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Chapter 27: Friends, Lovers, or Foes?

Kurama almost choked when he heard the hat shouted Slytherin. Of all the places in the universe! Oh, Resha is so dead! His eyes darkened as he watched the Slytherin table howled and applauded like anything as Resha, smiling enchantingly; make her way down to the table. He was slightly, if possible, relieved that she sat with a group of first years.

Dumbledore raised his hands for silence. "Now, I would like to inform you some things that you must know. All students are not allowed to go into the Forbidden Forest and must not wander about the school after midnight." He paused a while so the students could drown the thoughts in. "Another important thing is that we have two new teachers for The Defense Against The Dark Arts: Professor Kinu and Professor Bara."(C-chan: It means rose, if I'm not mistaken).

Two figures stood and smiled at the students. The first person was a gorgeous man, around his middle twenties, has silky cherry-red hair and a pair of familiar amethyst eyes. Resha eyes widen in surprise.

'It can't be… Kin?' she thought, eyeing the young man.

The second person was a sexy woman, also in her middle twenties, has beautiful pale-blonde hair and even prettier eyes; golden. She has a sexy figure and her smile was dazzling. Kurama's eyes darkened when he saw her.

'Bara…' Youko whispered quietly.

Kurama sighed in his mind. 'This is not going to be good.'

Youko nodded silently and locked himself deeper in his mind.

Dumbledore cleared his throat again. "We are lucky to have two teachers this year. This is because since last year's class was… how should I put it? You hardly learn anything last year, right? So, they will help you to cover last year's lessons, which means… you will have two classes in a week for this particular subject." Groans were heard and the wise professor smiled in amusement. "Even though they look quite young, they are powerful wizards and are great masters of Defense Against The Dark Art. Now that the intros are over, and I'm sure you are all hungry after a long journey, so… let the feast begins!" In a blink of an eye, the tables were full of food and everyone dug in. Resha ate her food quietly, still surprised at Kinu's appearance so suddenly. Kurama was also eating very little, feeling upset to see that someone… Bara

After the feast, everyone was ushered into their dorms, getting ready for bed. As everyone filed out of the hall, Resha made her way to the teacher's table, feeling surprisingly hesitant, wondering if Kinu still hates her.

"Kin… Prof. Kinu?" she asked uncertainly.

Kinu, who was talking to Bara, turned towards the source of the voice. "Resha! What a pleasant surprise. How are you?" he smiled happily, unexpectedly hugging her.

Resha didn't answer, astounded, then she looked up at him. "You… aren't mad at me anymore?" she asked doubtfully.

Kinu grinned. "Of course not, love. I could never be angry with you for so long." His sweet tone changed suddenly. "And what is he doing here?"

Resha turned to her side as Kurama stepped beside her. The two foxes exchanged glares. Resha sweatdropped.

"Kin, I mean… Prof. Kinu"

"Just Kin" he objected her without breaking his glare.

"Oh well, Kin." Her eyes turned suddenly sad. Both Kinu and Kurama noticed this and broke their glares, looking at her. Anou… where is your tail and fox ears? she cried upset.

Kurama and Kinu sweatdropped. Well… I use a spell to turn myself human. Do ya think they'll let me be a teacher as a youkai?

She shook her head though still upset. But your ears and tail… she whined.

'Her and her obsession of foxes.' Kinu and Kurama thought in unison.

"Mind if I join you?" Bara smiled at them sweetly and stepped beside Kinu. Resha looked in between them.

"Are you two together?" she asked.

Bara smiled. "Yes. And you two?" she asked, eyeing Kurama the most.

"No" Resha said at the same time as Kurama said the opposite. "Yes" They glared at each other for a split second.

"How cute" Bara chuckled.

Kurama eyed her darkly. "Excuse us, but we better get to our dorms now. Goodnight" he said in a manner that showed the slightest respect. He turned around and Resha followed him. When they were out of the hall, Resha grasped Kurama's hand, and took him into an empty room nearby.

"What's wrong?" she asked uncomfortably, looking at him.

"You're asking me that? You should know yourself." He sounded hurt… badly.

"I'm sorry" she said quietly. "It just… please Kurama, I..." She looked at him desperately.

