An Anime Christmas Carol

By Emma Iveli

Disclaimer: I don't any of the anime, if I did I would be stinking rich, plus I'd would have let 4kids get their hands on Mew Mew, One Piece, Pokemon or DoReMi... usually I'd do a rant but I'm too busy.

Mina: Wow that's a surprise.

Ko: Sure was...

Chapter 1: Nami's Warning

A young woman about the age of 19 stands on a stage, she has long dark brown hair and wears wire frame glasses. She's me.

"Hi! I'm Emma Iveli, just call me Emma! And here's an Anime Christmas Carol. You must be wondering why I chose to do this fanfic? Well I'm forced by law, not really but when you're a fanfic writer you have to do a Christmas story parody once in your life, in fact winter night… my lovable boyfriend is doing a nutcracker parody…" I said.

Beauty from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo pops up from behind me. "Um… can you get on with the story…" she said with a sweat drop.

"Anyways… I'm the narrator/director! Beauty here is the obligatory sidekick… after all whose better? Here's the rest of the cast!" I said.

Scrooge- Nabiki Tendo (Ranma ½)

Marley- Nami (One Piece)

The Ghost of Christmas Past- Naruto (Do I need to put the anime?)

The Ghost of Christmas Present- Suzy (Zatch Bell)

The Ghost of Christmas yet to come- It's a surprise!

Cratchet- Inu-Yasha (Once again, do I need to put the anime?)

Tiny Tim- Shippo (Inu-Yasha)

Scrooge's nephew- Ranma (Ranma ½)

Cratchet's Wife- Sakura Shinguuchi (Sakura Wars)

Cratchet's other children- Chiyo-Chan (Azumanga Daioh), Ash (Pokemon), Hibari (Cyber Team in Akihabara)

Scrooge's lost love- Tenchi (Once again do I need to put in the anime?)

Scrooge's Sister- Kasumi Tendo (Ranma ½)

Scrooge's old Teacher- Nyamo (Azumanga Daioh)

Scrooge's old boss- Nobuyuki (Tenchi Muyo)

The "Why it's Christmas Day" Kid- Anita (R.O.D.)

Extras: From Anime above as well as characters from: Sailor Moon, Mew Mew, DoReMi, Excel Saga, Nurse Witch Komugi, Galaxy Angel, Di Gi Charat and Urusei Yatsaura

Also due to some um… issues Security is: Team A: Usa (My fanfic The Rabbit and The Cat) and Ko (from same fanfic as Usa), Team B: Matt (From my fanfic Pokemon Angels) and Peter (Same fanfic as Matt)

And stage hands: Kagome (Inu-Yasha)… don't ask why, as well as the OC cast of Pokemon Angels (such a big cast) and Yuki (from my fanfic Quest of Kings)

Beauty looks at list, "Um… have you even read the original?"

I began laugh nervously.

"Anyways there's a mini-story at the end of the first chapter, Fanfic Start!" I yell out.

Nami Marley was dead… dead as door nail. And her partner in black mail… I mean business Nabiki Scrooge had to carry on the business with only Inu Cratchet to work for her.

Inu was working with some paper work while Nabiki is counting money at the office where Nabiki does business.

"Hey can we turn up the heat it's freezing in here!" yelled Inu-Yasha.

"No it cost money!" answered Nabiki.

Inu got angry he began to flex his claws "I'll show you costs money!" yelled Inu.

A voice screamed from nowhere "Sit!" and Inu was forced to the ground.

I, Beauty and Kagome was looking though the window.

"So that's why Kagome is a stage hand" said Beauty.

"That's right!" I nodded.

Back in the office, Nabiki kicks the half-demon.

"Get up lazy!" she said.

"Why you bitch! I'm taking the day-off tomorrow, after all it's Christmas!" yelled Inu.

"No, we have money to make, if not I'll dock a days pay" said Nabiki.

"But Tiny Shippo needs the money… I can't believe I had to say those words" said Inu.

"Sit!" yelled Kagome.

Once again Inu was forced to the ground, Nabiki once again began to kick him.

"Fine I'll let you take half a day, but you have to come in early. Only if you get up." said Nabiki.

"Okay…" said Inu getting up.

Inu went back to work when Nabiki's nephew Ranma came in.

"Uncle Nabiki!" said Ranma.

"Did you call me Uncle?" said Nabiki with a sweat drop.

"I think was a script mistake" said Ranma.

"Very well what do you want?" asked Nabiki.

"Well I wanted you to invite you to mine and Akane's anime party." said Ranma.

"Wait… Akane is your wife?" said Nabiki.

"Yes… I know…" said Ranma.

"She's my sister" said Nabiki.

"Not in this story, she's my wife, your only sister was my mother Kasumi" said Ranma.

"Okay I'm confused…" said Nabiki.

"Don't blame me, blame Emma!" said Ranma.

"Um... Ranma…" said Nabiki.

I threw giant mallet at Ranma's head which lands.

"At least I'm not the only one getting punished…" said Inu.

I turn to Mina who handed me the mallet "Thanks Mina."

"Any time you need a mallet tell me" said Mina who walked away.

Back in the office Ranma got the mallet of his head "So can you make it?" he asked.

"I can't have work to do." said Nabiki.

"Okay…" said Ranma.

He left… when he opened the door a buck of cold water fell on him turning him to a her.

"Hey that wan't in the script!" yelled Ranma.

"Your right!" I said, I turned around and saw a girl who kind of looks like me wearing a sky blue sailor fuku laughing.

"Ha ha Curious Ranma got his or should I say hers," said the girl.

"Hey you! Security Team A!" I said.

