The final chapter...

Bright, cloudless skies stretched for miles before her, overlooking a peaceful meadow of wildflowers. The young girl peered at her deeply tanned skin in elite confusion, and dimly recognized her apparel. It was the clothing of a priestess, with a silk white top and sturdy blue bottoms. Something about the color scheme bothered her, but she could not place her finger on it.

Curiously, she examined her surroundings. A clear, pure stream flowed easily through a meadow of flowers and sweet grass as tall as Kiki's waistline. The air was crisp and clean, and everything about this setting emitted peace and tranquility. The constant trickle of water soothed an ache deep within the girl's mind, as well as a pain in her stomach. The blissful scent of flowers warmed her soul, and she happily wandered her way down the shores of the stream to see where it might end up. As the shore went over a hill but the stream continued along, the girl raced to see where it might lead. A beautiful waterfall crashed into the pond below, making rainbows and sending a damp mist across the pond. In complete inner glee, the girl ran to the water's edge and peered at her reflection.

The person looking back at her frowned in bewilderment at her brown hair and uncertainly brought her hands to her face. The eyes that stared back at her were a shockingly clear blue. Her facial features were familiar, except she could not remember having such thin eyes. Who is this girl staring back at me? She mused to herself.

"You don't even recognize your original features. That is how long it has been since you have seen your true soul." A voice whispered from behind her. The girl quickly whipped around to face the speaker. A beautiful, dark-haired priestess with the same crystal blue eyes greeted her. Memories came flooding back to her with the face, with the painfully familiar face. "You never wondered about your spiritual powers. You never doubted how strong they were, or that I had given them to you. You poor, naïve girl. Those powers were your own; I just taught you how to control them. And there is more reasoning behind why the wind blows at your very smile."

"I was captured at a very young age. It is no wonder I don't recognize myself." The girl calmly replied, her face blank. "Where is Ryoko?"

"You will never see her again. You will never see me again. We have been ordered to leave you behind."

The girl's face-hardened, and her tone was icy. "As you wish."

The priestess sighed. "It is not your time. Moreover, our time passed long ago. Go back to your life. Enjoy him. Cherish him."

"He won't know who I am…" The girl whispered, pain clearly ruling her voice. "He'll be overrun with grief. If my body changes… And if I wake up… He will think himself mad. He won't accept me."

"That would never happen. He loves you. The gods have blessed you with one last chance. Shall you refuse their will?" the priestess kindly offered, smiling.

The girl shook her head and tears began to run down her face. "How will I prove that it is me? Will I still have me powers? I will not look the same! Will… will my memory stay with me?"

"He loves you."

"Kikyo, please! I need a reassurance that he will not reject me upon sight! I have sinned beyond hope by taking the life that was so graciously given to me! I want peace of mind… if I am to go back…" She covered her face with shame and then slowly let her hands drop.

"You ask for much. I cannot guarantee you anything." Kikyo said with another sigh. She turned her head to examine the beautiful pond and waterfall, and the overwhelming scent of grass and flowers. The girl before her dropped to her knees, shattered by the answer.

"I beg of you." She pleaded, wiping at her tears. "I beg of you."

Kikyo examined her carefully before nodding. "If you must have this, then I will leave you with one parting gift." She moved towards the girl and place a hand over her eyes. "Kiki, return to him. Return to your beloved."

Inuyasha's ears perked at a soft singing in his ears. Carefully he looked at Kiki's body, and his eyes widened in surprise as it began to glow. Sango and Miroku scrambled back and watched in amazement as her body began to float and pulse. Her skin darkened until it was an even deeper shade of tan, and her hair flew away from her, growing and turning brown. Her eyes glowed from beneath her eyelids and Inuyasha leaned away from her as two balls of light shot out of her chest and floated peacefully out through the hole I the ceiling. As Kiki's chest began to move up and down with her breath, Inuyasha reached his arms under her floating body.


Her stomach slowly healed itself and then the glowing stopped and her body lowered into his arms. Her head moved and her eyes began to twitched, and her mouth opened as she gasped her first breaths. Inuyasha smiled through his tears at her mystified face. "Kiki…" he whispered.

At her name, Kiki's eyes opened. The playful purple tinge that had seen them through to this very moment shined in his eyes. She examined him carefully and then smirked.

"It won't ever be the same." She warned him, eyes glazing over with tears. "This is who I truly am."

Inuyasha shook his head as if he didn't care. Slowly, he lowered his face towards hers. "I don't care." He whispered, and then sealed their fate with a kiss.

The End