Kurama sighed heavily, and then he cupped her face tenderly. "Resha, don't you trust me?" he asked softly, looking straight into her eyes. She nodded. "I love you, and there's nothing you could do can change that. I love mother, I love all my friends, I love my new family and I love you too. There are many kinds of love, but in a way, they are all the same. We need love in our life just as we need air to breathe. You're not alone, Resha, and you're not lonely. There's always people who loves you and will always do, and you're never short of it. You have Ranma, you have friends, family, even Kinu.., everybody loves you and they won't leave you alone either." He smiled gently, stroking her face. "Loving me won't change anything. You didn't live for 300 years the way I do. Yes, there are many painful things in life, and you had only experienced a glimpse of it." He said sadly.

"Prof. Bara… is she a part of your past life?" She was stunned to see pain in his eyes.

"She was the reason I died in the first place. She betrayed my trust, and my love." He added quietly.

"What if I do the same thing?" Resha raised an eyebrow.

Kurama smiled a little. "I don't believe you."

She smiled back then sighed, looking down. "I don't believe it either. I don't wanna hurt anyone… whether you, or me myself." She said weakly.

Kurama leaned a little and kissed her lovingly. When he pulled away, he smiled gently. Resha smiled back and hugged him, a small tear made its way down her cheek. Ranma's pleas rang in her mind. 'I trust him. I should open up to him, give him a chance… give myself a chance. Ranma is right, I am the one who's denying, and I don't trust my own feelings, baka…' she wiped the tear away and broke the hug.

"Kurama, what did Bara did to you?"

Kurama was quiet for a while. "It's a long story." He sighed finally.

"Make it short, then." She pouted. Kurama smiled.

"Well, we met when I was Youko of course; about a thousand years ago when I was around the age of 300. I went to rob a wealthy fox kingdom and I met her there. She was a thief also and a fox, I was fascinated with her skill especially as she's a female and I asked her to join me. She agreed and in no time we became… really close. She knows many things about me, my secrets, my strengths.., and my weakness. I thought she really love me but… she betrayed me instead. She became insatiable of the powers I possess, envious of how infamous I am, and she thought, if she killed me, she will be the legendary youkai that killed the great Youko Kurama since nobody had ever touch a single hair on my body." Kurama paused, and when he continued, his voice was bitter. "She teamed up with an S-class youkai to kill me. She lured me to where the other youkai was and she teamed up with him and attacked me."

"You fought back, didn't you?" Resha asked, not believing if he did the opposite.

"I did of course. But she had poisoned me before the fight so they had the upper hand. I was wounded badly and I had to run away to Ningenkai. They followed me but I managed to put a spell with the last strength in my body. The youki was weak so I could only manage to set my life force in an infant of a human, leaping a thousand years of lifetime. That is how Minamino Shuichi was born." He smiled lamely.

"Then, if you were still alive since that time, you would be like… 1300 years old?" she asked incredulously. He smiled and nodded. "But that means, that means, Bara is somewhere above a thousand years old!" Kurama nodded.

"Weird, she looks so young. I envy her beauty." She muttered.

Kurama snorted in disgust. "Oh please, you are a thousand times prettier than her any day!"

Resha smirked. "How sweet of you to say that." She mocked.

"Of course. I'm always sweet." He smirked back and leaned until his lips almost touched hers. "Mmm… but you taste sweeter." He teased slyly.

Resha felt her cheeks suddenly burned and her heart beat rapidly. She pushed him away but Kurama was faster. A millisecond later she was in his arms, kissing him back passionately. She run her fingers through his short hair and he gave a sudden short growl.

"I wish we're home." He sighed, nuzzling her neck.

Resha blinked in slight confusion before it drown to her what he was meaning. "Huh, why you pervert!" she pushed him away teasingly. He blinked.

"What do you mean pervert? It's not like you don't want the same thing." He frowned.

Resha blushed but then said, "Nothing is going to happen unless we're married."

Kurama shrugged. "We will. Mother certainly will make sure of that."

Resha sighed. "I have to agree on that. Well, we should go now. I'll see you tomorrow."

Kurama nodded. "Goodnight then."

After that, they went to their own towers.

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