Well, I'm sorry to say that after a long wait, this is the final chapter of this story. I had fun doing it. But don't expect a sequal, because there's really no need for one. Well, enjoy the finale of "You Need My Help and I Need Yours


After the police raided the Moto house and found that it was NOT an environment for a child, let alone an amnesiac child, custody over Yugi was given to Atem, but just until the trial against Yugi's parents. Things had been bad for the little boy. He was very broken. The only person he even trusted to be in the room with him was Atem. And whenever Atem was gone, Yugi would cry for him until he came back. Yugi still didn't really remember Atem that much, but all he knew was that he was safe in this man's arms, so he figured that was good enough. It was as if Yugi had taken five steps backwards. He barely ate, refused to be alone, and had trouble sleeping. Every night, Atem would rock Yugi to sleep in his giant hospital bed. The poor thing was so torn up, and he didn't even know why. Atem did, but in his mind, his son never needed to know why.

It hurt to walk, heck, it hurt to move! Yugi couldn't move his legs without pain. He would often ask what was wrong with him, and Atem would always say the same thing: 'you're going to be alright.' It wasn't really an answer, but Atem did not even want to face that question.


About a month later, Yugi was finally ready to go home. He could walk for short periods of time, and luckily for him, he was still small, so Atem was able to carry him when it hurt too much. Atem helped Yugi into the car. He seemed especially quiet. It was obvious that he was scared.

"Yugi, you don't have to be scared, you're going home now." Yugi looked at him and smiled sadly.

"I know … it just … it feels weird …" What Yugi couldn't tell Atem was that with his amnesia, the word 'home' didn't feel like 'home'. He constantly had the feeling of being lost and wanting to go 'home', but he doesn't know where 'home' is. Atem sighed. This was not how he wanted Yugi to return to him.

Finally, they pulled up into the driveway. Yugi looked out the window and gasped. "It's so big …" Atem had to chuckle at that.

"Wait till you see the inside." Atem ushered Yugi into the house with his hand on the boy's back. When Yugi entered the house, he literally gasped. It was so big and clean. He felt a little more like he belonged here then he did at the hospital, but things were still a little fuzzy. He jumped when Atem put his hand on his shoulder, causing the father's face to sadden.

"I'm sorry …" Atem bent down and gave Yugi a kiss on the forehead.

"Don't be; I understand." Atem gave Yugi a quick tour of the house, some dinner, a bath, and then it was off to bed. The boy had to admit that the soft bed in his small room felt better then the stiff bed in the hospital. He looked around for a bit. Apparently, he had a lot of history in this room. He saw drawings that were made by a child, but they had his name written in the lower right hand corners. There were toys scattered all over the floor. A banner with the word 'Yugi' written on it hung on the wall over the window. Taking all this in, the small boy shed a tear down his face. So much has happened in his life, but he couldn't remember any of it. He decided to put these thoughts aside and just sleep on it.


Later that night, Atem was awoken at three o'clock a.m. when he heard an ear pitching scream. Recognizing the voice right away, he bolted out of his bed and over to Yugi's room.

"Yugi!" Inside, he found the boy thrashing in his bed. The blankets had made their way to the ground and Yugi kept throwing his head back and forth.

"No, NO! Leave me alone!" Atem went over to the sleeping boy and tried to shake him awake.

"Yugi, wake up."

"STOP! PLEASE, HELP!" Yugi screamed louder and Atem took both hands and shook Yugi's shoulders.

"Yugi, wake up!" Finally, after what seemed like forever, Yugi woke up. When he noticed Atem right next to him, he gasped loudly and skittered to the farthest corner he could find. "No, no it's alright, Little One; I'm here now." Yugi started to become short of breath, and he didn't know why. Atem started to panic. He reached over onto Yugi's dresser and picked up his oxygen mask. Before the boy could protest out of fear, he had already stuck the mask to his face. Atem turned on the machine and tried to calm the terrified boy. "It's alright, Little One; just calm down and you'll be fine." Yugi's chest was still rapidly trying to get air into his lungs, so fast that it started to hurt. After a few seconds, he began to calm down. He could feel some kind of medicine flowing through his repertory system. When he had calmed down, Atem sat on the bed and tried to gather the sickly boy in his arms. Yugi flinched. "It's alright, Yugi … I'm not going to hurt you …" Yugi was still caught up in the aftermath of his dream, but once he heard Atem's caring voice, he reached out his arms and allowed the man to hold him.

