This story is gonna be Ayame-Tohru, written in first person. Tohru and Ayame are both probably out of character, but Tohru is going to be like that on purpose. I have her as achanged person, and I think it fits this sorry excuse of a story better than the way she is normally.

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"Ayame!" I called out his name as I awoke, sweating from the nightmare. Ayame had been killed by Akito, and it was all my fault!

I sat, still shaking from the thought. I don't want anything to happen to Ayame! I'd die without him. I love him too much...

What am I thinking! I can't be in love with Ayame! He's ten years my senior, being 27, while I'm merely 17. Life is unfair to make the man I can't stop thinking about so much older than me. But it was unfair when life stole mother from me last year. Life neglects some people, and I am one of the unlucky. I have not had the easiest life, but I also have not had the worst. Maybe I am not so unlucky after all. I have at least met Ayame and had the chance to fall in love with him. What more can I ask for without being selfish?

Rhetorical question. I know what I'd ask for. If any of the other Sohma's knew my mind were this dirty, they would send me away again.

Yes, I am the Tohru Honda they all seem to love, but I have changed so much since I met them, and once they had even thought I was unfit to live with them. Then Yuki nearly died and they brought me back. I stayed with him while he recovered, and it was then that the family decided that I should stay, but in a place away from Akito's eyes. I live with Ayame, and it is because of this that I have fallen for him.

Really, it was Akito who decided I should leave, and I was lucky to be able to leave with my memories. Yuki still loved me then, and our being forced apart was killing him. Sure we could have seen each other in school... for another month. It was time for summer break.

Anyway, back to my nightmare. It had actually started out as a good dream. Ayame was finally starting to notice my feelings, and returning them as well. Then the dream went sour, as Ayame was fixing to kiss me, Akito walked in. He saw me in Ayame's arms and jumped Ayame. He strangled my love to death, and I woke up as he was turning his rage to me.

"Tohru, are you all right? I heard you screaming as I was sitting down to some tea, and..." he stopped as I threw my arms around him. He looked down at me, clinging to him, and crying. He rested a hand on my shoulder, and smiled tenderly. We had both gotten used to him not transforming at my clumsiness, and it was this that had helped me break out of my shell. I no longer needed to worry about him becoming a snake and becoming annoyed at how often I 'accidentally' tripped into him. OK, half of them are real, but I've gotten to be less accident prone thanks to Ayame.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" he asked gently, while starting to massage my back. I nodded, and blushed as I asked my very forward request.

"Please, just hold me. It tells me that you won't leave me."

"My dear Tohru," he said lifting me up to face him, but complying with my request as well, "have you fallen for me?"

I blushed even harder. Perfect timing for him to ask. There was a very romantic feel to the air. I nodded. As I brought my eyes back to meet his, I couldn't find them. I thought for a split second it was because the room was so dark, but was answered when I found his lips upon mine. I closed my eyes and let him kiss me for so long I almost fainted from the lack of air. His lips left mine and went to my cheek.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to admit that. I wondered constantly why it was taking so long for you to fall under my spell. Why do you suppose I've always called you 'my dear little Tohru-kun,' hmm?"

I gave a small laugh.

"I've been waiting for you to fall under mine." I became very shameless again as I found his lips myself this time, and pulled him closer to me. We held each other tightly, and I knew he could feel how much I had sweated. He broke off the kiss, and looked at my flushed skin in the moonlight.

"Tohru-kun, your drenched! From your nightmare?" I nodded, and he chuckled. "Then allow me to ease your fears." he left a trail of kisses all over my face, and when we fell asleep in his arms, he laid us both down under my covers, and that was how we woke up the next morning.


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