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I slept uneasily that night, for while my dream was merely a memory, it had marked the beginning of my flee from Akito's vengeful wrath.


Yuki lay in bed, weak from blood loss. It was a miracle he was still alive after his attempted suicide. Tohru sat next to him, tears in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Yuki... it's all my fault! I've allowed myself to become corrupt, and now you suffer because of my selfishness. What do you want me to do? I swear I'll do it... whatever you need me to do... whether it's to go or stay forever, I'll do it... anything for you..." Her speech became drowned out by the beeping of the heart monitor. Yuki was taking a turn for the worse.

Around her doctors were scrambling to give him more blood. Roughly she was pushed out of the way, and a curtain was closed. She cried, pained to no extent by her deep regret. If only Yuki hadn't found that diary entry. He may never have discovered her true feelings and the charade could have continued until he'd fallen for someone else. In the entry she'd described her desires for his brother, a man he still partly hated. It had torn his heart in two, and he'd run away, found the next morning on his brother's doorstep, his wrist slashed.

As she waited in the hallway for Yuki to pull through, Akito walked silently up behind her. She never noticed until she was slammed into the wall, his hand around her neck. "It's your fault, vixen. You've killed Yuki. I sent you away before so that you'd never corrupt my family again and yet I find you still here. For the last time, get out. His memories will be erased of you, but yours will not. I want you to remember everything you've done to destroy this family and regret it until the day you die."

He threw her to the side, and silently walked away. When he turned back he found the hall empty except for the swish of her skirt at the far end as she struggled to get away.

Breathing harshly, Tohru ran from the hospital. She never stopped running until she mad it back to Shigure's house. Without a word, she stole up the stairs and packed everything she owned. She'd almost made it out of the house when Ayame stopped her, blocking her path as she tried to go out the front door.

"Ayame, please... don't try to stop me."

"I must, my dear, for you've no where to go, and you know it."

"Please, if Akito finds me here, I don't know what he'll do to Yuki..."

He took a step forward. "Yuki will be even worse off when he remembers you and finds you gone completely. Come with me. I shall keep you hidden, and safe."

She shook her head. "If you get caught with me, you'll be in just as much danger as Yuki is."

"Then let's pray we are never caught."

Ayame stood eye level with her now, at the bottom of the stairs while she remained a few up. "You needn't run forever, and I will protect you."

End Dream/Flashback

I awoke, tears running down my cheeks. Ayame had done so much for me, and I'd never know the full extent of it. Last night I did not fail to see the big bruise on his side, no doubtedly from when he went to see his brother. Yuki hated him again, now that he couldn't remember bonding with his brother. Anything that had happened when I was with them Yuki no longer remembered, so he couldn't remember partially being ona truce with Kyo, or that he'd tried to get to know his big brother. As far as he was concerned they could both drop off the face of the earth.

Every day, he would do everything he could to make me happy, even before we confessed he never allowed me to want for anything. He spoiled me, so much so that I felt undeserving everytime he'd walk in that door after a long day's work, with a smil he meant just for me.

Sighing I got up, and wiped my eyes. I didn't want to worry him. I had a full day by myself once again, and nothing to do. All of the chores had been done yesterday, and he rarely had something out of place, anyway. I hopped out of bed, grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom, intending to take a shower. Instead I heard the sizzle of a frying pan from downstairs, and went to investigate. Standing in front of the stove was Ayame, an apron around his torso, and a spatula in his hands. The sight made me drop the clothes I had took to change into.

"A-Ayame? You're home? And cooking??"

He turned, smiling like usual. "Ah, Tohru-kun! You're awake! Breakfast shall be served most promptly, now settle down at the table so that I may bring it to you. Come now, make haste!"

I did as he told, though questioningly. "What's all this about?"

"Seeing as I have the day off I wanted to take you somewhere, anyplace to free you from the confines of these walls. It has been awhile since you've seen the light of day, and i dare say you miss it."

blushing, I nodded. I did miss going outside into the garden Yuki and i had grown, laying out on the roof with Kyo, or spending the day at school or with friends. I just couldn't do those things anymore lest I be caught be Akito. "So where shall we go?"

"I have made reservations at a top notch restaurant for dinner tonight, and found a ride for the two of us to our family's hot spring. No one there shall turn you in, and the water will do you wonders."

"I'v been there before. It was very pleasant."

He dropped the spatula, and turned to me with shock in his eyes. "You have lready been there? And I was not invited? Tohru-kun, you wound me..." He allowed a mock-hurt expression to control his features.

"Its not as you think!" I said, quickly, standing up and going to him. "Momiji invited Yuki, Kyo and me all to the springs before as my white day present. Haru, too. We all just went to have fun. It was a long time ago. I believe I had only just recently met you as well, so..." I didn't know what else to say, so instead I settled for wrapping my arms around his middle.

With a smirk he wrapped his own around me and picked me up, swinging me around the kitchen. "Then we must go together soon, Tohru-kun, just the two of us."

I smiled at him warmly. "Let's."

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