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Chapter 1 - I think I'm turning into a CAT!


The sound of a digital cow alarm clock could be heard throughout the Yoshioka household. It was loud, annoying and it just wouldn't stop unless you tapped the button on the top of it. A young teenager, Haru, slowly awoken to hear her alarm clock go off like crazy. She yawned and tapped the button to stop the annoying beeping.

"Stupid alarm clock…" she muttered. Haru noticed that she had woken up early as well. "Wow…I woke up early! That's like…a first!"

The teenage schoolgirl got off her warm, soft bed and started fixing the covers. She then went to the bathroom to have a nice bath to freshen up for the day.

After having that nice hot bath, she quickly got into her uniform and made her way downstairs to see her mother had woken up.

"Ohayo, Mom!" she said with joy, being happy that she actually woke up early for like…the first time in her life. Haru noticed that her mother looked REALLY sleepy. "Mom…what's wrong…?"

"Ohayo, Haru…" said Haru's mother. She sounded quite sleepily and tired. "Ah…I've been so tired…I've been working on all my textiles work, honey."

Haru sighed. "You work too hard…you need to take it easy!"

Mrs. Yoshioka smiled. "You're right…but…I just really need to get this work done…"

The teenager smiled back and walked over to the toaster to put some bread in. Haru hasn't eaten breakfast in the longest time. The reason for this was because she always woke up late and she was always late for school. The toast popped up and Haru spread butter on it and munched it away…

She sat down as she was eating her buttered toast. She looked up at the ceiling and just thought to herself for a while. It has been a few days since her adventure in the Cat Kingdom. That was an experience she would never forget…but then again, who wouldn't forget it?

It all started when she saved a strange, purple looking cat from getting run over by a truck. Apparently, that cat was no ordinary cat. It could stand on it's 2 hind legs perfectly – as if it were human! And it could talk, and it turns out…that he was the Prince of the Kingdom of Cats! His father, the Cat King then sent her all these strange gifts…like cattail grass and mice…

Haru has seen it all…talking cats, getting kidnapped by cats, almost having to marry the Prince…and getting rescued by the one and only…


Baron. Baron Humbert von Gikkingen was his name. He was a cat doll statue that could come to life. He ran the Cat Business Office which Muta, a giant white cat, had led her to. The Baron was probably everything a woman would want (even though heIS a cat...).He was a total gentleman, he was kind, he could waltz and he was always there for a damsel in distress. He was kind of like a fairytale Prince Charming.

Haru sighed dreamily while she was staring at the ceiling. Mrs. Yoshioka stared at her teenage daughter and waved a hand at her face.

"Haru? Haru, are you all right?" the older woman asked.

Once Haru heard her mother's voice, she snapped out of her dream. She blinked. "I'm okay mom! I'm…just thinking. Yeah. That's it."

"It's a boy isn't it…? Hmm…what's his name…Machida, right?" Haru's mother giggled.

She started to blush violently.

"No way! It's not…Machida." She answered.

Haru's mother couldn't help but smile. She thought it was very cute that her teenage daughter was really growing up and starting to have crushes on boys. "But I looked at your school diary just a few days ago, and his name is written all over it. With love hearts!"

Haru finished eating most of her breakfast and was still blushing and gave her mother an embarrassed looking face. "I'm not interested in him anymore! Nuh-uh, nope…noooo way…"

"Mm-hm, yeah right…"

"Stop that Mom, you're starting to act like Hiromi!" She grabbed her plate and put it into the sink."Hmm…I think I'm all ready for school now!"

The young schoolgirl got her bag and slipped on her shoes.

"Bye, Mom!" called out Haru as she made her way out the door and started to head for school.

Whilst walking to school, Haru saw her best friend, Hiromi not too far ahead. She called out to her and the 2 started to walk to school together and chatted, just like they did for almost everyday.

"Are you REALLY sure you're over Machida?" Hiromi asked. She has been asking Haru that same question for a while now.

Haru nodded. "Yes, I am! I told you so many times! I'm over Machida. Yup. I don't care about him anymore and I'm just not interested."

Hiromi gave her best friend a sly look.

"I'm interested to know why you're over him, Haru Yoshioka!"

