Author's Notes: Okay... This is probably my weirdest fic yet, and that's saying something. It's something that came about after one drawing a friend of mine did, of Chazz as a Raichu Pokemorph (anthropomorphic Pokemon). We started babbling about what everyone else would be, and soon the plotbunnies started breeding. Yeah, zomg furries.

So, essentially, the premise is that everyone is a Pokemorph and that at school, instead of some card game, they fight each other with their moves and powers. I incorporate a lot of Pokemon mechanics into this fic -- evolution, types, powers, berries and stuff, so it helps to be pretty familiar with the series or the games through Ruby and Sapphire. I don't watch the Pokemon anime much, so I may have different interpretations of how some moves and things look or work.

I'm also taking some artistic liberties with the GX characters. I know that Alexis and Chazz are supposed to be first year students like Jaden and Sy, but they seem way too familiar with the campus and already seem to be established. So I'd say they're second year or so. I'm also going to stick to dub names and speech patterns, as per usual, but things from the Japanese version might creep in here and there. And since this is about as alternate universe as you can get, some of them have slightly altered back-stories, but I try to remain true to the spirit of the original whenever I can.

The chapter titles are my homage to the goofy Japanese episode titles, since I'm basing episodes on the summaries for the Japanese series. A good chunk of chapters will be based on episodes, but the story will veer away from the canon in some parts, just to keep things interesting.

If it seems like the characters are making strange noises, it's because a lot of their onomatopoeia is a mutilation of their species name. XD;

Please check my profile for art, Shia and I have been doodling stuff nonstop for this and you reaaaally need to have a visual reference for these guys. We have a lot more than is posted, too, but I'm still working on a site for it all.

Quick run-down of who's who:
Jaden Yuki (Juudai Yuki) -- a Venonat. Yeah, a Venonat. Why? Well... Because they look so much like Kuriboh. That's it, really, but somehow it ended up working really well for him. He's not some cool or awesome type, just a regular, average kind of monster that most people would underestimate and overlook.
Syris Truesdale (Shou Marafuji) -- an Eevee.
Chazz Princeton (Jun Manjoume) -- a Raichu, the one that started it all. XD His Ojamas and other spirit friends have been replaced, too, you'll see.
Alexis Rhodes (Asuka Tenjoin) -- a Gardevoir, a third generation psychic type.
Zane Truesdale (Ryou Marafuji) -- an Umbreon.
Chumley Huffington (Maedo Hayato) -- a Snorlax.
Bastion Misawa (Daichi Misawa) -- a Porygon, because they seem so... mathematical.
Dr. Banner (Daitokuji-Sensei) -- a Persian. He also has a nonmorphic (regular monster) Meowth. They exist in the world too, as animals and critters and stuff. I hope things don't get too confusing.
Dr. Crowler (Chronos de Medici) -- a freak male Jynx, because dude, they already come with big purple lips, blonde hair and uniforms.

Genre: This is actually not going to be a straight up romance fic. I've been wanting to do a shonen-style story for a long time, and so like the original, this fic will have more about battles and adventure than fluff. But it will be there, oh yes. Whether it becomes official or just insinuation and subtext, we'll see.

Jaden x Syrus
Zane x Alexis
And any others that might strike me along the way.

Warnings: Since I'm a Jaden x Sy fanatic, there will be shounen-ai in this story, or at least strong hints of it. There's also going to be a considerable amount of violence since this is Pokemon and all, but it shouldn't get serious that often. I'll probably keep the alcohol and swearing and stuff they cut out of the original in, too.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Pokemon, or any of the characters or concepts or species or whatever. Those belong to Konami, 4kids, Viz, Creatures Inc, Nintendo, etc.

Turn 1

A Test of Destiny! Fierce Fire from Within

"Naaa... Stupid train! Not my fault I overslept -- hey, where am I?"

Oversized talons dug into the earth and skidded to a halt. They rose up onto their tip toes.