Yugi snuggled into his chest and let out a few tears. Atem rubbed Yugi's back, rocking and shushing him. Soon, the machine used to give Yugi a breathing treatment started to make a spitting sound, telling them that it was done. Atem turned off the machine and took the mask off of his small son.

"Feel better?" Yugi sniffled and nodded.

"Yes … thank you." The young father kissed his son on the head.

"Your welcome." Yugi snuggled into Atem's chest even farther. It was like he was trying to hide from the outside world. "Yugi, please tell me what you're thinking." He started to pet Yugi's hair, who relaxed under the motion.

"I … I don't know … t-there were t-these … two people … a-and … they … they did … horrible things to me …" Atem's face turned from hurt to anger. He snaked both arms around his son and brought him into a deep hug.

"You don't have to worry anymore, Little One. I promise that I'll protect you." Yugi looked up with confusion in his eyes.

"Who were they … the people in my dreams?" Atem gave Yugi another kiss on the forehead.

"I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but … those people … are the ones who put you in the hospital." Yugi's eyes looked like he held so much confusion that his mind was like a file cabinet that was overflowing with unorganized information.

"How? Who are they?"

"Well, I think it's time I told you something that I didn't tell you in the hospital. You are my son, but only through adoption." Yugi gasped. "Those people are your biological parents. But you must understand, Yugi that I never want you to see them again after what they did to you." Now Yugi's confused head was starting to hurt. So Atem wasn't his real father, but his adopted father … and those people who hurt him were his parents … his life-givers … how could they do that to him?

"Why would they hurt me?" He asked with tears streaming down his face. Atem sighed and brought the child to his chest once again.

"That I'm not sure of. I can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt you." Yugi laid his head on Atem's chest.

"I think … I might … remember something …" Suddenly, Atem sat up and placed his hands on Yugi's shoulders.

"Good; Yugi, this is very important … do you remember anything about the day you found yourself hurt?" Yugi had to think for a bit. Things in his head were still fuzzy, but they were starting to come together. Suddenly, the small boy began to cry. Atem held him closer.

"Yugi?" Yugi just continued to cry … he didn't even know why, himself.

"I-I'm sorry … I don't know why"— Atem placed Yugi's head on his chest and started to rock back and forth.

"Shh … it's alright, Little One … tell me; what happened?" Yugi sniffled and began his sad story.

"… Well …"


Three weeks later, the trial against Yugi's parents began. Yugi kept his arms wrapped around Atem's waist and the father would always have his arms around his son. Bakura sat at one of the tables. Since it was his nephew that had been abused, he wanted to do this case against the Motos. "Case 45672 is now in session. People vs. Mr. and Mrs. Moto." The bailiff said. Everyone in the courtroom stood while the judge made his way to his seat. It was a different judge this time.

"Good evening, everyone; let's get down to business." Friedman stood up.

"Your Honor, this is absurd! We can't go through with this trial; it would be considered a Double Jeopardy!" Bakura stood up this time, smirking.

"Actually, it wouldn't, Your Honor. For the last trial was for custody over Little Yugi, but in this trial, the defendants face charges." The judge nodded in understanding.

"And just what are these charges, Mr. Darkling?" Bakura looked at the bailiff.

"One count of kidnapping in the first degree, one count of rape in the second degree, and one count of child endangerment." The judge looked at Friedman and his clients.

"This court will proceed." The court went smoothly for the Darklings. Atem's testimony of how they would deprive his son of the medications that he needed to live was what really got the jury's attention. During his testimony, they played the recording that Yugi had taken. The recording was awful. Those people were cussing, hitting, screaming at, and calling him names. Yugi cried in Uncle Marik's arms when Atem was at the stand. He hated having to hear those voices again. He knew the people at that table were the ones that hurt him … and slowly … the memories started to return. Once Atem was finished with his testimony, he went back to Yugi, who threw himself in his arms. Atem was hoping that the jury could see the frightened look in the child's eyes. He could hear some of them whispering to each other about Yugi.

Soon, the hard part came … it was Yugi's turn to take the stand. The boy gasped when they called his name. He looked at Atem with eyes that said 'please don't make me do it'. Atem hugged Yugi and assured them that it would be fine. Slowly … and shakily, he made his way to the bench. Once there, Bakura winked at him and mouthed the words 'it'll be fine'.

