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Author's Opening Notes: I got the idea for this from reading Teri's Macgyver/Stargate and Smallville/Dukes of Hazzard crossovers. If you enjoy this, you might want to take a look at them.

By J.T. Magnus, "Turbo"

Name, rank, and all other personal information - classified. It had to be. After all, what would the government say if they knew a member of one of their elite special forces units was a mutant.

She didn't know any sign language.

Jinx always found that funny, everyone assumed that she translated for her adopted cousin because she knew sign language. It never occured to them that she was reading his mind to know what he wanted to say.

Running a hand through her black-dyed hair, remembering when it was still red, she reminded her sparring partner of something, "Hey, pal, I was blindfolded and it still took you twenty minutes to take me down."

No need to tell Kamakura that he was thinking so loud she didn't need her eyes or to even try to avoid him.

Snake-Eyes took a pair of swords out from behind his back.

"Ah, sword training. Now we'll have some real fun. What's the matter, Kamakura, did I wear you out?" Two years older than when she had helped save the world and she was acting younger than ever, Jinx thought.

"Tatsu Ashi."

She quickly read Snake-Eyes' mind, which was how she covered her lack of training and experience and both of them knew it, "That's Japanese for 'Dragon's Tooth.'"

As Kamakura repeated the legend of the Tatsu Ashi, she reminded herself that it wasn't even the strangest thing she had ever seen - that belonged to a centuries-old mutant that wanted to take over the world.

What was it with her and fighting would-be world conquerors, anyway? First Magneto, then Apocalypse, now Cobra Commander...

Oooh, he reminded her so much of Duncan just then.

"Well, YOU'RE certainly focused on yourself, THAT's for sure."

'A warrior of selfless focus.' That made her think of Scott, of what they had before she had left. Her parents had wanted to disown her, so she disappeared. Her mother's cousin's sword brother had taken her in a year and a half ago and had began training her.

She had heard too many people, Quicksilver, to name one, think of themselves as their mutation to be phased by Kamakura's remark that 'against the Tatsu Ashi, there can be no defense.'

"I'm not fighting your sword, Kamakura, I'm fighting you."

Jinx drew her own sword, then watched in amusement as Kamakura tried in vain to unsheath the Tatsu Ashi. In a way, he reminded her of Bobby trying to lead the New Mutants.

Finally, she resheathed her sword and yawned, "Well, this is different."

Before Kamakura could retort, Hi-Tech's voice came over the three ninjas' Gauntlets, "Now hear this, now hear this; all personnel report to the briefing room, ASAP, this is not a drill."

Kamakura went on ahead, but Snake-Eyes lingered behind with her.

'It's okay, Jean,' he thought, 'One day, you won't have to hide anymore.'

Jinx nodded, "Maybe. But until then, Jean Grey has to remain missing and Jinx's life has to be classified."

'I know. Come on, Duke is waiting.'

Author's Closing Notes: Both Jinx in G.I. Joe: Valor Vs. Venom: The Movie and Jean Grey in X-Men: Evolution were voiced by Venus Terzo, in case anyone was wondering.