"Aw man, which way is it...?"

A breeze tousled purple bangs into Jaden's face. His antennae uncurled to their full height, bobbing in the wind. The Venonat screwed up his face in concentration, honing in on some kind of mysterious buggy instinct. His antennae stopped swaying and pointed north.

"Thataway!" Jaden announced to the trees, frightening a few Spearows into flight, and sped off in the new direction.

"Sheesh, why'd they put Kaibaland in the middle of nowhere? Unless I got off at the wrong stop..." he wondered, muttering as he hopped a fence.

His keen eyes scanned the horizon, and spotted a gigantic sign with a stylized 'KC' on it. Trademark fins and a curled tail marked the letters as the Kaibacorp logo. He grinned victoriously and ran with renewed determination.

Eventually, Jaden's feet brought him to a main road and he broke into a full gallop, antennae and coat tails whipping behind him. He passed a few other late would-be students, and left them coughing and confused in his dusty wake.

"No way am I gonna let a little tardiness get in the way of -- oof!"

Jaden had been so focused on the looming form of the exam building that he had failed to notice a particular pedestrian. He ran square into a tall Pidgeot's black-clad chest.

The Venonat fell back on his rear and rubbed his head. "Uh... whoops. Sorry, dude!"

The stoic-faced bird seemed far less worse for wear, and the corner of the stranger's beak became a slight smile. "In a hurry?" the Pidgeot's deep voice wondered, an amused chuckle threatening.

"Yeah, I gotta get to my test and I woke up late and then I couldn't find my way and oh man, if I don't get there in time I'll never get into Battle Academy!" Jaden sputtered, hurriedly getting to his feet.

"I think you'll make it," the Pidgeot tilted his head knowingly, multicolored hair sweeping back into the wind. "Hmm... Here, have this. I have a feeling it belongs with you."

The stranger produced a small TM ball from somewhere and offered it to Jaden. The Venonat blinked and took it, looking it over. "Wow, um, thanks..."

"Good luck."

"Yeah, I -- Hey, wait a minute, aren't you--" But when Jaden lifted his head, the bird was gone. A quick glance behind him told him the stranger had not walked on, and he even glanced up to see if he had flown off, but there were no signs of him. Jaden frowned, puzzled, but the mystery was forgotten when he saw a clock hanging on the entrance to the school. "Naaa! Two minutes late!"

The entrance doors started to close, and Jaden leaped headlong between them. "Wait! Don't close yet, I gotta take my test!"

Ignoring the protests of the registration officials, he scrambled through the entrance and grimaced when he saw the test area. Battle trials were already well under way. He did his best to be discrete as he climbed up the stairs of the stadium seating that surrounded the arena. As frantic as he was, though, he couldn't help stop and let out an impressed whistle when a Porygon nearly blasted his examiner through the roof with Zap Cannon.

Elsewhere in the audience, a Skarmory and a Seviper sat beside a lounging Raichu. They all wore the uniforms of the elite Articuno dorm.

"That kid Bastion is one of the best so far," the Skarmory noted. "He has a pretty good Zap Cannon... Whaddya think, Ch -- Thunder?"

"Do you honestly think I'm worried about some pixelated freak?" the Raichu smirked, narrowing his eyes at the spectacle. He lifted his hand and pointed at the ceiling, electricity crackling around his outstretched finger.

A loud crack of thunder rumbled outside, startling everyone else in the stadium.

"No normal-type is going to take my title as the King of Thunder," the Electric-type brought his hand back under his head, resting his chin on it. The Raichu's fin-like ears laid back in smug self-satisfaction. His companions were silenced.

"That's weird, I coulda sworn it was clear outside," Jaden blinked at the ceiling, then looked for someplace to sit. There was an empty seat beside an anxious looking little Eevee with blue hair and glasses. Jaden slid into the chair like he owned it.

"So, what's going on?" The Venonat inquired, and the Eevee yelped in surprise, long ears drooping back over his shoulders.

