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Chapter one- Surprise, Surprise


Harry Potter wasn't your normal seventeen year-old. He knew it, everyone who knows him knew it, and now you should know it too. It is very important that you know Harry is not normal, and he never will be. He's a wizard, and even in the magic world he isn't normal.

Now you're either thinking 'duh, he's the boy-who-lived' or 'there's no such thing as magic!', and if you're one of the latter then there is no point in you reading this tale so why bother? You won't believe a single word that is written here anyway.

Yes, Harry Potter is the boy-who-lived, the only known survivor of the killing curse and the only one who can kill he-who-must-not-be-named. Still, even with these reasons there is something else that sets Mr. Potter apart from everyone else in the world, wizarding or muggle, and not many people know what that is. What is it you're asking? A simple question that will take quite the time to answer I'm afraid.

I'd sum it up for you in a paragraph, but then where's the point of a story? If every question in the world could be answered in a paragraph or a sentence then there's be no need for novels at all and writers everywhere would be out of a job. For what's a story then the answer to a simple question or questions?

Now you're annoyed with such a long intro, I can tell, so I'll just give you the story and you can figure out the answer on your own…


It was unbearably hot, even with all the windows in the house open and cooling spells set everywhere. It was so hot that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk and it'd still be warm even if you put it in a freezer for an hour. There wasn't even a breeze to cool off even a little bit.

Harry Potter was currently lying on the soft grass outside the home of one of his best friends with his eyes closed and his head propped up by his heads. He'd come outside to try and cool off, but it seemed the heat existed everywhere and the only thing he'd managed to do was put himself to sleep.

He was rudely awoken by a pebble landing on his chest. He opened one eye and glared at the object, then opened the other knocked it off with his hand. Yawning, he sat up and looked over to see his best friend laughing at him and he gave him a puzzled expression.

"You were glaring at the pebble mate, and the look was just too funny!" The red-head explained before going into hysterics again.

Harry smiled and stretched some before getting to his feet. Ron eventually stopped laughing and the two wandered back into the house for lunch. Sitting at the kitchen table Harry looked distastefully at the food that was sat before him. It was all cooked food, and the thought of eating anything warm made his stomach curl. Still, he couldn't be rude and managed to eat through at least half of it before he could take no more.

"Harry dear, your application has returned!" Mrs. Weasley chirped and handed the now excited young man a letter.

Earlier that year he'd sent in an application for an auror job at the ministry. He only had a year left at Hogwarts after all, and he had to think about his future. Carefully he unsealed the envelope and unfurled the piece of parchment. Reading over it quickly he didn't notice the small crowd that gathered around him until Ginny asked, "Well? Did you get it?"

He looked up to find most of the Weasley family looking at him and shrugged. "I'm not sure, they said they'd have to wait for my end of school exams before anything was permanent, but with my reputation it seems likely that I'm guaranteed a spot."

"That's wonderful!" Mrs. Weasley hugged him tightly and then looked at her youngest son. "And when do you plan on applying for a job?"

Ron shrugged. "I haven't thought about one yet, but I will as soon as I find one that interests me, I promise."

Harry stood up from the table and pocketed the letter. "Thank-you for lunch Mrs. Weasley, I'm going to head upstairs for a bit if you don't mind." She nodded that it was ok and he made his way for the stairs, Ron right behind him.

"I can't wait until I'm out on my own and all, but the thought of leaving Hogwarts is kinda sad, huh?" Ron asked him as they entered his bedroom.

Harry nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it'll be sad but we'll always have the memories, right?"

"I guess, still sad though." The red-head slumped down onto his bed and sighed. "I wonder how Hermione is. Wish she would have come here instead of going to Paris with her parents."

Harry rolled his eyes as he took a seat on the other side of the bed. He knew his friend had a major crush on Hermione, but like he'd ever admit to it. Ron never would sacrifice his pride for the girl, and Harry was going to make it his business to hook the up before the end of their last year.

He heard soft snores and looked over to see Ron had fallen into a slight sleep, probably from the heat he guessed. Sighing to himself he got up and wandered over to the window. Placing his hands on the frame, he shut his eyes and leaned slightly out of it, breathing in the outside air deeply. Re-opening his eyes he smiled and looked around the landscape not really taking any of it in.

Suddenly he noticed movement out of the corner of his eyes, and turned his head to see a figure in black robes making its way quickly across the Weasley's yard. Squinting his eyes he could see they had a cloak on which covered its head and his first thought was how anyone could wear such a thing in the heat.

