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Chapter 2 – To the Cat Office!

Haru slowly opened the door to her home. She tiptoed inside, quietly, like a mouse. She looked around to see if her mother was home. There was no sign of her anywhere! Haru walked into the kitchen.

"Maybe she's sleeping…after all, she's been working hard." Haru said quietly. She walked up to the fridge and noticed a small, yellow, sticky note stuck on the door of the fridge. "Hm? A note?"


I'll be home late! I'm also going off to buy some groceries. I made you some dinner, just open the fridge to find it. Love you!


Thank goodness! Thank the god above that mother wasn't home. Haru was glad. She didn't want her Mom to see that she had a set of cat ears on her head and there was a tail sticking out too! Her mother would freak out big-time! She put the note down on the table and ran upstairs to change into different clothes – clothes that could hide her cat ears and her tail!

She looked through all her clothes inside her wardrobe.

"What can I wear…what can I wear…" Haru repeated herself while rustling through the many clothes she has. She needed to find a nice hat, and a big jacket to help hide her cat features. All the hats Haru came across were too small and wouldn't help out to hide the furry ears on her head.

"Damn! …No hat…" Haru said sadly. She kept looking, but no big hat was found. Then, she found a dark, blue, and long jacket (Think Manga-Haru XD) The jacket was perfect! It was long enough to hide her tail!

"YAY! I found a jacket! …But how am I supposed to hide my ears then…?"

An idea popped into her head.

"Oh! I know!"

Haru came out of her room, wearing that jacket and it hid her tail perfectly. As for her ears…she had put on a bandana that had been lying around her desk. It hid her ears…sort of. But it was better than nothing and at least it wasn't really noticeable.

The teenager grabbed the sticky note pad and wrote a note and stuck it on the fridge.


I'm going out somewhere. If I don't come back any time soon, I love you! I promise to come back at soon as possible so don't worry about me! I'm an independent woman now…!

I'll see you soon! Love you!


The girl just hoped that she wouldn't get involved in another crazy and twisty adventure! …But at the same time, she wanted to go into another adventure. It felt like so much fun and so magical…like it came out of a fairytale.

Haru also felt…really, really, REALLY happy! She was going to go see Baron again! She remembered…that if she desperately needed the Cat Office's help, she could always come visit them.

Haru walked out of her house, and started to head for the crossroads.

It was a nice day at the Crossroads area. It was lively, as usual. Many people always come to the Crossroads, and it was also the place where Haru and Hiromi met whenever they go out.

"Hmm…I'm going to need Muta's help to get to the Cat Office…I forgot how to get there!" said Haru.

Haru remembered that the hefty fat cat had led through a difficult way just to get to the Cat Office. But then, she remembered that she had called Muta, a buta…

"Better not call him buta when I see him again…I don't wanna go through that stupid alley again!" she complained.

Soon enough, Haru found the large white cat, sleeping on a chair, just like the first time she had met him. A smirk came across Haru's face and she walked up to the white chair that Muta had sat upon. She lowered down and sat on the large cat!

Muta groaned in agony. "MEOOOWWWRRRRR!"

Haru giggled mischeviously.

"Man, these chairs are getting softer…it's nice and comfy!"

Muta's ears perked once he recognised that it was Haru's voice he was hearing. "HARU…GET…OFF…ME…!"

The young girl got up and laughed. "Hahaha!"

"That was NOT funny…and you disturbed my perfect cat-nap."

"Sorry, Muta." She apologised. "It's really nice to see you again! …Anyway…I need you to take me to the Cat Office…it's REALLY important…REALLY, REALLY important!"

Muta grinned. "It's Baron, is it kiddo? You wanna tell him how much you missed him and loved him?" he asked.

Haru blushed. "WHA? No!"

People walking by noticed that Haru was talking to a cat, and Haru was getting weird looks by them. Haru ignored them, knowing it was much more important to get Muta to take her to the Cat Office.

"Okay, so if isn't Baron…hmm…you haven't been listening to voices again, have you?"

Haru shook her head. "Nothing like that! Muta…I'm…I'm…turning into a CAT!"