"Haha, did I scare ya? Sorry, pal," Jaden grinned, leaning back in his seat and putting his feet on the back of the chair in front of him.

"I-I, um, they're holding the field test part of the entrance exams..." the Eevee answered tentatively, looking up at Jaden briefly before returning his gaze to the fights, "Some of these guys look pretty tough... oh man, I knew I should have studied harder, I just barely managed to keep from fainting..."

"Aw, I'm sure you did fine," Jaden assured him sincerely, "Just think positive! That's what I do."

"Heh, right," the Eevee's tail curled around his feet in obvious nervousness, "Oh, sorry, I'm Syrus."

"Na? Oh yeah," Jaden grinned a sheepish, fanged grin, "I'm Jaden. Chin up, Sy, just be glad it's over and done with!"

"I just hope I'm not over and done with, too," Syrus mumbled and sank back into his seat. His glasses threatened to fall off the end of his nose when he hung his head.

Jaden frowned and looked back at the arena. It had been divided into several areas so the teachers could test multiple students. The would-be students' poorly aimed blasts and attacks took out more of their fellow test-takers than teachers, and terrorized spectators sitting in the lower seats. Jaden tried to gauge his potential competition, but he had forgotten to study, so the names of most attacks and type vulnerabilities escaped him.

"Hey, who's that?" Jaden wondered aloud and pointed to an adult Jynx dressed in the uniform of a teacher.

"I think that's Dr. Crowler," Syrus followed Jaden's hand and squinted, "She... he... uh... is an upperclassmen teacher or something. I thought all Jynx were female, but he sounds like a guy... I dunno what he is."

"Scary, I'd say," Jaden stuck his tongue out between his fangs, and Syrus suppressed a giggle.

Around the arena, examiners either finished off their pupils or were finished off by them, and a Chansey nurse carted off the fallen to a Center. Soon, Dr. Crowler stepped into the middle of the cleared arena and held up a megaphone.

"Entrance exams for the 2015 Battle Academy semester are now over. You'll be receiving your results shortly--"

Jaden stood up and started to protest, but someone ran out to where Dr. Crowler stood in the arena and interrupted him before Jaden could. Crowler listened as was whispered something, but looked none too pleased with what he heard.

"I don't care if there's one more registrant left, time is --" Crowler noticed he still held the megaphone up and quickly lowered it to argue. But the interloper produced a cell phone and handed it to Crowler, whose expression changed rapidly.

"Chancellor! Well, I -- ... yes, one more left, but -- I know, but... oh, fine! I'll test him myself! Jyyy..." Crowler growled and snapped the phone shut, tossing his blond hair back. He lifted the megaphone back up to his purple lips. "There's going to be one more exam, and that's it! Candidate 110, get down here!"

"That's me!" Jaden leapt out of his chair and sped down the stairs. He jumped over the last section of stairs and skidded into the arena, kicking up dust and striking a pose full of bravado. "I'm ready for anything!"

"A Venonat?" the Jynx looked down at Jaden incredulously, then smirked to himself. "This won't take long at all."

In the stands, a few people who had started to leave sat back down. Crowler hadn't tested any of the other examinees himself, for good reason. The Jynx's gender may have been questioned, but his prowess in battle was not. Though the teacher was the butt of many jokes throughout the three dorms, no one dared say anything to his face for fear of having something vital frozen and broken off.

"Hey, looks like some bug is gonna get squashed by Crowler," the Seviper hissed, and the Raichu looked back at the arena.

"Well, I suppose that's worth staying for," he sank back down into his seat and leaned back to watch the show.

Crowler pulled his white gloves on tightly. "I assume you know the rules -- declare all special attacks, official moves only, no power up items, no berries or potions," the teacher listed forbidden items off and straightened the lace at his throat. "If you do have any of those on your person, you are immediately disqualified."

"Nope! It's just me, Jaden Yuki!" Jaden introduced himself and pointed to his puffed out chest with his thumb. "You ready, mister?"

