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After all these years…

It's been a long day for Sakura, training all day with Ino without resting. She didn't want to stop, because if she did, she'll start to think about him again.

"Sakura, I'm tired. Can't we take a break for a while? I'll treat you ramen. Please. All this training is bad for my skin you know."

"Fine…" Sakura sighed, wiping away the sweat on her forehead. "I am kind of hungry."

While walking towards Ichiraku, the two girls passed by the Gates of Konoha, it was the place where she last saw him 5 years ago…

Five years, it's been so long since Sasuke left Konoha. All these years Sakura had been training hard under Tsunade since he left. Now, as expected, she was one of the best medical ninja in Konoha, just behind Shizune.

Sakura was so lost in thought that she didn't even notice that they have arrived. They both sat at their usual seat, both girls ordered plain ramen.

"Sakura Tomorrow is your 18th birthday, right?" Ino asked as their ramen was served. She took a pair of chopsticks and started eating.

"" Sakura thanked the owner for the ramen and also started eating.

"Well, I think we should have a party!" Ino almost yelled in excitement.

Sakura rolled her eyes at her bestfriend. "Ino, you know I really don't like parties. They're pretty much pointless."

"I know but it's your-"

"Ino!" Sakura placed her chopsticks down and glared at the blond. "Eight teen or not, I don't want to celebrate it!"

Ino stared shocked. She didn't expect that Sakura would burst like this, usually when ever they talk about it, Sakura would just shrugged it off.

Sakura noticed her friends shocked face. She shook her head. "Umm.. Sorry Ino I didn't know what came over me. I guess I'm just in a really bad mood."

"It's fine Sakura." Ino smiled. "I understand."

Then there was a moment of silence between the two as they resumed eating before Ino spoke again.


"Hmm..?" Sakura replied not looking up from what she was eating.

"You know you've changed a lot these past few years." Ino stopped eating and stared intently on the girl beside her.

Sakura raised a brow and looked at Ino. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I know you don't really like bringing this topic up, but ever since Sasuke left all those years ago and the sudden death of your parents you have become, I don't know, a little distant to us..." Ino sighed. "I hope you didn't take that negatively. I just… kind of missed the you before."

The pink kunoichi frowned. Maybe she was being too cold to her friends lately. The death of her parents was a really blow on her. It hurt so much that every time she's reminded of that night, her whole body shakes. Sasuke on the other hand was a different issue. She just couldn't get over him. She tried thinking and making her self believe that he's dead just to forget about him, but still, over the years, she can't stop thinking about him. He was after all, her very first love, her one true love. Maybe the saying was true, true love never dies…

Sakura smiled bitterely as the memories of Sasuke came back to her…

"Sasuke-kun! Please don't leave me! Please stay! Even if you don't want to stay at least take me with you!" She felt the tears flow down, her vision a bit blurry as she begged for her love to stay.

"Sakura this is going to be dangerous" He never once glanced at her.

"I know, but if your going to leave me-"

"Sakura, you're being annoying. You'll just die if you-"

"No!" Sakura grabbed his arm.

"You'll just be a burden to me..."

"I'll do any thing, Sasuke-"

"Thank you"

Sasuke suddenly appeared behind her, she felt a blow at the back of her neck. "Sasu-"

"Sakura…" Ino started shaking the dazed girl. "Sakura!"

Sakura blinked at stared at Ino. "What?"

"You were spacing out." Ino frowned. "Are you ok?"

"Ah, I'm fine Ino… just tired. Maybe I'll head back first. Thanks for the meal though." Sakura forced a smile to her bestfriend."

"If you say so."

Sakura hugged the girl before standing up and leave the restaurant. She ran straight to her apartment and locked the doors. Panting, she slowly went to her bed and flopped down on it. Remembering the past really hurts. After all the sorrows and pains she suffered all these years, it all comes down to one thing, she still love that bastard.

All her friends were happy now, everyone moved on. Naruto after training with Jiraiya has become one of the best ninja in Konoha despite his genin status. Though his vow to her that he'll get Sasuke back still stand, Sakura felt that he'll slowly forget about it since he's happy with Hinata now. Ino moved on and forgot about Sasuke easily, talk about fighting with your best friend all these years then eventually you learn that her love for Sasuke wasn't really deep. She still manages the flowershop, and she's going out with Shikamaru now.

She closed her eyes and hugged a pillow trying to erase these things from her head. There was no used in getting upset that her friends has moved on and was now leading a normal and happy life while she was still left in the dark.

After a few moments of silence, she fell asleep crying.

"Stop! Please Stop! NO!" Sakura yelled. Her whole body shook as she hold the kunai in her hand. She pointed it to the man in front of her. The man who just killed her parent a moment ago.

She couldn't see the face, all she know that he was stronger than her. She already used all of her chakra to defeat hi, but it was no use.

The man inched closer to her. A wicked smile was plastered on his face. He was definitely enjoying this. He was definitely going to kill her.

"NO!" Sakura screamed as she woke up.

It's the same dream again. The nightmare that has been hunting her for three years. It was the night that her parents were murdered brutally. Everything about her life changed that day. It was like a double slap for her. She first lost the person she loves, then after a few years her parents. Why was life not fair to her? She leaned back on the wall beside her bed and remembered that fateful day.

Sakura opened her eyes and saw a white light. She squinted as her eyes adjust to the sudden exposure to brightness.

"Sakura-chan?" A blond boy looked at her uncomfortable. "Finally, you're awake now." A grin was platered on his face.

"Naruto..?" Feeling a little dizzy, Sakura tried to sit up… "Where am I?" she continued.