Haru blinked and laughed. "I'm over him because…uhmm…he just doesn't interest me anymore. I find him…boring…"

"But you were so obsessed with him!"

"Not anymore, Hiromi."

Hiromi sighed. "Oh well…there goes your chance to try and go out with the 2nd hottest guy in school. Ever since he broke up with that freshman girlfriend of his, he's been checkin ya out…!"

"2nd hottest…?"

"My Tsuge's even hotter!" The best friend giggled. "That's why Machida is 2nd hottest. Hehe!"

Haru smiled at her friend and the two finally made it to school.

It was math class, and this class really bore Haru and Hiromi a LOT. The teacher would just blab on about random equations and Haru would just stare out the window. Hiromi would be passing notes to Haru and Tsuge and tried hard to pay attention.

Haru wondered…was she REALLY over Machida? Was it because…of Baron?

"Have I fallen for him…? …Is it more than a crush? Wait, no way! And besides…he's a cat doll and I'm a human. There's no way things would work out. Maybe I should go for Machida…hmmm…but I'm not interested in him anymore…Geez, this is complicated."

The girl sighed sadly.

"Life would be so much easier if I lived in the Cat Kingdom. It seems so peaceful there…no troubles at all. You could just lie there all day amongst the cattail grass and just forget about everything…And plus, if I lived there…I could see Yuki again!"

Haru wished to be at the Cat Kingdom again. She loved the place because it was so beautiful. She can only dream…but maybe, there was a way where she could return there…just for a visit. If she lived there, she would leave her mother and her best friend, Hiromi behind. She thought it would be better just to visit…

I want to be there…just one more time…

She stared at the window, but saw something very strange in the glass reflection. She blinked, to see if it was just her imagination. She even shook her head. But what she saw wasn't her imagination…

Haru slowly put her hands on her head to feel something furry and soft.

Oh. NO.

Haru had cat ears. They were right there, on her head!

"Nonononono!" She started to panic. "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! Not in the middle of class! How did this happen!"

Haru saw that all the students had their heads down, writing in their notebooks what was on the board. Haru had to take the chance and run out of class. She got up from her seat, desperately trying to cover her cat ears with her arms and ran.

Unfortunately for her, the maths teacher saw that she ran out and yelled out to her across the hall.

"MISS YOSHIOKA!" yelled the maths teacher. "Get back to class!"

"Sensei!" came the reply that echoed through the halls. "GOMENASAI!"

The teenage girl with cat ears found her hiding spot – the girl's toilets. Haru looked at the mirrors and started to freak out like crazy. She was turning into a cat! She looked to see if she had a tail or was turning darker…but it seemed she only got her cat ears.

"Why…why…WHYY!" she screamed. "Why did this have to happen to meee? Why am I turning into a cat? WHHYYYY!"

She started sulking in a corner. Just when she thought that her life was going to go back to normal, THIS had to HAPPEN.

"Maybe I should just live in the cat kingdom! I'm turning back into a cat again…mother wouldn't be too happy to have a cat for a daughter. Hiromi would find it weird to have her best friend as a cat too! And plus, I'd probably fit in with a bunch of cats anyway!"

After saying all that, a long tail appeared.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! A tail!" she shrieked. "W-What am I going to do! If everyone finds out about this…I'll…I'll be the laughing stock of the whole school!"

She took a deep breath. "Okay Haru…calm down…" she said to herself. "Now…what can I do to stop this…?"

Then, it hit her, like a brick.

"That's it! I'll see Baron! He can help me! He's helped me before!" she said happily, knowing that there was still hope for her. "…Hmmm…"

She thought for a second then frowned.

"How the heck am I supposed to get out of here while no one's looking…?"

"MISS YOSHIOKA!" one of the teachers yelled. "This is still school hours, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"

Haru had made a mad dash out of the school and teachers had seen her escape.

"GOMENGOMENGOMEN!" she yelled out. "This is importaaaaaannttt!"

Before Haru could go to the Cat Office, she had to go home and change…there was NO WAY she was going to go to the crossroads while having cat ears and a tail sticking out in the blue.

I'm coming, Baron! I really need your help…!

: End of Chapter 1 :

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