Hi everyone :)

It really has been a while, hasn't it? Talk about a super long writer's block! Let me tell you something. I really loved writing those stories. I really enjoyed receiving reviews, both compliments and constructive criticisms. And reading all those reviews over the years, I feel a sense of pride and joy that my stories actually moved people the way they did.

To be honest, I thought people had forgotten about my stories. It has been many years since I published the last chapter of Fatal Addiction. Almost 7 years. But then I read some of the reviews and realized I was still getting a review every now and then, the latest one being in December of last year for Fatal Addictions and January of this year for Love Quadruple.

I'd love to continue Fatal Addiction on Fanfiction itself but I realize Archie Comic fiction isn't allowed here anymore and I can't risk having my stories removed or my account being shut down because of it. So I've decided to move Fatal Addiction to Deviantart. Please visit my profile to view the link to my Deviantart page. My username is the same as it is for Fanfiction: duskywhiterose.

I've decided to rewrite the story a little and change the narration while staying true to the pairing. Predominantly Veronica/Jughead and Betty/Reggie/Jason mixed in. Oh yes. There's definitely trouble in paradise. I'm working on the first chapter and it should be up in a week.

To the people who like Love Quadruple and Fatal Addiction, thank you so much for being this ridiculously patient (if you're still waiting). For those who understandably gave up on me a long time ago (I don't blame you one bit), I hope you're curious enough to want to read again :)