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Chapter four: Something Strange is Going On


Donald White was what he considered to be a normal man with no strange happenings anywhere in his long life, unless you counted that time he met that women with blue hair while on vacation to France but he didn't so it doesn't matter. He was a healthy man of fifty-two, with a good wife and a good home. He made enough money to make it through the necessities like food and the bills, and he could say he was happy most of the time.

So why it is that such a normal, seemingly uninteresting man found himself in this story?

It all began sixteen or so years ago with the death of his cousin Wally in a freak accident. He'd been blown up in some sort of explosion along with a few others, he never could remember how many or what sort of explosion it was though. Poor White was left with all the funeral bills since Wally's other family members had liked to pretend he didn't exist when he had come to the startling conclusion that the world was round at the age of twenty-seven. White was not pleased with this at all.

Once Wally was given a memorial stone (the body was never recovered it seemed) White went on in his life perfectly happy to forget about the whole mess. Then his first wife left him for some executive of some business and he was thrown into despair. He spent a lot of time then thinking about Wally and why he was thinking of him.

One day as he was walking back from the local pub after having a good few drinks he stumbled across a starving rat, and being quite drunk and thinking it was a lost kitten took it home with him and nursed it back to health. When he did realize it was a rat it is not quite sure, but because he liked animals he kept the rat as a pet. This rat became his friend through a tough time and soon he forgot all about his wife and stopped thinking about Wally so much.

The rat ran away one summer's evening unfortunately, and White was sure that was the last he'd be seeing of it.

Until recently that is, and that is why Donald White can be found in this story. He'd been walking home from the local pub when he noticed a small rat lying in his path. He was going to help the creature (a coincidence I'm sure), when it sprung up and scurried into an alley way. White being slightly tipsy followed it in case it got hurt. When he entered the alley though, he was amazed to find no rats but a man!

The man noticed him immediately and pointed some sort of stick at him. White politely asked him where the rat had gone before a spark of green light hit him square in the stomach. The man in the alley put his strange stick away and vanished, leaving behind the normal body of one Donald White to be found by police the next morning.

Strangely enough though, the rat he saw was in fact the same rat he had found years earlier, and it was in fact the same man who had pointed his strange stick at him that day in the alley. White would never know this though, nor would he ever know that the man was in fact the same man who had killed his cousin Wally in that strange explosion. He also didn't know that his wife had been seeing the milk man for the last few months, but that is beside the point and at least he died happy knowing he'd helped some rats in his life.

In another part of the world a teenage boy didn't know of the strange events taking place, and if he had it might have made this story a lot shorter.


Draco sighed as he leaned his head back against the chair, a warm cup of tea sitting in front of him. He'd woken up early to take care of the babies and was now just relaxing in the quiet of the morning. Harry and Remus were still upstairs asleep, so it was just him. He took another sip of his tea and sighed once more.

He had spent a lot of this time thinking about his relationship with Harry. Ever since he learned he was pregnant the green-eyed teen hadn't been far from his mind, but today was quite different from his usual musings. Yesterday's events brought a whole new world of startling revelations.

Harry wasn't an enemy of his, and he hadn't been for a long time, and Draco did consider him a close friend now. But was there also something else there? What was that strange feeling he got every single time Harry smiled at him or every time he remembered they shared children together? He wasn't ready to call it love, but it wasn't exactly a feeling of friendship either.

Still confused he made the cup vanish and stood up. He went into the room he was staying in and stood by the identical cribs against the wall. He smiled at the cute forms of his children lying in sweet dreams. Kaelyn turned slightly in her sleep and Draco smiled wider. It all still seemed like such a dream to him. He wondered if the two knew just how much trouble they were for just existing.

He frowned at the thought and shook it off. He loved them, and even if they were trouble he'd never change the events that led to them being born. He'd found friendship and a real family for the first time in his life, and he'd never give that up for anything. If he had to go through hell and back to keep things like that he would, and he knew it would be worth it in the end.

He smiled again and leaned over to kiss the two sweetly on their heads before going back downstairs.


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