Okay, here it is, the final part called Is It Over? This story will also be narrated by Danny.

(Danny's P.O.V.)

If it was just me going through all this, I wouldn't mind as much, but my kids are growing up in an enviroment where the threat of being captured is always high. After the hotel incident, things had only gotten worse for us. Sam and I have separated us from Stephaine more as each day passed. The kids didn't understand why we would want to do that, but they didn't realize that, right now, as far as we knew, she might be working with Vlad.

Its been 8 years since the hotel incident, and in that time, we had one last kid, a girl we named Jenny. Sam and I were now 29, the triplets were now 15, the twins were now 8, and Jenny is now 6. The few times we did see Stephaine still, she wasn't the most pleasant to be around. She was always spoke of how she disproved of how we had three more kids since this battle started.

Even though we had distanced ourselves from her, for some reason, we still wouldn't fight against the ghosts. All our kids had powers now, and we quite strong. The triplets and I got a new power, a ghostly wail. I also got other powers besides that, but my kids didn't have them yet. They included, telekinesis, I could teleport, the ability to shoot flames out of my hands, and the ability to freeze things.

Stephaine came to see us one day, and she had news that confirmed that, she was indeed, not working for Vlad. She came rushing into our house shouting that Vlad had sent his ghost to attack our family, our human family. Stephaine took Sam to the one place she'd be safe during the fight that was about to take place, her place.

"Going Ghost!" we all shouted.

In a split second after changing, we were flying to my parents house. When we got there, we found the ghosts drilling them with questions to find out if they knew where we were. Stephaine and I decided to stay hidden for a moment, to gather together our plan of attack. But Jr. Danny had other ideas.

"Hey leave them alone!" he shouted.

We had to think of something faster now that they knew we were here. Sure only Jr. Danny was visible, but the ghost knew that, even though he's 15, Sam and I wouldn't let him go out alone with all these ghosts around. I thought for a moment when an idea came to mind. Acting fast I used my telekinesis power to lift up the key to the chains that our parents were tied in and quickly froze the ghost guards before they could call for back up.

Stephaine flew down with the key I handed her to unlock my parents while I gave instructions to the kids.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do, all of us can now multiply ourselves, so lets each do that until there is four of each of us, creating for ourselves a small army." I began.

Crystal was the smartest of the bunch, which often led Sam and I to wonder if super intelligence was one of her powers. She was catching on to what I thought, and she continued my idea.

"Max, you stick with Jr., Seth, you stay with Brittney, and Jenny, you stay with me. Now here's what we'll do." she then whispered the rest of the plan to us.

Five minutes later, we were all ready to put the plan into motion. Vlad walked by right when he was expected to, at exactly 10:00 in the morning, just like he'd been doing for the past 8 years. I unleased my ghostly wail to knock down a tree so it would land directly in front of Vlad. I used teleportation to go behind him and freeze his feet to the ground. But, I decided, why not, and freezed him up to his neck. Now his only defense against us was a eye beam.

He called for his guards, and my kids appeared and we all multiplied into four.

"Oh, very good Daniel, I see you've finally managed to multiply, but I'm afraid it won't do you any good, there are still more of us than there are of you." Vlad said.

While our plan was solid, and we would win with it, as the ghost approached, we could see that it wouldn't be easy.

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