On with the story!

Chapter 1: Another Fiancé

'Talking (Japanese)'

-Talking (Chinese)-

"Mind talk/thinking"

Two months before, somewhere in China

Saotome Genma and his 16 years old twin were looking around a cluster of springs with poles sticking out of each spring.

-What is this place called again?- the first half of the pair, Saotome Resha asked the guide of the place.

-Tourists, this place is called Jusenkyo. Many tragic…- the Jusenkyo guide's word was cut short by the next pair, Saotome Ranma.

'So this is the tough training spot, huh Pop? Ain't look threatening to me.' Ranma smirked at the older man beside him.

His twin sister beside him frowned. 'Don't be too sure. We hardly know this place. Sheesh Pop, you could at least buy a more readable book! I could strain my eyes and still cannot read it, even if it is Chinese.' Resha rolled her eyes.

'Err… we don't have much money.' Their father answered and quickly jumped onto one of the poles. 'You think you can beat me easily, Ranma?

Ranma smirked and also jumped onto a pole. 'Bring it on, ya old man.' The two started combating.

-Argh! What are they doing?- the guide yelled/asked Resha.

Resha rolled her eyes. -Isn't it obvious? They are gonna fight on those things.-

-Very dangerous, very dangerous- he cried.

'Nani?' –I mean, what do you mean?- Resha said hastily.

-The springs are cursed!- he answered.

-What!- Resha yelled in shock and ran towards her brother. 'Ranma, Pop, don't fall into the…'

At that precise moment, her father was punched by Ranma, accidentally knocking her into a pool before falling into one himself.

Resha surfaced and coughed. She heard a sudden scream and turned around to see a girl looking unerringly like herself emerging from another pool. 'Ran…ma?' she stopped, surprised at her own voice that was high-pitched… and small.

A fat panda came beside them, holding a signpost. 'It's me, your Pop.'

'Re…Resha? Is that you?' the girl's sapphire eyes widen. 'This had to be a bad dream.' The girl looked at herself. 'Am I… you?'

"What in seven hells…" Resha thought as she looked down at her own body.

Soun sipped his morning tea and sighed happily. It was a nice weekend morning. The sun shone warmly and the birds flew in the sky, chirping wonderful melodies. His family was sitting peacefully eating breakfast with the Saotome's family, his best friend.

Ranma was eating at full speed along with Resha. At least, she was eating gracefully but still, at top speed. It's odd to see a girl with such strange manners, good thing she is cute!

Oh well, what is more important now, he has a son-in-law to carry on the dojo of Anything Goes Martial Arts.

He had wanted a son but fate had decided that he has three daughters instead. Besides, they are really good daughters indeed. Kasumi is motherly and sweet, Nabiki is clever –not to mention sly and wicked, and Akane is a strong martial artist, caring, cute and… girly in a way.

'Oiii, Oyaji! Gimme back my fish ball!'

'Hey, you stupid Pop! Arghhh... gimme that back!'

Ranma and Resha shouted as their father, now in panda form, took their meals from them.

Panda sign: "You want it, come and get it!"

Genma leaped onto the wall and dodged their attacks. Eventually, Resha got back her meal, since her speed is undeniably fast. Ranma throw some more punches, which was counter-attack. He suddenly tripped and landed in the pool.

Another Resha came out.

'Aww man, I just bathed this morning.' Ranma-chan said in a girl's voice, which was exactly like Resha's.

Resha jumped beside the pool and gave Ranma-chan back her bowl that she managed to grab before sending their father into the sky.

'Here, I'll help you.' Resha offered her hand and she took it, still cursing under her breath.

Ah yes, Soun noted, even how tomboyish Resha is, she still love her brother more than anything and is very protective towards him. They continued to eat as if nothing had happen.

Well… this is the usual morning routine.

While eating, Nodoka suddenly spoken.

'Resha, Ranma, I have some news. My cousin, Minamino Shiori, is coming this evening with her son. Please don't wander off.'

'Sure okasan.' Resha and Ranma-chan said in unison.

'Oh my, I haven't seen her in years.' she said happily to herself mostly. She smiled.

'Who is she, okasan?' Ranma-chan asked.

'Hai, you never told us anything about your cousin, okasan.' Resha butted in.

'Oh, we were the best of friends. Her son is around your age, if I'm not mistaken. His name is Minamino Shuichi.'

'What is he like?' Akane asked curiously.

'Oh, he's a good student, the best in his school.'

'Not like somebody here.' Akane said aloud. She glanced at Ranma. His eyes twitched.

'What does that suppose to mean, Akane?' he said angrily.

'Ehhh... did I just said your name?' she asked innocently.

'Don't play innocent with me. I know you meant it by me!' Ranma growled.

