Chapter 5: A Happy Ending

Nabiki opened to her window to see that it was morning. She looked down into a street and saw a young boy with pink hair.

"Hey you boy! What day is it?" said Nabiki.

"I'm a girl!" said the "Boy", she pointed to her pink hair "Name one boy in all of anime that has pink hair."

Nabiki didn't even have to think "Koby from One Piece." She replied.

The girl got a little annoyed "It's Christmas day, okay." said the girl.

"Good can you do me a favor?" said Nabiki, she took out a bag full of coins and tossed them at the girl, the girl didn't catch and it hit her in the face.

"HEY!" said the girl.

"Sorry, can you buy the biggest goo…" said Nabiki but was cut by several pieces of paper that were extremely sharp being thrown at her fortunately all of them missed her. "Hey!" said Nabiki.

"Now we're ev…" said the girl but a few rocks nearly missed her. "That's it!" said the girl.

Nabiki threw rock plus snow balls at the girl while the girl threw pieces of paper at her. It stopped when I showed up with a mega phone yelling out "Stop this right now and listen to what she said!"

"Too… loud…" said Beauty.

I sigh "Stop fighting you two, look we need ot finish this off quickly, some the cast and stage hands as well as myself are throwing a last minute party… it's not Christmas though it ironic. So Anita, buy the Goose and stop throwing paper, Nabiki, go to the stops now." I said.

"Fine" mumbled Anita, the girl.

"Okay" said Nabiki.

Both went to do their things, Beauty looked at me "What party and why wasn't I invited?" asked Beauty.

Suddenly Mina and Missy from Pokemon Angels show singing, "Woo! Woo! 4kids death nail! Woo! Woo!"

"I told you two the party's after the fanfic is over!" I yelled at them.

"Sorry…" said both.

"That explains much" said Beauty.

Back with Nabiki she was dressed and went shopping for her friend and family. She went to her news party, which was in full swing… IE: Akane was beating up Fulgore.

There was a knock on the door and Ranma opened it, and was surprised to see her aunt.

"Aunt Nabiki, what are you doing here?" asked Ranma.

"Just deiced to stop for a quick visit." said Nabiki.

She came in all the guest were surprised, "Wow, your seem different" said Tomo.

"Well it's kind of unbelievable what happened later night but I've changed my ways." said Nabiki.

"Were you visited by three ghosts last night?" asked Ichigo.

"Yes, how did you know?" asked Nabiki.

"Well, Mint told me it happened to her last year I never believed her but was it a loud mouth ninja, a girl who loved to draw on fruit and a Haunter that evolved into a Gengar when showed you your grave?" asked Ichigo.

"The first two yes, but the last one was a Duskull that evolved into a Dusclops." said Nabiki.

"Oh Aunt Nabiki I have good news…" said Ranma.

Hs anou7ment was cut off by a scream "Oh my god Onion shot his eye out!" Ranma closed the window, "Akane's pregnant!" he said cheerfully.

Nabiki was silent "WHAT? My sister is pregnant!" she screamed.

"It's part of the story! It's part of the story!" said Ranma.

"Oh… sorry, I have ot go, cognates!" said Nabiki who left ran into Shampoo running, before she said anything Nabiki handed her twenty strong flashlights.

"Wow, this should rid of problem." said Shampoo.

"Your welcome." said Nabiki.

She ran into Anita, "Hey, I got the goose you asked for."

"Okay fallow me!" said Nabiki.

She led them to the Cratchet's house. There Inu was confused.

"She wasn't there?" asked Sakura.

"Nope…" said Inu.

"Maybe she was visited by three ghosts in the night, happened Sumire said it happened to her two years ago." said Sakura.

"I also heard it happened to Mint last year." said Hibari.

"That would be funny." said Inu.

There was knock on the door and Inu opened it "Hi!" said Nabiki happily.

"You were visited by three ghosts during the night weren't you?" asked Inu.

"How did you know?" asked Nabiki.

"Happened to Sumire two years ago…" said Sakura.

"Loud mouth ninja, girl obsessed with drawing on fruit and a ghost Pokemon?" asked Nabiki.

"That's right." said Sakura.

"Weird… any ways. I will help pay for Tiny Shippo's medical bills and incase he needs a surgery I'll pay for it!" said Nabiki.

"Yay!" said Shippo.

"And also I have to admit something… I never had pictures of you and Kikyo that was a lie so you wouldn't quit." said Inu.

"WHAT!" yelled Inu.

He began to get angry, I show up and say "Sorry Nabiki, Kagome needed to cool down I say run, run like there's no tomorrow." I said.

"I will!" said Nabiki.

She began to run, being chased by one angry half demon.

"Say the line Shippo!" I said.

Shippo shrugged, "Fine" he said "May God bless everyone of us." He said.

The end.


"So who do you want get next year…" asked Naruto.

"La la la, fruit, fruit, fruit" said Suzy.

"Shuppet…" said Shuppet, who was goign to be next years ghost of Christmas yet to come (How about we not do an anime character, I hear there's a boy from an American cartoon that needs it, he lives in a place called Peach Creek)

Naruto read the notes "Fine with me!" he yelled.

The End for real.

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