Well... Here I am... I told myself i wouldn't do this... I said "Steph... No more fan fiction till you finished what you've started!"

Well Crap! LOL I had an idea in my brain for this freakin awesome Show that came on (Supernatural.. Hint hint ) and i couldn't help myself. I'm a sucker for Angst/Drama and this has it.. woo!

So here goes... This will have more then this chapter... Please don't shoot me... (Adjusts her halo) and read away...

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"Sam! The torch! NOW!"

Sam Winchester tore his eyes off of his brother who at the moment was trying to hold down a screaming figure and ran to their bag of "Tricks".

They had been chasing this witch for weeks now and finally they seemed to be in a position to do away with her once and for all before she could hurt anyone else.

He just needed to get to that damn torch and light it. It was high time they burned this witch. It was the only sure way to stop her from attacking woman forever.

Sam heard his brother grunt in pain as one of the witches flailing limbs slammed him in his ribs hard.

"Hang on Dean!" Sam screamed as he struck a match.

Dean was trying to keep a firm hand on the Witch's mouth so she couldn't mutter a spell but with the lighting bolts escaping her fingertips it was making it hard to do so. Their plan of taking her by surprise was thrown out the window when they caught her in the act. They were more then lucky to have saved the young girl from a terrible fate but it wasn't looking too good right now for the brothers.

"She's wiggling free Sam!"

"Hang on!" Sam was having problems getting the torch to light. He would have given a toe to have a lighter at that moment.

The witch slammed Dean in the ribs again almost causing him to lose his grip. One more kick and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold her down anymore.

"Chill out Organa! We're just trying to help…" Dean shouted while dodging an other bolt of energy from the witch's palm. All the while he carried a Classic Dean smirk.

"Yea… Help you on a one-way ticket to hell! Don't act like you don't deserve it. All those woman you killed to keep yourself young and alive want some payback!" Dean taunted to try and at least have her focus on him and not her hysterical fighting.

One of her fists grabbed a hold of the necklace around his neck and yanked it off hard causing Dean to wince at the burn the chain left around his neck. "And I heard hell is pretty nice this time of the century!" he hissed at her.

"Dean it's not lighting!" Sam yelled in frustration.

"You're a big College guy little brother! Figure something out now!"

Sam flung the box of useless matches and scanned the witches' lair. For once he wished the bitch was brewing something. At least then there would be a fire going.

Finally his eyes saw the answer. Lying on top of their duffle bag full of weapons was a can of Armor All. It wasn't a weapon but it would certainly help light the torch. Sam let a smile escape and thanked every element possible for Dean's lack of putting things back in the right places. It looked like his older brothers obsession with his car was going to majorly help out in this case.

Sam scrambled back over to the recently tossed box of matches and tried lighting the torch again only this time he sprayed the flammable product from the can at the same time. With a few crackles and a large burst of light, parts of the torch were now blazing in his hand. It grew more and more as the flickering of flames danced over the wood.

"I got it Dean!"

"Hurry!" Dean yelled. But just as his brother got the words out of his mouth the witch caught him once more in the ribs. This was the true kneeing she had been waiting for. Dean was taken by surprise as his breath was taken from him along with his grip on her mouth.

"Shit" He gasped as he tried to get his hand back over her mouth. But now it was too late

"Welip Da Derhiem!"

Sam watched helpless as a blue light enveloped his brother.

"NO!" Sam screamed. Dropping the flaming torch, he took off running toward his older brother. He didn't know what he was going to do but he had to try something!

"Sorry little brother!" The witch hissed in her French accent. She lifted up her left hand from her still seated position and threw out an invisible force holding Sam in place and leaving him to watch the terrible fate his brother was about to endure.

"You couldn't have left me alone? I wouldn't have bothered you! For the trouble you've caused me I'll return it 100 times more!"

Dean never stopped trying to struggle out of Organa's hold but to no avail. He was at her mercy and Sam watched in Horror as his brother locked eyes with him for a brief second. The look in his eyes was something Sam feared to ever see from his big brother... With all the dangerous hunting they did he just knew someday he'd see that look.

It was a sorrowful Goodbye... And Sam just couldn't accept it.

"No Dean! NOO!"

But no amount of yelling, kicking and screaming was going to stop Organa. They met their match so it seemed and now it was going to cost the Winchester family dearly.

The witch exploded in a wicked smile as she got to her feet. And with one flick of her wrist and a muttered incantation Sam shut his eyes as Deans body was sent careening to the stone wall.

The sounds that came next would haunt him for the rest of his life. The sound of bone cracking and the thud as his brother slid to the floor played over and over in his head and it seemed like an eternity before he could open his eyes and look upon the devastation.

As he opened his tear heavy eyelids the sight in front of him sent any food he had eaten in the last several hours to his throat, making a second appearance.

The witch was gone... Leaving only himself and the shell of his older brother lying in a heap on the cold hard ground. A trail of blood was left behind on the wall behind him.

Sam collapsed to his knees and sobbed hard into his hands.

"NOO! Oh my god! I lost him!" He got out between gasps for air. "He's gone!"

Sam sat up fast and let out a choked scream. This was starting to get old. The memories in his mind trapped him every time he let his eyelids drift shut. It forced him to relive that terrible night. And each time it pained him as equally as the first time.

Sam Stood up and stretched. While wiping off the sweat that formed on his forehead from the throws of his living nightmare, he poured himself a cup of water from the pitcher in the small hotel room.

It had been a month and two weeks since that night. A month and two weeks... He honestly couldn't believe it had been that long. The first couple of weeks had dragged on but after Sam found some things to occupy his time with the days moved faster. He did some odds and ends here and there but never left the area. He didn't know where to go to be honest. Dean was better at finding jobs then he was. Plus now the only thing he wanted to do was find a trail to that witch bitch and settle a score.

After splashing some water on his face and changing his cloths he headed out to the Impala.

It still felt weird to drive it... hell to BE in it without his brother. He missed the terrible music and the bitching about his driving. Life just wasn't fair.

Sam pulled open the driver's side door and stood frozen. This was wrong. This wasn't his spot.

"I'd rather walk then drive your Impala again Dean…" He whispered as he shut the door and pocketed the keys.

Sam turned towards the road and sighed.

"Its time to leave." He said while sticking his hands in his jacket pockets and setting off down the road on foot.