Airwolf is somebody else's, probably Universal's or Bellisarius', and I freely admit that whoever's it is, I'm borrowing their show and they retain all rights, etc.

This is the eighth story that I'm writing to cover the period between the end of the 3rd season and the beginning of the 4th. If you have read the other seven (Single Parent Hawke, The Jade Wolf, The Truth About Caitlin, Old Friends New Enemies, Hawke's Wolf, Father Figures and Personal Business), you can skip straight to the story in the next chapter…or read this brief recap of the story so far.

Stringfellow Hawke has said farewell to Le, the boy he incorrectly believed to be his nephew. Le is now living in Seattle with his newly found mother, Ana. After Caitlin O'Shaunessy almost dies saving Hawke's life, Hawke initially asks her to stay in Texas where she is safe away from him and Airwolf. However, the time apart makes both of them realise what they mean to each other and the couple reunite to happily begin a relationship even though Hawke remains worried that he'll lose Caitlin like so many others in his life.

Having seen off a challenge to get Airwolf from a task force led by the power hungry General Bening, Hawke's long lost uncle Alex turns up claiming to have found Saint John. Hawke still acquiesces to the mission although he is suspicious of his uncle's motives. It is with good reason…the mission turns out not to be a rescue of the missing Saint John at all but of his uncle's son, a cousin Hawke never realised he had. The rescue mission is a success but Alex dies saving his son's life. The mission evokes a lot of memories for Hawke particularly the loss of his own parents and a renewed appreciation for his relationship with Dominic Santini who raised him and his brother. When Dom suffers chest pains, a warning sign of a heart attack in waiting, Hawke is more than aware of how much the older man means to him. But his constant nagging at Dom results in a heated argument and the two men ruefully agree that they need a break from each other. Dom heads to Italy to recuperate leaving Hawke watching Santini Air.

Just as Hawke is getting bored with the day to day routine, Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III, asks Hawke to take him to Russia on personal business; the spy has discovered that he has a child by a former lover who is now dead. Hawke backs up Michael as they run into trouble in Russia courtesy of Michael's old foe Colonel Kinskov, and they return successfully with Michael's ten year old daughter, Angelina. Michael is suspended by Zeus, the director of the FIRM, for his unauthorised trip to Russia and his boss advises that Michael examine his loyalties; as the deputy director of the FIRM he is getting too close to Hawke. After an attempt by Kinskov to kill Michael and his daughter is foiled, both the spy and the pilot are left to ponder the truth that their lives place the people they love in danger. Both conclude that the rewards are worth the risk and life returns to normal as Dom arrives back from Italy…

And now the next instalment: Hidden Truths