Ample Wishes…Chapter 3

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Chapter Three:

At the local tennis courts, the threesome reserved themselves a court.

" This one should do just fine. I prefer composition court. What about it, Bra?" Gohan asked.

" It hurts less when you fall," Bra giggled. Gohan gave her a big grin.

"…does it matter?" Goten pondered.

"…" Gohan picked up his duffel bag. " Well…are we playing singles…or doubles?" Gohan looked at the uneven team.

" We'll play doubles. Except…you can play for yourself. You'll be a team by yourself, anyway." Goten nodded to his own suggestion.

"…uh…" Gohan looked at Bra for acceptance.

"…fine," Bra shrugged, forcing a smile to her lips. Goten was practically ruining the moment.

" Alrightie!" Gohan skipped over to his own side of the court. " I'll try and keep up. If you need any help, just ask, Bra."

" Dude, I'm right here," Goten snorted. " Bra, you ask me for assistance whenever you need it."

"…thanks for your concern," she muttered, checking the wiring on her racket. She crouched in a swinging position. " Ready, here."

" Yeah, me too." Goten followed Bra's lead, though a little clumsily.

" Okay." Gohan was first to serve, throwing up the ball slowly, then closing in the racket on it. It blast at high speed past Goten, who was supposed to be guarding the net. Bra struggled to keep up with the ball, but only managed to hit it with a corner of her racket. The ball bounced out of bounds.

" Ugh! Goten!" Bra growled. " You're at the net!"

" I didn't know…I mean…sheesh! How am I supposed to catch a ball with this thing if I'm crouched over?" he complained.

" Fifteen-love!" Gohan called happily. " Team Gohan's in the lead!"

"…geez…" She moved to her place and Goten to his. " Look, this time…"

" Okay, okay…"

"…" Gohan, grinning at his easy point, began the second serve. The ball was fast again, and Bra struggled to keep up. The point went to Gohan.

" Who lost that point?" Goten scoffed.

" Shut up," Bra spat.

" Does this team need assistance?" Gohan chuckled. " Score's thirty-love! Sharpen up!"

The game continued, with Gohan winning the first game. It was Bra's turn to serve.

"…remember, I'm new at this…not quite good at serving…" Bra mumbled.

" Oh, it's not bad," Gohan said. " Serving's easy."

"…" Bra threw up the ball lopsided the first time, the second time she missed the connection between the ball and racket. Goten laughed. Gohan snickered. " It's not funny!" Her face turned red.

" I wasn't laughing at the fact that you couldn't do it," Gohan declared.

" Then what?"

" It was your expression after you realized you missed it." He crossed over to the other side of the net. " Why don't I show you? After all, this is a practice match, and I'm you're coach today."

" Oh, yeah." Bra forgot since Goten tagged along on this trip.

" You're going to want to position you're body right, so that when you're ready to hit that ball, you'll hit it. Like this." He posed his body. " Try it."

"…" Bra did it awkwardly.

"…hmm…you don't mind if I touch you, do you?" he asked.

"…no," she said softly.

" Let me try and straighten you up a bit." Gohan moved her around slightly so that she was in the right position. " There you go. Now, try it. Focus on the ball. Try not to get distracted on anything else."

Hard to do that when you're standing there, she thought to herself. She tried the position, and she actually got the ball across the net this time. " I did it!"

" Good job!" Gohan grinned. Goten sulked in the background when she gave his brother a hug.

" Why Don't we give her a real match to look at?" Goten reasoned.

"…what?" Gohan asked.

" Let's play a match, you and me. So Bra can see what really goes on."

"…I know about tennis, Goten…I'm not that handicapped…" Bra rolled her eyes. He was really bugging her. Was he jealous?

" I take you up on it…" Gohan got a serious look on his face.

" Good." Goten held the same face.

"…uh…guys?" Bra murmured. No use, now, though. The two were set for extreme competition.

"…let's go," Gohan said, on his side, bouncing the ball a few times.

" I've been ready," Goten said, bouncing on his toes.

"…" Bra sighed and sat on the chair at the side.

" Here goes…serve!" Gohan served the ball with a big impact.

" Grr!" Goten hit it back with force. The ball kept going back and forth, faster and faster, the two grunting like they were angry at something. Bra was afraid that someone would hurt themselves, soon.

" You're a little slow, today!" Gohan snarled.

" I think you're mistaken!" Goten swung his racket harder.

" What are you trying to prove?" Gohan smacked the ball with a harsh slice.

" That you're not always the best!" Goten returned it.

" I never said I was!"

" You think you are!" Goten hit it finally, and it flew up into the air. Gohan looked up. Bra looked up, afraid of where it was going to come down.

" Ah!" Gohan spotted it, although Bra had no idea where it was. He ran directly under it and did a smash hit. The ball flew past Goten, hit the ground with a shattering thump, and bounced somewhere to be unseen again. " Fifteen-love, bro!"

"…grr…" Goten was obviously annoyed. He threw down his racket.

" Um…guys?" Bra jumped up and walked over to the net. " I think we should, you know…go home now, if we're not going to…do my tennis lessons…"

" Oh, yeah!" Gohan said. " I have to help Bra, Goten. You don't mind, do you?"

"…not at all…" Goten picked up his racket and walked away.

"…where do you think he's going?" Bra asked.

" Somewhere to sulk. Don't worry, he always bounces back. He always has those competition urges." Gohan shrugged. " Well, ready?"

" Yes." Bra nodded, ready to have alone time with Gohan. But she did ponder over the words Goten spat out during play. Maybe he was jealous of his brother all together.

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