"Yugi, how much to you remember about your time with the Motos?" Yugi had to think about it for a second.

"Not much, really … the doctor says that my memory has gone because I hit my head."

"Look at them now … does anything strike you as familiar?" Yugi looked at the people at the table. They were glaring at him. Jack shook his head as if threatening silently 'don't you dare …' Yugi was so scared. He couldn't help it anymore. He cried. He cried because those people scared him so much. He wanted his dad to hold.

"… Yes …"

"What comes to memory, Yugi?"

"T-they … hit me … in places I know I shouldn't be touched … They would hurt me … make me do bad things … and always said 'if you ever tell a soul about what goes on in this house, we'll make your death slow and painful … like it should have been ten years ago' …" Yugi buried his face in his hands and sobbed. Atem stood up in his seat.

"Please, stop this! He's just a child!" The judge nodded and excused Yugi. The boy ran into Atem's arms, who picked him up and sat down. Atem ran his hand up and down Yugi's back, trying to calm him down.

Soon, Bakura called on Dr. Manteuffel too the stand. He explained Yugi's disorders and the x-rays he'd had throughout his life.

"When Mr. Darkling first brought Yugi to St. John's Mercy Hospital as an infant of only an hour old, we found that he had been two months premature. He had been forced out of his mother's womb." Bakura looked at the jury, then continued his questioning.

"How could you know that he was forced to be born?"

"The bruises on his skin proved that the mother had beat her own abdomen, causing her to go into an early labor.

"Dr. Manteuffel, Yugi is a hemophiliac, right?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"Can you explain what a hemophiliac is?"

"Hemophilia makes blood vessels thin out. If a hemophiliac were to even sneeze too hard, they could bleed to death." Bakura walked over to his table and took some of the pictures that the hospital had taken when Yugi had been brought in when he was found.

"Since he's a hemophiliac, how much blood do you think he lost when he was in this condition?"

"Too much; we had to do four blood transfusions to replace what he lost."

"Doctor, do you hold the defendants responsible for what happened to Yugi?" Manteuffel nodded.

"Yes. It was their job to take care of him, but they hurt him instead."

"No further questions."

Sometime later, Jack was able to take the stand. Bakura had a field day with this. Atem and Marik could tell that it was times like this that he enjoyed being a lawyer

"Jack, answer me one thing: why did you want Yugi back after ten years with absolutely no contact?" Jack smirked.

"He's my son … my flesh and blood. My wife and I though he was dead, but when he showed up at our door one day, our hopes came back.

"Well you sure have a funny way of showing it! Beating and raping him, and keeping him off his medicines!" Friedman stood up.


"Your Honor, this is why the defendants are on trial, they're here because of the pain they put Little Yugi through." The judge nodded.

"I'll allow it." Friedman cussed and sat back down.

"Why did you hurt him? Why not leave him with Atem where you'd never have to see or even care for him?'

"Because we needed the money!" Jack exclaimed.

"What money?"

"The life insurance money. We wanted him dead so we could collect the life insurance money! There, I said it! Now 'ya happy!" Actually, Bakura was happy. He heard the jury members gasp amongst themselves.

"Nothing further."

While the jury was in session, the rest of the court was at a recess. Yugi refused to let Atem put him down. It was a good thing the boy was so light weight. The triplets chatted outside. Marik slapped Bakura on the back.

"That was some sweet stuff ya pulled in there, bro!" Bakura rubbed his shoulder and groaned.

"Thanks … but don't hit me." Atem chuckled.

"Do you think the judge would give Yugi back to me?" The child had fallen asleep in his father's arms. He had his head on Atem's shoulder.

"It looks good, bro." Atem smiled into Yugi's hair. He couldn't wait to bring Yugi home … for good.

It didn't take long for the jury to reach their verdict. And that's exactly what the judge asked. "Has the jury reached a verdict?" The first jury member stood up.

"We have, Your Honor." The judge looked at the couple before him.

"Would the defendants please rise?" Both Jack and Helga stood up, as well as Friedman and Bakura. "On the count of kidnapping in the first degree, how do you find?" Everyone looked at the standing jury member.

"We find the defendants guilty." The Darkling Triplets silently cheered.

"On the count of kidnapping in the second degree, how do you find?"

"We find the defendants guilty." Friedman sneered at Bakura, who flicked him off in return.