'So, what's with it? He may even be better looking than you.'

'Why you uncute...'

'Ranma! Akane! Enough quarreling.' Nodoka raised her voice. They become quiet instantly.

Resha just shrugged.

'Ah, here we are.' Minamino Shiori uttered in a slightly excited voice.

Shuichi smiled at his mother and knocked on the door. The door opened to a very sweet young woman. He noted that she could be a tad older than him, probably 19, or her early 20.

'Oh my, you must be Mrs. Saotome's cousin and her son. Do come in.' She spoke in a kind voice. The both of them followed her inside.



Everyone in the living room watched as they hugged each other.

Shuichi remembered seeing Mrs. Saotome before. She is very beautiful, sweet and kind. He smiled at her and greeted her politely.

'Dozo yoroshiku, Mrs. Saotome.'

'Ah, Shuichi ne? I haven't seen you for 5 years now. My, you had grown handsomely.' She gave him a warm, motherly hug.

She introduced them both to everyone there.

'This is my husband, Saotome Genma. This is his friend; Tendo Soun, and his three daughters; Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane.'

"Idiot, Emotional –I think, Sweet, Not pretty but not ugly, and Cute!" Youko addressed them one by one.

Shuichi mentally sighed while smiling at them politely.

The three girls blush a little.

'I want to introduce you both to my twins. Ranma! Resha! They are here. Come and meet them, dears.' She said eagerly.

A boy emerged from the hallway.

He seemed about Shuichi's age, with an arrogant facial, but quite attractive. He had stunning blue eyes, black hair with a pigtail and appeared to be wearing a red silk Chinese shirt and long baggy pants.

'This is my son, Ranma.' Nodoka introduced.

Ranma nodded politely at them.

'Where's your sister, Ranma?' Nodoka slowly asked.

'She went to buy some ice, a while ago. She should be back by now.'

Just as Ranma said that, a girl hopped to the wall into the lawn just outside the house. Her head was down as she was brushing herself a little.

Shuichi could only noted that she had the same red hair as his, but in a pigtail as her brother and is a lot smaller. She was also wearing a silk Chinese shirt like Ranma except hers were blue.

'Ah, there you are Resha. Come and meet my cousin, Minamino Shiori and her son, Shuichi.' Nodoka called.

She looked up and Shuichi gazed into the most beautiful silver eyes he had ever seen in his life.

"Now that is a pretty one!" Youko voice swiftly rang in his mind.

"You should stop addressing people like that." Shuichi sighed mentally.

"Hey, that's a compliment!" Youko denied.

'Dozo yoroshiku, Mrs. Minamino, Shuichi.' She greeted suddenly in a voice that sounded... sexy, in spite of her feature that look cute, almost child-like.

"Sexy voice!" Youko stated, amused.

"Youko!" Shuichi hissed mentally.

Youko laughed in his mind.

She bowed a little and excused herself to the kitchen.

Shuichi and his mother sat down afterwards and began to chat with everyone except Kasumi and Resha who was in the kitchen.

'Shuichi, is it true you are the best student in school?' Akane questioned.

He smiled politely at her. 'I'm not that good actually. I had many excellent rivals at school.'

'Which school?' Nabiki asked curiously.

'Meiou High School.' Shiori replied.

'I heard it's a very good school.' Resha's silky-smooth voice interrupted.

She came in with a tray of tea and sat down across Shuichi.

'Resha! It's rude to intrude like that.' her mother assumed sternly.

'Sorry mom.' She turned her head and to Shuichi's surprised, looked him over.

'I heard about you. You are... very popular among students, girls mostly. You are 17, aren't you?' She asked.

'Yes.' Shuichi nodded.

'Oh, he's a year older than us, then.' Akane indicated.

Resha nodded then frowned suddenly.

'You are a good fighter?' she asked which sounded more of a statement, than a question.

She has a sense of intelligence in her silver eyes and a hint of arrogance.

"Very sure of herself." Shuichi thought.

"Arrogant." Youko corrected.

"Inherit from her brother, I guess." Shuichi notion amused.

'Not very.' Shuichi lied, giving her one of his charming smile to see her reaction.

She just nodded without the slightest interest and turned her gaze towards her brother.

"Even the Tendo's blushed when I smiled at them." Shuichi thought, for the second time amused.

Youko smirked.

Resha raised an eyebrow at her brother and he frowned a little. They seem to be speaking each other's minds. Ranma finally broke from his gaze and looked at Shuichi.

'Care to spare, Shuichi?' he asked arrogantly.

"My, my," Shuichi thought, mentally smirking along with Youko.

'I'd be honored to.' he smiled.

Half an hour later 'Wow, you're not bad at all.' Ranma said and brush away his sweat from his forehead with a towel.