Muta looked at her. "You don't look like it…"

The girl looked around, to check if no one close by was looking. She quickly took off her bandana to reveal her cat ears. Muta's jaw dropped.

"WHOAA…cat ears!"

"Muta, please! Show me the way…I need Baron's help…badly!" Haru put back her bandana on to hide her ears.

The cat nodded. "Alright, alright…follow me…"

"Arigato, buta!" Haru then realised what she had called him.



Why oh WHYYYY must I have called him 'buta'! Now Bu…I mean Muta is mad at me and he's taking me through the stupid alleyway! I hate revenge…and I hate walking through this alley!

"Mutaaaa!" Haru called out to the white cat that was ahead of her. "Gomen! I didn't mean to call you a buta!"

Muta looked back at Haru and gave a mischievous grin, kind of like the Cheshire cat from Alice and Wonderland. "Too bad kiddo! Hahahaha!"

"MEEEAAANIIEEEEE!" she yelled in frustration.

Oh well, at least Muta was leading her to the Cat Office. Whilst crashing into random rubbish bins and jumping from roof-to-roof, Haru thought about how Baron would react when he sees her again.

"I wonder…"


The first image that came to her head was that Baron had noticed a running young woman coming towards him. It was Haru herself! But she wasn't tall, like she usually is supposed to be. She was small, just like the cat doll, but shorter then him. Haru saw herself running into Baron's arms

"Oh, Baron…I've missed you so…" said Haru softly.

The Baron smiled at her. "I've missed you too, Miss Haru. …I…I love you!"

"I love you too!"

Haru blushed and Baron leaned down for a kiss…


Haru giggled like a young Jr. High student. "No WAY!" She was blushing so much. The thought was too cute and it looked like it came from sort of romance manga she usually sometimes reads.

Muta looked back to look at Haru and sweat dropped. Haru was just standing there, with a glitter in her eyes.

"What in the world…?" said Muta as he stared at the girl, who was just standing there, daydreaming.


Haru (short form once again) is seen running towards the Cat Office, filled with joy, knowing that she was going to see Baron again. She knocks on the door and waits for him. The Baron opens the door, but he seems to have an uninterested look on his face.

"Baron!" said Haru happily, smiling.

"…What do you want? Don't you think you've caused me enough trouble already?" said the Baron in a cold tone.

"W-What…?" said Haru in confusion.

"Go away, Miss Yoshioka. You're annoying and…I hate you. So please, leave."



"…." Silence came from Haru.

Muta blinked and saw that Haru was very silent-

"AAAAAAAHHH!" she screamed.

…Okay, she wasn't so silent now.

"What has gotten into the kid…?" Muta asked himself, wanting to know the answer. "What is she even thinking about…?"


The young cat girl walked up to the Cat Office and saw the Baron standing at the door. Haru blushed as she saw him.

"Miss Haru!" the Baron called out. "Oh, I'm so glad you're here…"

Haru's blush got even redder. "Hehehe…is that so…?"

"Yes! Because I want you to meet my fiancée!" he said quite happily. The door behind him opened and out came a beautiful female cat, and she looked like she was an cat-angel who came down from heaven.

"Why, hello there Haru!" said the female cat. "It's a pleasure to meet you!"


"THAT'S EVEN WORSE THAN THOUGHT NUMBER TWO!" Haru shrieked that her voice echoed throughout the alleys. The thought of Baron already having someone would just break her poor heart. It was like a romance manga, with a LOT of drama and sadness.

"Thought one would probably happen on a cold day in hell…thought two…it COULD happen…but I don't want THAT to happen…and thought three…I don't even want to think about it!" Haru thought to herself.

Muta walked up to Haru and tugged on her long jacket. Haru looked down to see Muta.

"Hey, are we gonna go or WHAT?" he asked, losing his patience.

"Oh! Gomen!" apologised Haru. "I was just…thinking…"

"Yeah, well, come on! Don't get distracted, you need to get to the Cat Office!" said Muta, turning around and started to walk.

Haru sighed and started to follow the hefty white cat.

