Title: No Place Like Home

Author: Amethyst Crow

Rating: M

Summary: A woman shows up in the SW universe looking exactly like Padmé, who died during the events of TPM.

Type: AU - A/P

Genre: Angst/Romance

Era: Between AOTC and ROTS

Disclaimers: Okay, so I don't own any of these character except Lili. She's mine! Mwahaha! No, seriously…Star Wars belongs to The Flannelled One. I'm just borrowing it for this.

Author's Note: Okay, so originally, I started this YEARS ago. Actually, by looking on the boards and in several archives...WOW! I first posted the original version of this on April 28th, 2001. So, it's been awhile. Sorry! This is the original Author's Note: " This is actually a dream of mine that I had and I am just expanding on it. I have never written fan fiction in my life. Inspiration just struck and wanted me to write it down. I hope that I haven't used anything that another author has used. If I have, I AM SOOO SORRY! I love everything I've read and I'm sure that I've gotten some of it mixed up in my head somewhere. I love you all! This is set in our reality. Meaning that Lili is a normal everyday person like you and me who loves Star Wars. She is obsessed, like you and me, and delves into it when she gets the chance. She works, drives a car, eats Ben and Jerry's ice cream when she's bummed, etc. She knows all about the storyline of Star Wars and how it's supposed to go. You get the gist of it? Good! Hopefully it'll all make sense. " All kudos to Kelly on the AAEF for the awesome fic posting guidelines, which I'm using directly from the archived version of this. Remember, this is a revised version (I wasn't too happy with the first version and I had issues with this site previously) of the story, so things are slightly different.Also, and I hope I can stress this, I've read worse/better stuff on when it concerns the M for Mature rating and smut. I hope I don't overstep my bounds and offend someone... If so, I understand and I'll go back to NOT posting on because someone stumbled into the M for Mature arena and didn't want to take on those lions. o.O

Note: Italics indicate a thought.


It was hotter than a sauna in the smog bowl that was Los Angeles, California and Lilianna Averson was convinced her day couldn't get any worse.

First, she had overslept, missing her final exam. Then, her garbage heap of a car wouldn't start when she tried to take her second exam and now her old, fat cat Minx was sick. On top of that, she had bad cold. Today was supposed to be a good day. A day on which she would end her college career and move on with the rest of her life.

Today was also the one-year anniversary of her boyfriend's death.

Lili twisted her straight blonde hair into a banana clip and flopped on the bed that took up most of her bedroom. She looked at the only remaining photo she had of her fiancé, Jake Bryant. The photo, torn from her high school yearbook, showed the brown-haired, green-eyed Jock in full football uniform, hugging the newest cheerleader of the squad. His goofy grin had always made her smile. But not today… she thought, reminiscing about the past.

They had met in high school; she just a freshman and he the star Quarterback in the senior class. It was actually a very cute story, one that mirrored a fairy tale. She was participating in the cheerleader tryouts that were being held on the field. She had almost completed her set when a football from nowhere smacked her right in the face. Jake had thrown the football. Feeling guilty, he offered to take her to the Homecoming dance and petitioned the squad leader to let her be on the team. Luckily, she had done a well enough job during tryouts that broken nose aside, she was accepted on the team. From that moment on, they were inseparable throughout her high school years and began to plan their life together when she finally graduated college. He was her first and only love.

Lili sighed and closed her eyes, still holding the photo and thinking about the strange twist in her life.

She had just started college at UCLA to be a Drama major when her blissful life came to a screeching halt. Acting was her life, her obsession. She had just finished rehearsing for the production the college put on every year. It was when she had returned to her dorm that her roommate, Morgan, had told her the devastating news.

"What do you mean Jake's been in an accident!" Lili had screamed in shock.

Jake's mom had informed Lili's roommate, Morgan, that her high school sweetheart had been killed in a horrific car crash. She had explained that Jake was driving home from the hospital.

"The hospital? Why was he at the hospital?" Lili had asked while grabbing a tissue out of the box Morgan held up.

"I don't know how to tell you this, Lili."

"Tell me what?" Lili had demanded, all the while confused.

"He was at the hospital visiting his fiancé." Morgan stated quietly. "His other fiancé."

Lili remembered how she just sat there, not quite taking in what Morgan had said.

"His fiancé who miscarried their baby…"

That's what had devastated her the most. Not the news that he was killed, but the fact that she her life all planned and it had included a man who had found love with someone else. Not only that, but Jake's mom didn't even know he was engaged or expecting a child from someone other than Lili.

Lili remembered how she wished she had someone there for her through her screaming and crying fits. She remembered how she practically destroyed her dorm room. She even had thoughts about committing suicide.

After the death of Jake, Lili went into a deep state of depression. She had no one in her life, not even parents. She was an orphan and grew up in various foster homes and had once been proud of the fact she made it all the way to college on her own accord. She thought she would be okay being alone for the rest of her life, even when Jake was alive.

Now she couldn't stand it.

Every time she looked at the photograph of she and Jake, sad and angry emotions arose. Sad at what could have been, but angry at the fact that he had cheated on her with someone else and had turned her world upside down. And that someone else would have had the life she wanted, had had the child she wanted. She was bitter. Oh, very bitter.