'And you are really good.' Shuichi said smiling at him.

Ranma grinned and continued. 'How about a rematch...'

'The next time you came by.' Resha interrupted him suddenly.

They glared at each other for a moment and finally Ranma sighed in defeat.

'Fine! Whatever you say!'

Shuichi looked at them curiously and said, 'Can you both speak minds?'

They looked at him taken aback and Ranma burst out laughing.

'It's nothing like that. Well… let's just say it's a twin thing. We understand each other. Besides...' Resha quirked an eyebrow, smirking. 'Action speaks louder than words.' She continued.

They walked back towards the house by the lawn, Ranma still laughing.

'Stop laughing already, Ranma!' Akane said frustrated and whacked him on the back of his head.

Ranma lost his balance and fell into the fishpond.

To Shuichi's surprise, a girl, look unerringly like Resha, emerged from the pond.

'Aww man! This is the second time today. Stupid Akane!' She even sound like Resha.

Resha rolled her eyes in annoyance and helped her out.

'Don't fret. This is Ranma. He's just cursed...'

'Oh, Jusenkyo springs, isn't it?' Shuichi interrupted, suddenly remembered of a mission he went once with the Reikai Tantei(sp?).Kuwabara almost fell into one, but the Jusenkyo Guide managed to warn them.

'You know of The Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo?' Akane asked incredulously.

Shuichi regret saying that.

'I heard a lot about it.' he said quickly.

She nodded, but he detected Resha didn't buy that. Nonetheless, she didn't say anything about it.

Shuichi averted his eyes from hers and stared at Ranma-chan. He looked everything like Resha, except the fact that his eyes are still the same blue color. Ranma-chan grumbled as she went inside to change.

Just as the three went into the house, Shuichi heard his mother and Mrs. Saotome saying something barely audible, save for he's a youkai.

'Maybe it's not the right time,' his mother said nervously.

'I think we should tell them tomorrow, Shiori.' Mrs. Saotome replied.

They both stopped talking when they entered the room.

'Is something wrong?' Resha asked.

They just shook their heads timidly.

Resha narrowed her eyes in doubt, but then shrugged it off.

Shuichi and his mother had a nice dinner afterwards, which was quite normal apart from Ranma and Resha eating at maximum rate while defending their meals from their father's reach. It reminded him of Yuusuke and Kuwabara eating.

"Seriously, I can't believe she's like that." Youko said rather gingerly.

"At least she still has grace in her speed." Shuichi remarked, smirking at him.

'Done!' The twin suddenly said in unison and excused themselves.

'Please forgive their rudeness, they are always like that.' Nodoka sighed.

'It's alright.' Shuichi's mother replied.

Shuichi just beamed. They slept there for the night for they took the train home to Sarayashiki(I think that's the name of the town) the next evening.

Breakfast was just as usual. Genma tried to grab Resha's meal, but only succeeded in taking her fish.

'Gimme that back, Oyaji!' they were now fighting in the lawn.

He took a bite from her fish.

'Arghhh… my fish! You ate it!' she grabbed the fish when he tried to take another bite but suddenly they both fell into the pond.

A panda and a little girl emerged.

'Damn it! My food!' Resha-chan whines, in a cute, childish voice.

The others watched with sweatdrops on their head.

'Oh, did I told you that my twins and my husband are cursed?' Nodoka suddenly asked.

'No…' Shiori replied, still shocked.

'They fell into The Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo a few months ago. My husband fell into The Cursed Spring of A Drowned Panda; Ranma fell into The Cursed Spring of A Drowned Girl; and Resha fell into The Cursed Spring of A Drown Child.'

'Can't they be cured?' Shuichi asked.

'Naw. We just need hot water to turn us back to normal.' Ranma replied, going towards Resha-chan and Panda, still fighting beside the pool. He was carrying a kettle full of hot water and poured it onto them both.

'Arghhh…hot! Hot! TOO HOT!' Resha yelled along with her father.

Ranma grinned. 'Sorry.'

After breakfast, Resha went to the dojo for a workout with Ranma and Akane. Nodoka, Shiori and Shuichi came to watch a few minutes later.

'Resha, Ranma, there is something I need to talk about.' Nodoka interrupted.

'What is it mom?' Resha said between dodges.

'Ummm… maybe you should sit down a moment.'

Resha flipped Ranma's leg swiftly; making him fell on his back.

'Sure.' she said indifferently.

'Ittai! That hurts Resha. Sheesh, I ain't sparring with you anymore!' Ranma pouted.

Resha raised an eyebrow, smirking.

'She won't be sparring with you after this.' Nodoka spoke calmly.

Everyone turned to her in surprised.

