Truth of A Toddler

Summary: Hermione ran away five years ago, leaving Harry in the dust. But now she's back, with a daughter and no father. What happens when her daughter finds out who the father is, but she doesn't want her to know?

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns all Harry Potter related characters, places, etc.

Chapter 1


Hermione sat down, on a chair, with a four year old sleeping on her lap. Everything had been so hectic, so crazy. It had been five years since she left Harry, the love of her life. As much as this killed her to leave him, she knew she had to. She was then pregnant, with his baby.

She sat with her daughter's head on one arm, and a piece of parchment clutched in the other. She kept reading it, over and over again. She didn't believe it; she didn't want to, that is.

Dear Ms. Hermione Granger,

We cordially invite you to the wedding of Ginevra Weasley and Harry Potter. The wedding will take place on the 20th of June, 2006. We hope you will attend.


Harry J. Potter

Ginny Weasley

Here it was, exactly three months away from the wedding. AS much as she didn't want to go, she knew she had to, she owed Ginny at least this much. Ginny was the only one that knew Hermione had a child, and knew that Harry was the father, but she told no one. Recently, Harry owled Hermione asking her if she wanted to be the maid of honor, because Ginny wanted her to be, and if she could come a few months early so they could catch up.

When Hermione received this, she was shocked that Harry wasn't mad at her, mad that she left her. It had been years since she had actually heard from him, anyone in the magical world for that matter. She decided that Ginny must have talked to him about this, and made him change his mind about being angry with her.

Suddenly, her daughter started to move. She looked a lot like Harry, there was no doubt it was his. If anyone from the magical world saw her, they would know right away it was Harry's child. This was one of the biggest reasons why she was afraid to go back into the wizarding world, she did not want Harry to find out he had a daughter. She just wanted him to forget about her because she knew this would be for the better.

She slowly picked up her daughter and rose up. She walked very smooth and slowly, trying not to wake her. She did a quick spell and the bags in front of her disappeared.

(AN-Even thought she's not in the Wizarding World, she still uses magic.)

"Mommy, where are we going?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Shh…go back to sleep. Were just going to Harry's." Hermione answered,

"Her daughter listened to her, and slowly drifted back to sleep.

"Your father," she muttered.

AN- Next chapter will be much longer. This story will definitely be hp/hg, eventually, no mater what. It might not seem like that the first few chapters, but it will.

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