Usa and Ko appear with nifty security badges and begin to chase down the girl.

"Come back here!" said Ko taking out a couple throwing knives.

"You don't want to make me angry!" said Usa beginning to glow pink.

Me, Beauty, Kagome and Ranma watch the chase.

"Are you going to edit this out?" asked Ranma.

"No… the only thing I'm going to edit out is what happens in the mini-story" I said.

I took out a teakettle from pocket space pours it on Ranma who becomes a guy again.

"Just glad I don't reappear until Chapter 3" he said while leaving

Later Nabiki leaves her office, she heads home. When she gets home, the antique doorknocker that was shapes like a lion's head changed. It took the form of a young woman's face. The woman screamed "Stooge" before turning back to a lion's head. Nabiki just shook it off and went back in her house.

"Oh here's a funny story, my old house had one of those knocker and no door bell. My brother's friends always thought it was a decorative piece and wouldn't use it." I said

"That is pretty funny but I think we should get to the story" Beauty.

"You're right… hey here's another one, my neighbor had the same kind… and it was stolen by drug addicts hopping to sell it!" I said.

"…" replied Beauty.

Back in the house Nabiki was getting ready for bed, when the light began to flicker. Suddenly a young woman with orange-red hair wearing chains showed up.

"Nami… I haven't seen you since Merger of Cursed Worlds" said Nabiki.

Yuki the snow Mamodo showed up and whispered in her ear "The line is Nami… your suppose to be dead!"

"Oh right… Nami, you're supposed to be dead" said Nabiki.

Yuki left and then Nami spoke "Nabiki Scrooge! I come with a warning!" said Nami in a ghost liker way.

Nabiki began to cower "Do you really have to talk like that?" she said.

Nami shrugged "Not really…"

"So how business… Zoro still owe you money?" asked Nabiki.

"Well… I" said Nami, before she could finish her sentence I clear my throat while hitting a biog paper fan to hand in a menacing way while Beauty stand behind me.

Nami whispered, "We can talk in the after party"

I smiled and walked away with Beauty, both Nabiki and Nami sighed.

"So you came to warn me about what… and what's with those chains?" said Nabiki.

It was true she was covered in chains a lot of chains.

"Um… I think it repents my greediness I had in life… Emma didn't read the original so it's kind of hard to tell." said Nami.

"Oh…" said Nabiki.

"Any ways you're going to visited by three ghosts, one at 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM. The first one's loud, the second one gets distracted with her hat early and the third… I don't know Emma's keeping a secret" said Nami.

"Why me?" asked Nabiki.

"Well you need a lesion… it's a part of the story plus the fact how you're treating Inu then there's what you did last year…" said Nami.


Nabiki is stealing stuff, such as presents and also Christmas decorations. Ronnie is singing.

"You're a bitch Nabiki Scrooge, you are a tight wad. You are so goddamn evil, eviler than Leona, Ms. Nabiki is! You're worse than Leona Helmsley and your 3 best friends are "George", "Abe", "Ben"!" sang Ronnie.

(End Flashback)

"On little attempt at staling Christmas and I'm surrounded by ghosts" said Nabiki.

"Well you did try to steal Christmas" said Nami

"Oh… one more thing, what's the after life like?" asked Nabiki.

"It's okay… there's a shortage of chairs." said Nami.

"Oookay" said Nabiki.

There was another flicker of lights, and Nami disappeared, Nabiki sighed.

"I have to lay of the Okonomiyaki before bed" said Nabiki who headed to bed. Beauty turns to me.

"Okay… I understand you haven't read the original but what's the Grinch reverence?" Beauty.

I shrug, "winter knight's idea, in fact he wrote the song!"

"This story makes no sense!" yelled Beauty.

"Less sense than your anime?" I asked

"Well you have point…" said Beauty.

"End of the first chapter, enjoy the first mini-story!" I said.

Mini Story- Outtake "Wrong Marley Mon"

Me: Something went wrong… very wrong when I wrote this story. Here's what happened.

(The light began to flicker, and a ghost appears before Nabiki)

Nabiki: o.O What the hell?

Ghost: Lighten up mon, it Christmas.

(The ghost is the ghost of Bob Marley)

Nabiki: o.O Emma… did you change the casting at the last second?

(I show up with Beauty)

Me: No why do you… what the hell is the ghost of Bob Marley doing here?

(Nami shows covered in ropes, Beauty begins to untie Nami)

Nami: That ghost tied me up, I'm going make him pay!

Me: In berries or revenge?

Nami: Both!

(Nami take out her Clima-Tact, Sanji shows up form nowhere)

Sanji: Go Nami!

Me: This is weird… Security Team A, Team B! I need you now!

(Both teams show up)

Me: I need someone to distract Sanji since he can't hit a ghost with his kicking abilities…

Ko: Okay… I'll deal with Perv Master S! (begins to laugh evilly)

Everyone else: O.o

Me: -.-I think Usa is more fit…

(Nami uses the Clima-tact abilities, Ko is using a using a blessed sword, Peter is using Magby and Matt is using Snorunt. While Usa and Sanji is talking about gourmet cooking)

Beauty: o.O Are you going to leave it in or take this? Because this is really messed up.

Me: Maybe I'll this in as a mini-story… it will make great mini-story.

(And so they send Bob Marley's ghost back to the other world and they start all over again)

Me: and that's what happened, in the chapter, I'm glad everything worked out for the best.

Next Time: Nabiki is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past: A loud mouth ninja... What happened in her past that made that way? Contains mini story staring all your favorite mascots doing there own version of a classic Christmas Story.