'Resha sit down.' She continued coolly.

Everybody sat down anyway.

'Resha, I'm sorry I never tell you this before, also you too Shuichi.' She stopped, looked at her cousin a little anxious.

Shiori nodded and she carried on.

'Resha… you and Shuichi… are betrothed.'

Shuichi blinked and tried to take in what had just been said by her.

There was a very long pause, then…

'WHAT!' Resha yelled at the top of her voice.

Everyone jumped at her unexpected wrath.

'MOM! YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME!' Her face become red with fury then, turned white. She looked as if she's going to faint.


She fainted.

'Resha?' Ranma cried, trying to woke her up but she didn't move.

Her face just got paler.

"Seriously, this can't be happening…" Shuichi thought, his mind for the first time became blank.

Resha stirred and saw Ranma sitting beside her.

'Resha, you're awake.'

She sat up and rubbed her head, still can't think clearly yet. She looked around, confused then saw Shuichi at the back. She rapidly remembered what just happened and her face darken.

'Resha…I,' her mom uttered. 'I'm sorry… It was made before you were born, Shiori and I… We, we set this thing on the day you were born. Shuichi was 3 months old that time, he… he doesn't know this either.'

Resha bend down her head, so no one could see her expression.

"Why does the same thing has to happen to me?" she considered sadly.

'Resha, look at me.' her mom said.

For the first time, she didn't obey her.

Ranma was surprised when she didn't even budge.

"Resha NEVER disobey mom. Mom looked hurt but she seemed to understand why."

Nodoka continued, her tone firm. 'Resha, this is for your own good. Don't disobey me, child.'

Resha still didn't move.

'Pack your things, Resha. You will be living with them from now on.'

That did the trick.

'What?' Ranma and Resha demanded in unison.

"Mom looked surprised at my slightly harsh word but this is too much." Ranma thought.

'Mom, I'm not leaving Ranma at any cost.' Resha said angrily.

'Ranma can take care of himself, Resha. He's not a child and you cannot control him.' Nodoka sighed and put her hands on Resha's shoulder.

'I know you were never separated from your brother ever since you were born, but you must learn to let him go. He's an independent boy and you need to be independent too. Please listen to me, I'm your mother.'

Resha looked at her in the eyes and finally nodded halfheartedly.

'Yes, mom.' She said weakly.

"This REALLY can't be happening." Youko pointed.

Resha finished packing her things, which were not much by the way. She doesn't have fancy clothes with the exception of two or three that her mom insisted on buying a few weeks ago.

She sighed and looked around the dim room. She came here hardly two months ago and finally met her mom after so long… but now she needs to go away, leaving her most precious brother.

"I guess mom was right about that though. I can't be with him forever. Life needs to go on. Yet, I hardly knew this guy! My fiancé? Seriously!" she rolled her eyes.

"True, he is nice and polite… but who knows what's behind. He half-lied to us and he is a good fighter. Better than Ranma, I can tell. He's been holding back when they were fighting. That's odd. It's as if he doesn't want us to know of his real ability. Oh well, I'll get the chances, since I'm going to be living with him 24/7!" she pondered sarcastically.

Living with a guy is not actually a problem for Resha since she had been traveling all over China for 11 years with her brother and Pop. She knows how to protect herself.

Resha noted that Shuichi is handsome in a way, but then again she kept sensing an eerie aura/spirit around him since the first time she set eyes on him.

It wasn't evil but it was something close to that. It made her cautious around him.

Beside that, she doesn't and never thought about boys so seriously before, let alone having any boyfriend.

She noted that boys are usually stupid, but here in Nerima, particularly in Furinkan High School, they are exceptional.


Because they are DUMB!

First is the mad Kuno Tatewaki, and his everlasting love towards her, Akane AND Ranma girl-form, which he called as "Osage no Onna"(pigtail girl) or "Resha's Twin Sister". Resha doesn't know how many thousand times she kicked him to the sky when he tried to hug her.

Then, there are these fanatical boys all around Nerima who keep trying to ask her out.

"Really!" she pondered sarcastically.

She has no love for boys since they are so stupid, and as for girls,


She is not a lesbian. Still, sometimes she wishes she wasn't a girl. Girls are so WEAK! –Including herself that is!

The door suddenly opened to reveal Ranma.

He fiddled with his fingers.

'Err… can I come in?'

She nodded her head.

He sat down beside his twin sister.

'Umm… have you finish packing?'

She nodded again, still not saying anything.

'Err… umm…'

Resha knows Ranma very well. He's always not good at saying things especially when it comes from the heart.

She looked at her twin sadly then hugged him, burying her head in his chest.

Silently, he hugged her back. They both knew it'll be a long time before they see each other…