Taiiku no Hi : Urizane

Health and Sports Day

Second Monday of October

"Guys, look who it is!"

The small, round-faced boy looked up from his bag lunch listlessly. His shoulders hunched when the ringleader pointed at him.

"Hey fatty, had enough food today?"

"Hey ugly, your momma pack you two tons or just one today?"

"Hey momma's boy, should we grab the lard just incase you get stuck in the door again?"

The bell rang. He was saved!

He noticed the other boys still looking at him, smirking. Then he suddenly realized -

It was time for gym.

There were many things he was teased for at school. One, the fact that his mother was a single parent. Two, the fact that his skin was darker than everyone else's skin. Three, the fact that he was fat. Why were all the other kids so cruel? It's not like he could help it. That was just the way he was.

But the thing he detested most about school was physical education, where the teacher ordered him to display all his insecurities and weaknesses for the world to see. And today was dodge ball.


There was really nothing worse than dodge ball, because every other kid ganged up on him. The teacher usually let them, or just wasn't paying attention, or couldn't keep track of all the kids because of the chaos in their gymnasium.


One. He winced as the ball caught him in the small of his back. He wobbled.

"Want another?"

Two. This time is struck his shoulder.

"I haven't been using my throwing arm, you know…"

Three. The ankle-hit caused him to finally topple over. The balls began showering down, each one coming faster and faster and faster and –


An explosion erupted around the huddled ball that was their victim, blowing the gang of miniscule miscreants every which way. Tanaki-sensei rushed over.

"What is going on here?!"

The boy stood, breathing heavily, a watermelon clasped in his hand. He could feel the dirt from the rubble on his face and the sweat as it rolled down his cheek. Despite the pain in his limbs – as though liquid fire was coursing through his veins – he was grinning.

"My name is Urizane. And don't you forget it!"

Aw. Urizane needs more love.

Anyway... this fic is drawing to a close, my dear friends! Expect another chapter or two before the end.