"Your in the hospital Sakura-chan, you've been in a coma for a month! I was so scared that you wouldn't wake up! I just came back from training with the old pervert when they old me you were here!" Naruto practically yelled each word.

Sakura stared at the boy. Coma? She was in comatose for a month? What happened? She felt her head hurt remembering the details. Her parents was…

"My parents! What happened to them, are they alright?" Sakura yelled which made the blond boy stop his rambling.

Just before Naruto could answer, Tsunade entered the room.

"Sakura." Tsunade nodded at the girl. "When I heard this boy yell from across the hall I know you've finally woke up." The Hokage smiled at her apprentice.

"Hokage-sama , my parents where are they?" Sakura grabbed the older woman's arm. "What happened to them?"

"I'm sorry to say." Tsunade looked away from Sakura's gaze. "We were too late. They were already gone when we arrived. We tried our best…"

"No!" Sakura burst into tears. She buried her face in her hands, sobbing loudly.

Naruto bit his lower lip, feeling the heavy burden his team mate was feeling. He looked at Tsunade who just motioned for him to leave them alone for awhile. He nodded and placed a hand on Sakura's shoulder, muttering that he'll be back later before leaving.

After hearing the door closed, Tsunade sat beside Sakura. She tried to calm the girl down. After a few moments, Tsunade continued.

"Sakura, I have to tell you something, I really think you should know this…"

"What is it Hokage-sama?" She said trying to wipe away the tears.

"I know, this would be hard to take since, your parents just passed way but this had been troubling me for a long time, at first I thought it was only a coincidence, but after all that happened, we researched and had clarified that your family is really a part of the Hazumi Clan."

"Hazumi Clan? But we're just…" Sakura showed a very confused face. Her family just lived in a small apartment with no other relatives. Her mom and dad told her that they all died in an accident years before she was born. Her even said that she should be very proud of her hair, as it was the same as her grandmother. Did all those talk mean something? Was it a hint for her to know that she was part of a clan?

"Hazumi Clan was a small clan in cloud village, it wasn't a very popular clan, not every one knows about it. This clan doesn't have any special bloodline limit but they have fabulous skill in molding Chakra, also they have what we so called INNER SELVES."

"Inner Selves?"Sakura tighten her grab on the blanket.

"Yes, they have dual personality and regularly what is on the outside is the opposite on what's inside… it's pretty complicated, but it helps the clan in a lot of things we still don't know of ." Tsunade paused to see if the girl was listening before continuing. "Your clan… I mean the Hazumi Clan was wiped off 23 years ago by a certain clan, the Orashiwa Clan…no one knows why they did it, but the word was that some one paid them to do it. After a few years, there was a rumor that a certain member of the clan survived. No one knows the details, but as far as I have heard, the man was on a secret mission for the clan outside the country when the killing happened. After we, studied the bodies for you parents. We learned that they guy who was spared his life from the massacre was no other than your father."

Sakura got up on her feet and headed to the bathroom. She faced the mirror, she started to brush her hair, her hair grew back to its original length, but she never let it loose… everyday before she leaves the house she would braid it.

She gazed at herself in the mirror; she had grown into a fine woman. A lot of guys have tried to date her, but none of them won her heart.

Sakura stood up and left her apartment after finishing braiding her hair. She started walking towards the hill where Team 7 used to train. Every night that the nightmares hunt her, walking around Konoha somehow calms her down.

As the wind blew past her, she closed her eyes, trying to remember what happened next.

"My dad?"

"Hai, based on the records, your dad and you have a different level of chakra concentration compare to a high level ninja here in Konoha. We traced a few records of the clan and saw that pink is a certain hair color that they have. And usually, only the heads of the clan has that color." Tsunade smiled at the girl. "We don't know if you have an Innerself like what the old records told us about the clan, you yourself are the only person who can testify to that. I guessed your father changed your surname to Haruno to hide and protect his family. But if you think about it, Hazumi means Spring, which is also the same meaning of Haru in your surname Haruno. I just wished I knew this before. We could have protected your family that way."

"That's why he once told me that he didn't want me to be a ninja" Sakura started crying again. "He wanted to protect and hide me from those people who did this to our family. Why didn't I listen?"

"He just you to be safe Sakura…he didn't want you to be in danger" Tsunade tried to soothe the crying kunoichi.

"He's life must have been a living hell of a life, just like- just like Sasuke-kun…"

Sakura opened her eyes, trying to push back the tears. She stared at the sky and saw the sun slowly rising up. It was beautiful. She smiled as she felt light.

"Maybe this day isn't going to be so bad after all."She muttered to herself. "Maybe Ino is right, I should celebrate my birthday today, After all, I'm eight teen today." She slowly walked down the hill, appreciating the view around her. It wasn't just her birthday, it was also the Sakura no Hana festival. Everyone was preparing for the festival. She decided to stop pitying her self and enjoy life.

When she was about to pass the usual training ground, something caught Sakura's attention, no rather than something it was some one… a guy is lying in the middle of the field. Who ever that guy was Sakura was very sure that the guy is heavenly beaten. Sakura, being a medical nin, rushed over to where the guy was. As she was just a few steps away, the guy seemed familiar to her. He has a long body, which means he was quite tall, his body was badly wounded but it was in a great shape, and he has raven hair. Raven hair? Sakura dashed faster and saw the symbol on his clothes.

"Sasuke-kun?" she softly said, feeling that everything was just an illusion. She slowly touched his face. He felt warm and real.

"SASUKE-KUN!" Finally yelled and hugged the boy. He was back.

End chapter

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