"Doctor!" Crowler shrilled, face falling into a terrifying scowl.

Jaden recoiled and held up his arms. "Hey, at least tell me the battle's started before using Scary Face! Veeiigh..."

"I am not -- jh! Fine, you asked for it! Begin!"

The Jynx launched himself at the Venonat, intent on sending him flying with an enraged Pound attack. Jaden managed to dodge at the last minute, leaping to one side. He hit the ground running and changed direction, leaning down into a charge.

Crowler tried to stop in time, but Jaden ran headlong into his side and tackled him. The crowd 'ooh'd in unison, since most of them had written off the bug without a second thought.

"That's not a bad opening move," a Gardevoir hovering far up in the stands observed, and turned to her companion. But the Umbreon was silent, watching the battle with an indifferent expression.

"Ho-yeah! I got 'im!" Jaden got up and gloated, basking in the hoots of the crowd and raising his hands in double victory signs.

"Nnnnnyx..." Crowler hissed through his teeth and stood up, brushing off his uniform and straightening his hair. He silently strode up to the Venonat's back and clamped a cold hand down on the bug's shoulder.

"Na?" Jaden had no time to react before he was spun around and attacked with a merciless Double Slap.

"Ow! Ow!" Jaden flinched and tried to wriggle away, but Crowler had a strong grip and an even stronger backhand. At this rate, he was going to black out before he even got another move in. Out of options, he tilted his head far back out of slapping range and did the first thing that came to mind.

"Supersonic!" He whistled.

Well, not quite a whistle, but a sharp, high-pitched, buzzing drone that cut through the air of the stadium. Spectators winced and covered their ears, and those that hadn't blocked it out quickly enough blinked and looked around in sudden confusion. Crowler was forced to let go of Jaden before he went deaf, clutching the sides of his head.

Eventually, Jaden ran out of air and stumbled back, rubbing his sore cheek. Crowler glared venomously at him, but grinned and straightened up as soon as Jaden went quiet.

"Supersonic? Please, do you realize how hard it is to confuse a Psychic type?" Crowler sneered and loomed over the cornered bug. Jaden gulped and looked around the arena.

"I think I got some of them, does that count?" He grinned sheepishly and pointed to a few drooling and dizzy spectators. Crowler snorted.

"Unfortunately for you, no."

In the stands, the Porygon examinee tilted his head. "That's quite a Supersonic your friend has. I'm glad I can temporarily disable my audio input channels..."

Syrus jumped at the sudden voice coming from a row behind him, and he looked back. "That's not fair, I mean, why would they make him fight a teacher?"

"I suspect that Dr. Crowler was merely annoyed at things going off schedule. If Crowler were to use a Psychic move, I'm afraid he would be finished. Venonats are half Poison, if I recall."

"Oh no, Jaden," Syrus frowned, looking back at the arena, "He seemed so sure of himself..."

"Well, if knowing is half the battle, confidence is the other half," the Porygon's face acquired an oddly angular smile, "I'm Bastion, by the way."

"Oh, hi, I'm Syrus Truesdale," Syrus introduced himself and nodded his head politely, but he was distracted by watching the fight in the arena. The Porygon scrutinized the small Eevee.


On the stadium floor, Crowler lowered his hands. They took on an ominous blue glow. "Time to end this. I think I've humored you long enough!"

"Wha--" Jaden was interrupted by a cold blast of air, and his teeth chattered. The air temperature in the arena spontaneously plummeted, and a summoned wind billowed through Crowler's coat and hair.

Gathered power illuminated the Jynx's hands, and the teacher reeled back, releasing it. "Blizzard!"

Jaden yelped as an explosion of snow and ice hit him. Shivering, he tried to dodge, but Crowler's attack soon enveloped the entire arena and Jaden slipped on a patch of ice. He fell head first into a snow drift and curled up defensively, trying to conserve warmth. His antennae felt frozen.

