the man fighting for the princess's love. Sokka! And the man you might know as the red knight. Karoco!" As there were a ton of screaming and cheering. "Oh my God, Aang! Sokka's out there! He could be killed!" Katara exclaimed Aang was just starring at Karoco. "Boy is he gonna die!" "Aang!" "Ok, well he won't die, look Sokka doesn't look scared. I think he can beat him!" aang said trying to calm her down.

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