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"Oh, honey, it's so beautiful." Sam squealed in delight.

"You've said that twice."

"I know, but it's so amazing."

They settled down on their beds. "Think we should unpack yet?" Danny asked, looking over at Sam. She seemed in a bit of a trance as she looked out at the view. As Danny looked at her, memories of first meeting, first going out, they all flooded back into his mind and he couldn't help but smile. Sam looked up at him, with a smile on her face.

"Yeah, I guess we should."

Back at home, the triplets weren't taking to well to not having Danny around. In the little time since they left, they had to go out four times because of ghosts. They didn't mind fighting ghosts, but they didn't really like to have to try to tell their little sister and brothers what to do when they don't listen anyway. Jr. Danny landed back in the house, with Jenny and Seth close behind him. "When I say, ecto-blast now, that's exactly what I mean!" Jr. Danny shouted at Seth.

"What's going on here?" Crystal said as she walked up to them.

"Jr is a bully Chris." Seth said as he pretened to hide behind her.

"Sounds more like you didn't listen to him." Brittney added in.

"Skulker came in close, I told him to use a ecto-blast to knock him away, and he just flys off, sending Skulker to me!"

"Poor baby, I'm sure you couldn't handle that, you're only 15, and already have all of Dad's powers." Crystal said.

"Oh shut up Chris, I was just doing what Dad said and tried to teach him how to ghost fight."

"He's right there." Brittney said.

Max came up and drug Seth off to the basement saying something about trashing a new invention. "Hey, Jr aren't you gonna stop him!" Crystal shouted.

"Not my problem, Dad just said 'Teach them how to use their powers.'"

"Well they most likely will be using them." Jenny added in.

"ARG! Fine, I'll stop them." Jr. Danny yelled as he stormed down after them.

Danny and Sam walked down the beach hand in hand. Danny walked by the water, and would every now and then tease Sam by pulling her into the water a bit. She would playfully hit him, giggle and run a bit ahead of him. Danny would catch up to her as they kept walking back toward their hotel. "I wonder how the kids are doing." Sam said.

Danny laughed a little, and answered, "Knowing Jr, he's proably trying to do as little as possible, and Chris proable is trying to make him help more."

"Yeah I guess you're right, and with your parents there, I know they are being well taken care of."

"When am I not right."

"Most of the time."

"I meant about our kids."

"Oh...most of the time."

Giving up, Danny opened the door to their hotel room. They walked in. "I'm hungry, can you order room service?" Sam asked.

"Room service? When there's a really nice resturant in the hotel."

"Well, I don't really feel like much tonight."

"Okay." Danny called up for food, then sat by Sam.

"Bed!" Crystal barked at her siblings.

"Since when are you my boss!" Jr. Danny yelled back.

"Since she's the oldest." Brittney said.

"By two minutes." Jr. Danny quickly said.

"Older is older dim-wit." Crsytal added.

"Jenny, Max, Seth, go to bed." Brittney calmly told them. They walked off, leaving the three of them to fight it out, but not before calling in Jack. He walked downstairs to where the triplets were still going at it. Sometimes he wondered how Danny and Sam managed with those three. They were either fighting, getting in touble, or something else, together, at the same time.

"What is going on down here." Jack interupted as he stepped in between them.

Shouts of she and he started it came from them. "Look, I don't care who started it, all I want to know is what is going on." There was silence for several minutes. J. Danny began to look uncomfortable. Jack began to think it was his fault for the fight, but then remembered that Jr. Danny just doesn't like to get be inconveinced. He began to lose patience with them not saying anything. But finally, Crystal spoke up.

"Grampa, I was telling them to go to bed, and Jr starts saying I can't tell him what to do."

"But why did you feel it, your job to tell the others what to do?"

"I'm the oldest, what else is there to do?"

"How about just worry about yourself...and maybe just a little about the others, but Jr and Brittney are your age, and can also take care of themselves."

"I did nothing, now I'm going to bed." Brittney walked off.

"HEY, why does she get to go." Jr. Danny yelled.

"Keep your voice down, your brothers and sister is sleeping. And anyway, I saw you and Chris doing most of the fighting."

"Well, why should I take orders from Miss. Know-it-all!"

Crystal growled at him. "Now, now knock it off. Now both of you, to your rooms." After one last glare they walked off, passing pushes at each other as they walked up the stairs. Before going upstaires himself, Jack thought, I sure hope Danny and Sam get back soon, I don't know about them, but I'm sure having a hard time with these kids. He checked in on them before going to bed. He had to remind Jr. Danny what he was doing up here at this time of night though.

Danny walked in the door, carring a giggling Sam. "I didn't know you giggled."

"Oh, quiet mister."

"MOM!" Jenny yelled as she ran up and grabed her legs.

"Hi sweetie." Sam wraped her arms around her youngest daughter. Soon the others were also welcoming their parents home.

"It's 'bout time you got back." Jr. Danny said to his dad.

"What, no "Hi welcome back" huh?

"Hey Dad." Jr. Danny gave his dad a hug.

"So, have any trouble?"


Danny laughed, "And what else is new?"

Jr. Danny laughed too, "Yeah, I guess your right."

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