He heard the Jynx's grating laughter and strained to find a solution. Jaden didn't know many moves besides Tackle and Supersonic, and none of them could help him now. The freezing air was rapidly seeping his energy, and darkness threatened at the corners of his eyes.

Was this going to be it? Was he in way over his head? Everyone always said that bug-types were easily squished; maybe they were right after all. Maybe he'd just read too many comic books and it had all gone to his head. Maybe he should just give up and go to a normal school. Maybe he just wasn't meant to become stronger, or to be the champion he'd always told himself he would be --

"Why don't you just surrender and save yourself a trip to the Center?" Crowler advised, his attack unrelenting.



No way.

A strange power welled in the Venonat, and he clenched his fists. The ice on his antennae dripped onto his head, and the snow around him started to melt, then sizzle.

"Hey, I'm not..." Jaden lifted his head and looked at Crowler with a sudden fire in his eyes, "I'm not finished yet!"

Crowler blinked dumbly when he noticed steam start to rise from the boy, and the snow -- water, now -- boiling in puddles around him. Jaden climbed to his feet, melted snow slicking his hair and fuzz down and dripping from his coat. Like Crowler, Jaden's hands started to glow, but this time, with a bright orange light.

"Venooo..." Jaden concentrated on the inexplicable power that possessed him, raising his fists, "Fire Blast!"

"What! That's impossible!" Crowler yelped in disbelief, and was too stunned to counter attack before a blazing inferno swept over his half of the arena. Shocked and bewildered noises came from the crowd.

"Ch, how the...!" In the stands, the Raichu stood and gripped the seat in front of him, tail lashing the floor with angry little sparks, "How can a bug use a fire attack?"

Jaden's attack quickly melted the layer of ice and snow that had covered the floor of the arena, and soon extinguished itself. Crowler was left sprawled on his back, coat and hair blackened to the same dark grey as his skin. He weakly coughed out a smoke ring.

"Jyyyy... I... oof." Crowler started to lift his head, but gave up and let it fall back.

Jaden blinked and snapped out of the trance the strange attack had left him in. He scratched his head, looking around the charred arena, just as confused as the people watching. "I won...?"

The Chansey nurse sidestepped the steamy puddles staining the arena floor, and walked over to Crowler. She looked him over, then nodded. "Dr. Crowler is out cold."

"Woah... I won!" Jaden repeated, hooting his victory, "Yeah! Man, how did I do that? Oh well, who cares -- I won!"

The Venonat did an impromptu victory dance while the Chansey's assistants lifted Crowler to take him to the Center to recover.

"I haven't the faintest idea how he pulled that off! Fascinating!" Bastion leaned forward in his seat, and Syrus nodded in shocked agreement. He had been covering his eyes, unable to watch Jaden's certain defeat, but the roar of the fire caught his attention.

The Eevee felt his tail wagging, happy for the cheerful boy. There was no way Jaden wouldn't get into the school now. Jaden spotted him from the arena floor and grinned broadly, giving him a thumbs up. Syrus returned it meekly, smiling.

They weren't the only ones impressed. "That was incredible," the Gardevoir murmured to herself. "Think they'll let him into Articuno after that display, Zane?"

"I doubt it. He's not disciplined," the Umbreon responded simply, then turned and headed for the exit. "That victory was luck."

"I think it was a little more than that..." she shrugged, but followed Zane, floating over to join him on the stairs.

The diminishing crowd did nothing to mar Jaden's excitement. He only stopped his dancing when a small hand tugged uncertainly on his coat. The Venonat blinked and paused, glancing back over his shoulder.

Syrus stood behind him, smiling shyly and nodding towards the door. "They're going to close the building, you... we should get going."

"Hah, oops! Right," Jaden grinned and followed the Eevee to the doors, gripping the lapels of his jacket. His wry grin settled into a more serious smile of determination, and he looked up at the sky when they stepped through the doors.

"Battle Academy... Here we come!"