"And on the count of child endangerment, how do you find?" This was the one Yugi had been waiting for. It would decide if he went back to Atem … or them.

"We find the defendants … guilty." Atem and Yugi smiled at each other as the father embraced his son in his arms. The Motos were found guilty on all counts.

"Jack and Helga Moto have been found guilty on all counts … ergo, the custody of the minor, Yugi Darkling, goes to his legal guardian, Atem Darkling. Everyone cheered. It seemed that they were all on Yugi's side.

However, just then, something terrible happened. Jack had thrown a fit and started going crazy.

"YOU LITTLE BRAT! THIS TIME, DIE THE WAY YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO!" He moved too swiftly. He grabbed the bailiff's gun and a loud shot was heard. Atem looked down to see that Yugi had been shot just above his heart.

"No, no, no, no, no! HELP! SOMEONE CALL 911!" Yugi's eyes were glazed over, as if they had no life in them. The blood caused from the bullet was drenching his clothes. Luckily, Manteuffel was there, and was able to help while they were waiting for the paramedics to get there.

"He's losing too much blood again!" Yugi's hemophilia was acting up. The blood was flowing too fast for them to stop right now. Atem could see Yugi's bottom lip quivering. Tears formed in the father's eyes as he watched Yugi's olive skin turn ghostly white.

"… …D-dad …?" He was losing body heat too.

"It's going to be alright, Yugi; I promise." He took off his jacket and put it around the small, pained boy.

"… I … can't f-feel my legs … it's s-so … c-cold …" That was not a good sign.

"Shh … it's alright, Yugi. Everything's gonna be fine, I promise." The paramedics arrived at the courthouse quickly and took Yugi into their hands and away from Atem. Manteuffel held the grieving father back while they tried to put blood back into Yugi.


Several hours later, or really, forty-two hours later, Atem was sitting in the waiting room at St. John's Mercy, sipping on a cup of coffee. He hadn't slept at all since the incident at the courthouse. Yugi was still in surgery. He couldn't stop the tears from flowing. What if Jack finally did it? Finally killed the sweet little boy that Atem had raised? He shook his head to relieve himself of that thought. He couldn't think that way. His coffee was now cold, for it had been sitting in the Styrofoam cup since he had gotten there.

It was during the forty-third hour that Bakura and Marik came into the waiting room with him.

"How is he?" The eldest of the triplets asked. Atem slowly shook his head.

"Still waiting for an answer." Marik looked at Bakura and shrugged.

"Well, maybe this'll make ya feel better. We just came from the Motos' sentencing. That bitch got life with no deals." Atem looked up.

"And Jack?" Bakura smiled.

"The shooting got him an automatic needle." Atem had to admit, though he wasn't a supporter of the death penalty, he did wand Jack dead for what he did to Yugi. Just then, Manteuffel came out of the OR. All three triplets stood up.


"He'll be fine." Atem let out a long-held sigh of relief. "However, the bullet managed to scrape one of his lungs, so his asthma is going to be even worse from now on."

"But he'll live?" Atem asked. Manteuffel nodded.

"You may see him if you want." Atem didn't have to be asked twice. He sped off to the room where Yugi was held.


Inside, the familiar picture of the little boy in the giant hospital bed, with a breathing mask on his face came to him. He could tell Yugi was awake because the TV was on. When he saw Atem, he wanted to sit up, but he found it too painful.

"Hello, Little One." Yugi took the oxygen mask off of his face and smiled.

"Hi, Dad." Atem smiled too. It felt so good to be called 'dad'. Atem sat on the bed and rubbed Yugi's cheek, just the way he liked it.

"How do you feel?" Yugi was too busy nuzzling his father to answer right away.

"A little tired, but okay."

"Dr. Manteuffel says that you can come home in a few days." Yugi looked at his father with shimmering eyes. "What's the matter?"

"W-what if … they come back for me?" Atem smiled and bent down to give his little boy a kiss on the forehead.

"They won't. Helga has been locked away and Jack … well, let's just say that Jack will never bother you again."

"You promise?" Atem nodded.

"Don't I always keep my promises?" Yugi giggled and nodded. He raised his arms for Atem to hug him, and that's exactly what he did.

From that day on, Yugi's life was never in pain again. Sure, he had a few problems with his disabilities, but at least he knew that he was safe and loved.


The End