From what I've been thinking…I just know it's more than just a schoolgirl crush now…

She has fallen for the Baron. She was in love.

Haru and Muta had finally reached their destination – The Cat Office. Haru's heart started racing. She was going to see Baron again! Haru slowly walked up to the building and knelt down and knocked on the door.

"Baron…?" said Haru as she knocked on the door again.

The door had finally opened, and there he was, in all his glory! Baron Humbert von Gikkingen. His eyes widened as he caught sight of Haru.

"Miss Haru…?" he said, looking up to see her now blushing face. "W-What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in school, young lady."

"I can't go to school, not when I'm turning into a cat all over again!" Haru said sadly. "Baron…I need your help! I don't know why this is even happening to me!" And with that, Haru took off her bandana and jacket to reveal her furry cute cat ears and her long tail.

A shocked expression came across the small figurine's face. "I see. Well, do come in, we must talk about this."

Haru nodded and watched as Baron walked inside his office. The taller girl squeezed through the tiny door – it was kind of like Alice in Wonderland in a way. After Haru finally got inside, Muta went in too and sat on the couch.

"So when did this all happen, Miss Haru?" asked Baron as he sat on his comfy looking chair.

Haru sat on the same thing she sat on the last time she came – that giant brown chest. "Well…it all started at school…in the middle of class! I was just sitting there, and then when I looked at the glass reflection on the window, I saw a pair of cat ears on my head! After that, I ran out of class and hid in the girl's toilets…and a tail then popped out!"

"Wow, that's pretty rough!" said Muta.

"Hmm…I wonder why this is happening…?" said Baron, looking over at Haru's cute cat ears.

Haru sighed sadly. "…I was hoping you would know…oh, who cares! I'll just let this weird transformation happen, I'll be a cat and that will be that. Being a cat won't be so bad I guess…"

"That's true!" Muta said quite happily. "You get to cat-nap a lot."

"Being lazy, eh…? That would make my life much more easier!"

Then, Haru's normal human nose turned into a cat nose! Muta and Baron both noticed what had happened to Haru's nose.

"Ehh…kid, your…your nose has changed!" the large white cat pointed out.

"WHAT?" she shrieked. She touched her nose, to feel it was really different. But not only that, Haru's hands has also changed. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I. HAVE. PAWS!"

Whilst Haru was freaking out and Muta was just staring at her, Baron had an idea of why Haru is turning back into a cat.

"I think I may know why you are turning into a cat, Haru."


"Whenever you think of…hmmm…like for example…being a cat wouldn't be so bad, you get a cat feature. Haru, were you thinking of something like that when you were in class today?" the Baron asked her.

"…Yeah! While in class…I was just thinking of the Cat Kingdom…and how wonderful it would be to be a cat. I mean you cats don't seem to have any problems at all! Lucky things…" she answered. Then, it hit her. "OH! And when I was at the toilets, I was thinking that maybe I should just be a cat…and that I would fit in with a bunch of cats anyway! …And that's when my tail appeared!"

Muta blinked, with a confused look on his face. "So…what's going on is…when Haru thinks of becoming a cat, she starts to slowly turn into one…?"

"That's right. It be must be some strange…magical reaction. This is just a hypothesis, but maybe this reaction stayed with Haru, even after she left the Cat Kingdom." Baron replied.

Magical Reaction? Haru couldn't believe this, and it even confused her. She ALWAYS thinks of cats and the Cat Kingdom! There is NO WAY she would ever forget it! Would she have to live this way forever…?

"WAAAAAHHH! How can I stop this…?"

"I'm not sure myself how we can stop your transformation…but I will do my best to find a solution to this, so you can become a normal human again." Baron said to Haru, smiling.

Haru blushed and smiled back at him. "Arigato…meow." Damn! She said MEOW! Now she's starting to sound like a cat.

"We should go to the Cat Kingdom. Maybe Lune can help us as well." The Baron got off his chair and got his coat and his white top hat. "We should leave now."

"Now…?" said the lazy white cat. "And I was just getting relaxed."

: End of Chapter 2 :

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