So, her only outlet was Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars. She had to escape her depression and delving into that fantastic universe was how she did it. She had always been a fan, but now she was just downright obsessed. Whenever she got the chance, she would surf websites, read fanfiction, daydream…whatever she could do to ignore life. It was the only thing that made her happy. And the only thing she looked forward to was reading a new chapter to her favorite Star Wars fanfiction. She didn't care if people thought she was weird. Her roommate knew that it was what Lili needed, so she didn't balk when Lili decorated her room with Queen Amidala dolls, posters, books, and action figures...whatever she could get her hands on.

Closing her eyes, Lili feel asleep on the bed still clutching the photo. A tear rolled down her cheek. Her last thought was of how she wished she could just escape her life and start all over again…

Chapter One – For the Briefest of Seconds

Sabé could never get over how busy Coruscant was. The extremely tall buildings, noise and heavy traffic were a distraction from the vivid memories she held of her home. It was nothing like Naboo, which was a quiet and peaceful place with lush hills and beautiful homes. At least, it was before her best friend died.

Sabé moved out of the way of a mother hurrying down the street with her children and went into a local café, Dexter's Diner. There she might be able to find some solace. She ordered a hot drink, which was from her home planet. It was one of her favorites. It made her think about how different her life was now.

She had never been to Coruscant before. She didn't have a reason to go until her Queen was murdered. She'd had the duty of protecting her, she being the bodyguard in charge. Always. But she had failed. The Queen had been only fourteen, a child, and it was because she was so young that it had happened.

Amidala had just been elected as the Queen of Naboo. Padmé, as Sabé and those close to the Queen knew her, had been her best friend since they were children. They used to play together in school and when Padmé was elected Queen, Sabé was welcomed to be in her service. Sabé didn't object because she knew she bore a striking resemblance to her best friend. And she also knew that Padmé loved her like a sister and wanted to remain friends. So, she became Padmé's loyal decoy and bodyguard. Some bodyguard...

Padmé had only been Queen for a week when the riot broke out. The riot was actually about Her Majesty. A small group of people felt that electing another Queen so young was a mistake. Sabé couldn't fathom why they would think so. The previous ruler was a vicious King, who was cruel to his subjects and abused his power. Somehow, the leader of this band of rioters, Role Jabin, had found out that the Queen would be leaving to meet with the Senate on Coruscant. It was when she was boarding her ship that it happened.

Sabé and the other handmaidens flanked Padmé as they walked down the steps to the hangar. Captain Panaka was following close behind. Out of nowhere, one of Role's followers had surprised them. He was quick. Sabé didn't see him stab the Queen. It was too late to save her as he had pierced her heart.

A tear almost escaped as she remembered holding her dying Queen in her arms. Sabé shook her head. She didn't want to remember the pain that she saw on her best friend's face and the sound of someone so young gasping for air as her body shut down.

Thinking back on it now, she was furious that security wasn't tighter around the Queen and she felt that it was her fault. Role and his followers had won. The newly elected Queen, her best friend, was dead. Most of Naboo was shocked that something so outlandish and horric could happen on their peaceful planet. A beautiful funeral was held for the Queen. Padmé could have done so much good for the people of Naboo. Sabé, deeply affected and ashamed, left Naboo shortly after a new and older King was elected. That had been ten years ago.

Sabé took another sip and looked up at the holovid that was attached to the wall in the corner. The announcer was babbling on about the Senate again. Politics. She was done with that. She wanted a new life. For the past ten years she had worked as a bodyguard to various politicians. Perhaps she would be a librarian for the Jedi Council. Her mother had been a librarian and had insisted that she know her skills. Sabé smiled at that thought. Would she enjoy working with all the Jedi? There were a few that she wouldn't mind finding books for…

She chuckled for the briefest of seconds and downed what was left of her drink. She figured it was time to go home. The sun was about to set to finish the day. The streets of Coruscant usually were busier at about this time. She stepped outside the café and took a deep breath. Tomorrow would be a brighter day, she hoped.

Sabé decided she would walk home. She felt it would do her good to take the time during her walk to think about the future and not the past. She continued to walk down the street taking in all the sights before her: the tall buildings, speeding vehicles, how the sun reflected off of them all. The sun made bright, colorful reflections against the windows and hulls, make them glow. She could see that there was a certain kind of beauty to Coruscant. Perhaps she could call this place home.

She eventually came to the alleyway that was her shortcut. She knew that she probably shouldn't take such secluded paths, but she didn't think that anything else could possibly hurt her. She had been through enough pain and heartache that she felt she could take on any would be attacker. Sabé turned the corner and walked down the narrow alleyway until she saw a figure sleeping on the ground. Probably homeless...maybe they would appreciate some credits to get them on their way. Sabé stopped and kneeled down beside the sleeping figure. It was a woman and she didn't look like she had been there long. Sabé could see she had beautiful brown hair and unexpectedly clean skin. Sabé was not familiar with the odd clothing the sleeping woman wore. Her head was buried in her arms, so Sabé couldn't see her face. She bent down and shook the woman. The woman mumbled something and continued to sleep. She wanted to at least ask her if she was all right. She gently nudged the woman again. Finally, the young woman lifted her head and looked at Sabé, but she was still half asleep.

It was then that Sabé gasped and jumped back. She couldn't believe it. No, she wouldn't believe it! It was impossible…

It was her Queen!