Then he noticed the two small bundles in the figure's arms and for some reason it reminded him of that night in the cemetery when Lord Voldemort had been held in a similar fashion. He shook the thoughts off quickly though, it caused him to be filled with a sick feeling which he hated.

He looked back down at the figure and noticed it was almost at the front door so he turned around and headed back to the stairs out of curiosity of who it was. Just before he made it to the bottom step though someone shrieked loudly and as fast as he could he made his way to the door, only to be greeted with a sight he never expected to see.

Mr. Weasley had his wand pointed at the figure, who was hugging the bundles to its chest protectively. Harry glimpsed platinum blonde hair and blue eyes underneath the hood and he froze in his tracks.


The hooded figure turned to look at him and Harry also noticed a long scar across his cheek. "Potter, if you don't mind could you tell this buffoon to lower his wand as I am unarmed?"

Mr. Weasley glared at the blonde but didn't lower his wand until Harry had his own out and pointed at him instead. "What are you doing here Malfoy?"

Malfoy looked at Mr. Weasley, then at the small crowd of Weasleys who had appeared behind Harry and shook his head. "I'd rather not discuss this here, not with them there."

"You either speak up now or I'm sending you out of here." Harry warned. "You're not welcome."

"Fine, come here and I'll tell you." Malfoy replied, and Harry cautiously approached him, his wand never leaving its original position though. When Harry was about a foot away Malfoy looked down at the bundles of black fabric and then held one out to Harry.

"It came as a surprise to me as well you should know, and like I said I'm not up to discussing it here." Malfoy said softly, but still holding his usual harsh tone.

Harry examined the bundle, and then lowered his wand slightly to pull back some of the fabric. When he did he gasped and quickly looked back up to find the blonde looking at him with some unknown emotion. "You're right, let's not discuss this here."

He glanced back at the now confused Weasley clan and pulled the blonde outside and shut the door before guiding him to a secluded spot in the garden where he hoped no one could hear them.

"Explain, right now." Harry instructed.

Draco sighed. "I've been disowned; have no legal standing in the Malfoy family business or otherwise, and all because of this."

Harry looked at the bundles again and saw one move slightly. "How is this possible, it was just one night! Let alone we're both, well, men."

The blonde chuckled lightly. "Well it seems Potter you're not exactly what everyone thinks you are, otherwise it wouldn't be possible."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm not sure, but whatever the cause we still have a major problem. What am I supposed to do?" Draco asked, and for the first time Harry heard an actual worried tone in the blonde's voice.

Carefully Harry took one of the bundles and pulled the fabric down again. Small green eyes looked up at him and he sighed. "Have you named them yet?"

"Not yet, I was waiting for you. Although it's a wonder they survived, my father tried to kill them and me when he found out." Draco said sadly and held the other child to his chest.

Harry looked up at his face and saw the saddest look he'd ever seen displayed there. "The scar then?"

Draco nodded. "From him."

"I'm sorry; I didn't think any of this would happen…" Harry said, and he sighed deeply. "We have a lot of trouble ahead of us."

"Duh, but before we do anything else I want to rest. I've been running since yesterday morning, and this heat makes it worse." Draco replied, and Harry finally noticed the exhaustion the blonde had and cautiously took the other bundle as well. As soon as he did Draco fell to the ground, and Harry sat next to him.


Harry groaned as he saw an angry red-head storming there way. He wasn't to sure if he could take Ron's questions at the moment, he was still stunned as it was. He glanced at Draco and saw the blonde had a similar annoyed look.

"WHAT THE HELL IS MALFOY DOING HERE?" Ron yelled, and Harry immediately winced at the volume.

"Be quiet Weasley, your voice is too loud." Draco said without a hint of bitterness, only tiredness.

Some movement brought Harry's attention to the two bundles in his arms and he inwardly sighed as one began to squall, making Ron's eyes go wider than he'd ever seen them. With one already crying the other started up, and Harry could just hear Draco going 'Will I never get any peace?' in his head.

"What are those?" Ron asked shocked.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Well Ron they would appear to be children, would they not?"

"I can bloody well see that, I meant what are they doing here? Whose are they?" Ron retorted quite sharply.

"Please shut your loud mouth up or they'll never be quiet!" Draco snapped.

Ron gave him a death-glare before looking back at Harry. "I want an explanation right now!"

Harry sighed. "Look, how about we all go inside so Draco can get some rest and I can think things over?"

"Fine." Ron turned sharply and went back to the house. Harry looked over and saw Draco get to his feet before he helped Harry by taking the little ones so he could also get up.

"It is going to be a long day." Harry said. Draco nodded beside him and then the followed the still steaming red-head to the house.


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