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The sprinklers never went off though. Organa's remains evaporated fast in a poof of smoke leaving nothing behind but the lighter.

Now after a few minutes of staring at each other and Dean busy still flicking glass from his hair, they were back at Jenn's mothers bed ready to try and see if her condition was just like Dean's.

"You sure your ok?"

"Stop mothering me Sam. Gimmie the crystal."

"I can do this if you think you can't handle it…" Sam taunted, still holding the crystal just out of arms length from his brothers reaching fingertips.

Dean leaned foreword and finally swiped the crystal from Sam's hand forcefully while grunting at his little brother.

"Handle it... puh…" Dean muttered under his breath while Sam happily pulled the sheet of paper out of his jeans pocket.

"Jenn do you want to be here for this?"

"Yea… yea of course… hey yours wasn't so bad." She smirked towards Dean's direction.

Dean put a comforting hand on her shoulder and smiled at her before Sam unfolded the paper. Dean put the crystal in place.

Sam watched in awe as he read. This is what happened with Dean. He still couldn't believe how stupid he was for not even giving it a thought.

The reaction was instantaneous and Jenn and Sam both gasped as her mother inhaled sharply. Her eyes fluttered open and landed directly on Jenn's now tear filled eyes. The young nurse didn't know how to react at first. It took herself a few long moments before she finally scooped her mothers hand up in her own.

"Mom?" Her voice was choked with tears that turned into sobs as her mother replied back.

"… J… Jennie?"

The two brothers stepped back toward the doorway in silence, attempting an escape without causing a distraction. Once outside the doorway Dean looked up at his brother with a genuine smile.

"Well our work is done here… lets go Sammy…"

The Winchesters weren't 5 steps down the hallway when I a voice called to them from behind.

"Hey! Hey you two! Wait!"

The boys turn around at the new voice and Dean groaned at recognizing the doctor that was in charge of his care just a week ago.

"I... Can't believe it! One of the nurses tried to explain to me what she had seen but I just had to see for myself! We had wondered where you and Jennifer had gone too! You were obviously in no shape to leave this hospital that last time I saw you! I just want to ask you some questions…" She was breathless after her longwinded questions and Sam couldn't help but be amused at the uncomfortable posture of his brother.

"Questions…" he repeated. His voice was laced with a "Why Me" tone.

"Yea… I mean… you were brain dead! I tested you twice and now you are standing here talking to me! Its… it's a miracle!"

"Na… more like magic." Dean's face suddenly lit up in a smile and Sam gave a small chuckle at his brother's sudden playfulness.


"Sorry doc but I'm no lab rat. But if you are really dead set on knowing the answers, you better be prepared to have an open mind. I do believe you might want to go into that room there… an other one of your "Miracles" my have just happened again."

The doctor turned her head to Jenn's mother's room with a confused expression and had no thought in her head to respond to Dean as she watched the two brothers continue to walk out of the hospital in front of her.

Sam shook his head at Dean while they waited for the elevator. It was so good to have him back! And now that the witch was out of their hair he had time to concentrate on trying to get back the relationship they had when they were kids. He wanted that now more then anything.

They hadn't been waiting long when they heard an other shout from down the hallway. This time the person was a welcomed sight.

"Wait! Guys!!"

Sam and Dean turn to see Jenn running towards them. She didn't slow down though and headed straight for Dean's chest. Her light frame buried itself into his jacket as she hugged him tight.

"You weren't leaving without saying goodbye were you?" She sniffed back the tears she still wasn't over yet but had a smile that could light the world.

"Well you were busy." Dean commented as he patted her back, shocked that he wasn't uncomfortable with the closeness.

"Never to busy for you two. Thank you… Thank you so much…" Tears were still pouring down her face as she released Dean and grabbed for Sam who at least was ready for it. He was too tall for her to hug but since he knew it was coming he leaned down to help and embraced her back.

"You gave me my mother back… You gave me a family again. I can't thank you enough."

"We normally don't get much thanks. It's ok." Dean smiled honestly and sincerely.

"Well you should…Hey the doctors are just checking over my mom now. I wanted to catch you guys while I could. I knew you'd be leaving…"

"If you ever need us just call us… ok?" Sam said with a smile.

"Samuel I hope I never will need you… but I'll certainly call to check up on my favorite hunters."

"Don't worry about the vampires coming after you again… I have a feeling Organa may have tipped those two off anyways… but normally a nest tries to stay out of trouble. That's why they've lasted so long."

"Great Dean! Now ya got me thinking of that!"

"Aww you shouldn't be worried Jenny… you can take um! I've seen first hand!"

"I'll be sleeping with a pointy piece of wood under my pillow from now on I guess…"

Sam turned to Dean to see his expression and saw it was highly amused. He knew Dean had a bit of protection under his pillow when he slept.

