Ever had someone tell you that pain starts to fade away or that your heart heals as time passes? I bet that someone who told you that didn't have to live with a friend who still agonizes after the death of his best friend and blames himself for it. The pain just doesn't go away when the reminder of what happened faces you every single day, looking like death itself.

I'm talking about Jughead. The famous Forsythe P. Jones. Looking at him, I bet you wouldn't recognize him at first glance at all. It's been seven months since that awful and fateful day since it happened, seven months ago. Since Archie Andrews killed Cheryl Blossom and then committed suicide. Since he left us all forever, never to come back. Wow, look at me, getting all dramatic.

So much has changed since then. We've all started college, you know, stuff you do after high school. Betty Cooper, my best friend, got a scholarship to Brown University. Without Betty, I guess I'm a little glum. Okay, really glum. I miss her terribly. See, with all the money I have and with my popularity, I can practically buy friends. Well, the shallow ones, anyway. And Betty's the only true friend I've ever had. Obviously, she's liked something about my personality. Otherwise, she'd never have stuck by me through thick and thin while growing up. And I know it's not because of my money. Trust me, I've had friends who'd acted like complete drones and agreed with everything I did, even if it was wrong. Betty never did that. If I did something wrong, Betty would let me have it. And still stay with me.

But as much as i miss her, I bet it's nowhere as near as how much Reggie Mantle must be missing her. Him, Juggie and I enrolled in Riverdale University. I know, with my money (okay, Daddy's money), I could have gotten into any university I wanted. Maybe somewhere in France, with all those cute, hunky guys. So could Reggie. He was rich enough to move to Brown and be closer to Betty. But we didn't do that. We couldn't leave Juggie alone.

The once funny and highly annoying (to me anyway) Jughead was now a shadow of his former self. He's now turned into a complete simpleton. In the past, you couldn't see Jughead without food in his mouth. Now, I think he barely eats. In fact, I'm sure he doesn't eat at all unless someone forces him to. Juggie's always been skinny. I'd envy him for being able to eat so much without gaining so much as an ounce. I mean, come on, that is so unfair! All those expensive chocolates and truffles I could afford and never eat them without worrying about my waist line.

Um... anyway, back to Juggie. You know, it's like those anorexic girls you might come across in your lives and you can't help but turn around and look back. Same with Juggie. His eyes have sunken in and he has these hideous dark circles under his eyes. I have this really good undereye cream that works miracles but I doubt Juggie would go for that. His cheeks are pretty gaunt as well. Too gaunt.

Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but I feel that he might have taken up drugs. I repeat, I'm probably jumping to conclusions. Betty always did say that was my specialty. Reggie's now Jughead's roommate, which according to Reggie, was no easy feat. It took a lot of pulling of strings in the administrative and housing department at the university for Reggie to land Jughead as his roommate. And now that they are living together, well, let's just say Juggie isn't exactly the easiest person to live with right now.

As for me? I'm still living with my parents at our mansion. Daddy told me it would be a good experience for me if I lived on campus. But I absolutely cannot imagine living in a tiny dorm room, sharing it with some complete stranger who's probably a slob anyway. Nope. I'll take my nice, cozy room, thank you very much. Besides, I couldn't survive without Fifi, my maid, anyway.

I better get a move along. Reggie just called me a few minutes ago telling me he needs to talk to me about Juggie. He said we could meet at the cafe, which is a few blocks away from the university campus. Poor Reggiekins. I feel so sorry for him sometimes. It must be so hard living so far away from the love of your life. Betty didn't want to go to Brown at first. Reggie forced her to go, saying he wanted to see her accomplish her lifelong dream. Betty always wanted to be a writer. When Betty hesitated, Reggie told her the distance could be good for them. Like, it could be some kind of test to see whether their love is true or not. He said it would make their relationship stronger. Isn't that just darling? And before Betty left for Brown, guess what happened?

Go on, guess.

Give up?

They got engaged! Isn't that just so romantic? I thought so too.

As I turned on the engine of my Porche, I wondered what Reggie wanted to tell me.Was Juggie okay?Was he making progress? I hoped so. I haven't talked to Juggie for the past two months. Mostly because he skips classes and pretty much stay in his room all day.It's almost the end of November and I've been meaning to talk to him and ask him to my annual Christmas Eve party. I hoped everythingwas okay.

So that was the first chapter. Short, I know, but the ones after this will be longer.

Just so it doesn't get confusing, here is what I'm doing. I'm going to be writing stories in everyone's point of view. This was Veronica's and I hope I nailed it. Her way of talking and personality, I mean.

Oh, and I put up another picture on deviantARTof Archie and the gang, depicting the epilogue of Love Quadruple. I admit, it's not as good as the Betty picture I made earlier, but meh. I think the grass looks better than anything else.

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