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Chapter 27

First Date

"I can't believe she's out already." Harry said to Hermione, who was holding a snoozing Emily in her arms.

"It was a long day, I'm sure she was exhausted." Hermione informed him. It wasn't just a long day for Emily; it also was for the two adults too. But it was a fun day, where they got to bond together, as a family.

Harry unlocked the door to their safe haven, and they walked inside the pitch black house where they could relax from the earlier activities of the day. Hermione journeyed straight over to the stairs, getting ready to bring her daughter into her bedroom. After stepping up the first two stairs, she turned, only to come to the realization that Harry wasn't following her.

"Are you coming to tuck Emily in?" She asked. Together, they had put the little girl to sleep last night, and she was hopping it was going to become a nighttime ritual.

Using his quick thinking, Harry came up with an excuse to stay downstairs a little longer. "I'm going to go put this little guy on the counter," Harry told her, talking about Emily's new pet friend. "Then I'll be right up."


Hermione continued climbing up the stairs while Harry stared up at her, watching her every movement. Once she was out of view, Harry walked through the living room and into the kitchen door. Immediately, his jaw dropped.

The family kitchen, which they had ate breakfast at several hours before, was now turned into a romantic oasis. It was as if Harry had been transported to another place, as there was sand underneath his feet and an ocean miles away from him.

"Wonder if the door was a portkey." Harry muttered sarcastically.

But he knew it wasn't, as the kitchen table was set up in the exact same spot it was before, except now it had a romantic glow to it. Candles were placed everywhere around the room, including the table and floating high up in the air. Only one of them was lit, though, the one on the table, which indicated a small piece of paper which was laid out on Harry's dinner dish. It obviously was a letter from his partner in crime, Ron.

Dear Harry,

You know you really are a romantic sap, especially when it comes to Hermione. I did everything you asked for, encase you didn't notice the sand between your feet when you stepped inside your kitchen. The candles were my own added creation for you, like the ones that are floating up around the ceiling, like at Hogwarts. Don't tell Hermione, but I had to borrow one of her books to find the spell. Yes, for the first time, I actually did read Hogwarts, A History.

The food, I really hope I didn't burn it. I used the muggle stove, like you asked me to, but I'm not sure, when muggles cook food, is it suppose to have flames coming out of it? And it changed this disgusting color black.

Ha, kidding mate. Of course the food is fine, but I cooked it with magic, because you don't want your whole date to be spoiled only because I don't know how to cook. Reheating it would probably be a smart idea, but then again, I'm not the genius, Hermione is.

Have fun tonight mate,


P.S. Don't forget to light the other candles.

Harry pulled his wand out of his pocket and flicked it high above his head, lighting up all the candles in the midnight sky, or what looked like the dark sky. He walked over to the kitchen counter, which seemed to be further away then normal, and placed the frog on top of it.

Exiting the kitchen, Harry shook the sand out of his shoes and placed them in the living room, out of the way of the entrance. He traveled up the stairs, down the hall and into Hermione and Emily's corridors. Emily was placed flat down on a little twin-size bed, and Hermione was leaned over her, covering the little girl up to make sure she wouldn't get cold throughout the night.

"Just in time," Hermione whispered, making sure not to wake the little girl. She gave there daughter a slight kiss on the forehead, and Harry copied her movements.

"Goodnight, Emily," He whispered.

"I guess I'm going to go to bed too," Hermione told him.

"I don't think so." Harry said. "I've got a surprise for you."


"Yeah, let Emily sleep in here, come on go downstairs." Harry attached his hand in hers, and pulled her through the door, not forgetting to turn the light off on his way out. Running back downstairs, Harry stopped in front of the kitchen door.

"You may want to take your shoes off before you enter." Harry advised.

"Wow, did you actually mop the floor?" Hermione guessed.

Harry smiled at her hypothesis. "No, it has nothing to do with my chores."

"Okay, even though It would be nice if you did them every once in a while." She joked. Kicking off her shoes, she placed them next to Harry's.

Extending his other hand out, the one that wasn't holding Hermione's, Harry opened the door for her, being the gentleman that he was. Hermione walked through the door, immediately feeling her feet sink into the warm sand.

"Wow," She gasped, at the scene in front of her, not believing that Harry would so this, or do this for her. Harry led her over to the table, and they disconnected their hands.