"Well whatever helps you sleep at night hun…"

"Are you going to find your dad now?"

"Well we don't really know where he is but I guess we'll head back out there and keep going after the big bad…"

"Yea… there are plenty to kill it seems…" Her face turned into a grimace at the thought. "Well I'd say stop by and visit but I think as soon as they say she can I'm taking my mother away from here. Besides... we have a lot of bonding to catch up on…"

"I'd say… " Sam finally inserted something into the conversation. He didn't want to interrupt Jenn and Dean's good-bye. He just enjoyed standing back and watching with a smile.

"I want to learn more about my father… I always felt a connection with you two. I never understood why until you found out about my parents and what my father did for a "living". Maybe I'm special like you Sam… with your special dreams? Maybe... I sensed you were good."

"Jenn... I hope you have nothing special. Just be you." Sam replied. He hated his weirdness. He didn't want someone wishing it onto them selves

"I suppose you are right. Do you think Tracy will get her friends back?"

Sam and Dean looked at each other and Sam shrugged.

"I don't think so… And I think she understands that."

"She'll be fine. She seems tough." Dean said with a laugh.

"Don't worry. I'll watch out for her." Jenn added. And the boys truly believed her.

"I'm sure you will Jenn… Well... we better be going."

More tears sprung to the young nurses eyes as she jumped back in to hug Dean again. Sam smiled wide. It was adorable. They never had a little sister and Jenn was the first thing that came close to one. Dean never missed a beat at protecting her the whole time they were around each other and for some reason he could feel that feeling too. She was "family".

"I'm gonna miss you" She whispered to Dean as she rested her chin on his shoulder. Turning her head she planted a gentle kiss in his hair and pulled away. "… Big brother..." She whispered through tears and turned to Sam again … "Little brother… though I think you are older then me…"

"Yea probably by a day or two" Sam grinned and leaned down for an other quick hug.

Dean was quiet but smiled lightly at her as they watched her wave and turn to go back to her mother. Her life had changed for the better and The Winchester brothers were the reason for it.

"You ok?" Sam asked as his brother drove silently down the road, their destination at the moment completely unknown to them.

"If you ask me that one more time Sam…" Dean warned but his voice held no force… a lifeless threat.

"Gonna miss her huh?"

"Yea… we clicked… I guess… When I was around her…. She felt like you."

"Huh? And how's that?"

"Someone I need to pull out of danger all the time…" Dean laughed.

Sam punched his brother in the shoulder playfully and resumed watching the road in front of him.

"So where too?"

"Well I should probably come back with some stupid Hollywood happy ending quote like… 'Where ever the road takes us' or some shit like that. But all I got for ya is a Motel…"

"Wow... what an ending." Sam smirked.

"I need sleep! That's why Hollywood is so fake. No one sleeps! Like in 24... Jack Bauer never gets a lick of sleep... just not real."

"Jack Bauer huh?


"Didn't know you watched much primetime TV Dean but it makes sense you watch that."

"What?! The guy freakin rocks!"

"Yea I guess he does… he kinda reminds me of someone."

"Who is that?" Dean asked while merging onto a highway. Sam could obviously tell that Dean's concentration was shifted to the road and was glad for it. Dean wouldn't have liked Sam's answer anyways. Though he deserved the title."

"Eh... just someone. So… hungry?"


"I could go for a huge Cheese burger! Nice and rare! I want it mooing!" Sam's mouth watered at the idea.

"Lovely Sam… I think I'm gonna steer clear of anything that once had blood in it. I don't think I have the appetite for it… Salad… Salads don't bleed. Sounds like a plan."

"A Salad? Dean Winchester eating a salad?!"

" Ok... Fries… Fries and ice cream"

"With nice red oozing ketchup?"

"Sam…" Dean gave his little brother a stern glance at his tasteless comment but Sam knew Dean long enough to know his big brother was impressed at his jab back.

"Sorry!" Sam laughed and reached over to pop on the radio. So... lets see what's on!"

"Ah ah…" Dean went to slap Sam's hand away from the radio but Sam interrupted his action.

"NO! My turn! You let Jenn have a turn!"



"You are lucky I don't have roof racks Sammy… cause you'd be riding um."

Sam smiled playfully at his brothers attempt to threaten his younger sibling and grabbed the volume button to turn up Dave Matthews' "Ants marching". Dean's groan and the sight of his eyes rolling at the choice made Sam vow that in a couple bars... he was going to start singing along.

It felt good joking with his brother again. Everyday they got closer and closer again. He couldn't think of being without him again. They were going to stick together through all of this. Sam was going to make damn sure of it. They had a long road ahead of them but as a pair they could handle anything.

Sam sank back into the leather seats of the Impala and sighed. A silent threat running through his mind as they drove.

"Look out world… Here come the Winchester brothers!"

The End...