"Harry, this is amazing."

After Hermione took a seat, Harry sat down in the chair opposite her. Candle light illuminated both their faces, and the table in front of them

"As much as I would like to take all the credit, Ron helped with it. This is all his doings." Harry admitted.

"Ron did all this?"

"Yup, I came up with the plans, and Ron did it all while we were gone at the game."

With a snap of a finger, the food hovered over to them from the countertop in the far distance, and set itself down in front of them. Light conversation about the game earlier that day floated out of their mouths, but Hermione couldn't get over what the two men had done.

"I can't believe you and Ron would go through all this trouble. I mean the food's amazing, the view's amazing."

"Your amazing," Harry finished it off, making Hermione turn several shades of red. "Want to dance?" Before she could answer, he had already taken her hand back in his, and led her out into an empty area.

Pulling her close, their hips swayed back and forth. Hermione placed her arm on his shoulder, and rested her head down against his chest. Music magically started to play and mixed together with their dance moves. Harry looked down at Hermione, and noticed tears were pooling up in her eyes.

"Hermione," His voice was calm and comforting. It had been years since they were in each others arms like that, but it still felt so perfect, so right. "I don't know what I would do without you. You've given me everything I could have ever wanted; someone to love, and someone who would love me back. You probably saved me from one of the most evil people in my life, and from the stupidest mistake I could have ever made. Most importantly, though, you gave me Emily, who's perfect, because she's a little bit of you, and a little bit of me."

Harry took a deep breath, making sure the words kept flowing. "What I'm trying to say is that I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have you in my life. I lived without you for years, and truth is, it was hell, and I don't want to go through it again. I love you Hermione, so much."

Choking back tears, Hermione responded. "I love you too."

With the tips of his fingers, Harry moved Hermione's chin up so she was directly looking into his eyes. He brought his face closer and closer to hers, they were inches away from touching. There lips touched, if only for a second, but the fire ignited in both their bodies.

It may have been the truth of a toddler that had brought them back to each other, but it was the love they shared that kept them together, not only as friends, but as lovers, and the inseparable bond shared between a family.

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"Good morning honey," Hermione said happily to her daughter, who was walking into the kitchen, waking up from her long night's sleep.

Hermione was using her muggle skills, and cooking breakfast for her family, since breakfast was supposed to be the most important meal of the day.

"Good morning Mommy, Daddy." Emily said, yawning. She pulled the chair out from underneath the table, and jumped up onto her boaster seat. Using to hands, she grasped the cup in front of her and took a drink of the delicious orange juice.

Hermione placed a pancake on the plate directly in front of Emily. "They have chocolate chips, like the way you like them."

"Yeah, they're really good Emily." Harry announced, giving Hermione a grateful smile.

Emily picked up her kid size fork and went to dive into the food when the realization sunk in. Chocolate chips; Todd was a chocolate frog. Did her mom put her new pet into her morning breakfast? She glanced around the kitchen, in desperate search for her friend. An empty cage caught her attention, and she began to worry.

"Daddy, where's Todd?"

"Who?" Harry asked, very confused.

"My frog."

"Oh yeah, he's right on the counter, I put him there last night."

Emily hopped out of her seat, and double checked inside the cage. It was empty.

"No he's not, he's missing."

"No, he's right…" Harry got up and opened the cage. "He's missing."

"Are you sure?" Hermione questioned. She placed the pan back onto the stove, and walked over to the counter.

"Where is he?" Emily quizzed, tears forming in her eyes.

"Don't worry, we'll find him." He said, reassuringly. "You go check up stairs, and mom and I will look down here."

"Okay," Emily said sadness evident in her voice. She ran out the door, in desperate search to find Todd.

Hermione smiled at the irony of the situation. "This is like the first time we met."


"Remember, I was looking for Neville's frog Trevor, and I went into your cart on the Hogwarts Express, asking you if you had seen him."

"Yeah, and I told you I hadn't, but you were amazed to meet the famous Harry Potter." Harry grinned, the memory returning to his mind.

"But now, it's not a real frog were looking for, it's a chocolate frog. And it's not Neville's frog, it's our daughter's."

"Our daughter, I like the sound of that." Harry walked in towards Hermione, and enclosed her in a hug. "Thank you for giving me the family that I always wanted." He tucked her head into his body, and gave her a kiss on the top. "I love you."

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