Chapter 11

The Blame Game

"It wasn't us!" Nagase would explain loudly in the courtroom., the team had been sent to Oured for a court marsheling do to alledged belief War Dog Squadron bombed a college in Yuktobonia.

"That's right, we heard them over the radio, they called themselves the 8492nd squadron." Grim would agree with Nagase on that issue.

The lead judge in the court marshel hearing would growl, "8492! 8492! Is that all you people have to say! There is no squadron in our military with that number!" the man tapping a pen against the desk. "we are likely to believe maybe you four didn't attack that College, however. You Second Lieutenant Alan we believe otherwise."

Another man sitting at the large table would nod, "Where were you during your apparent radar blackout. You didn't establish any communications with War Dog Squadron or the Support Awacs."

Alan growled, "I was trying not to get my tail shot down! I was engaged by seven enemy fighters while War Dog Squadron pursued the Cargo planes as per order. I done told you assholes four times, I recieved damage to my plane that damaged my radar and other instruments. I was lucky to bring back a plane at all!"

"You watch it Mister! You should consider yourself fortunate we even let a Yuke pilot into our forces. Even more fortunate because we gave you a rank. We had been considering you for citizenship as well. However your current attitude makes us think differently."

"Kiss my ass you pompous jerk! You don't know anything except what reports tell you! I don't need some fat retired army general to tell me what he thinks!" Alan leaning forward his hands pushing off the side of the stand he was on. To say he was pissed was an understatement, he was ready to dive over the stand and attack the lead judge in the case.

"Security restrain that fool toss him into the brig!"

Three men would run over grabbing Alan's arms jerking him back.

Blaze would snap, "Leave him alone!"

Nagase moving from her spot to try and help her teamate.

Archer would follow as well, he may not trust Alan but he was still a member of his squadron.

Chopper would slam his fist down on the stand he was at. "Just what in the hell is going on here!"

Even before anyone could say anything else sirens would blare loudly, the reports of enemy activity near the city would force the meeting to end and for the moment War Dog Squadron would be excused to the briefing room.

A commander would step in, "For the moment you five are going to get a break. Better not screw up I would hate to see you guys canned or worse. We have two problem areas, one is an airport we believe may get attacked. The other issue is a small town, we need them both protected. Even if its just rumors we need to make sure.."

Chopper groaned, "How do you expect us to protect two areas at once? Last I checked we only have five planes. Can't another squadron take one and we take the other?"

Alan shook his head, "Stop complaining. I will fly solo if I have to and protect the town. Its simple enough probably just false information. I can handle any fighter plane that is thrown my way."

Blaze shook his head, "No we can't have you flying alone, not yet."

Alan growled, "Is this more trust shit. I flew cover for you guys, I saved Edge, I saved Archer. I killed my best friend. I have shot down twenty planes for you assholes. What more do you need, my heart? My soul, or would you like me to just cut my hand off and hand it to you! I have enough problems with dealing with my families death to give a shit about some pilots issues with trust! For all I care each of you could go to hell! I'll fly the mission alone, its what I always have done."

The commander in the room was going to repremand Alan however the intensity and anger in his voice stopped him.

Nagase spoke up, "I will fly as your wingman Ghost."

"No..." Alan beat Blaze to it, Alan tapping his hand on the chair. " I don't want to be responsible if you get shot down while flying with me. Your team already." Alan's eyes gazing from the sharp ones of Blaze, to Choppers sarcastic glances, to the unsure and neutral ones of Archer. "I can't afford more death on my hands that are my fault. You guys are War Dog Squadron, I am and always will be a Captain in the Yuke air force. I don't give a damn what rank this army gives me or takes away thats who I am. I accepted who I am and the choices I made. You four can't even accept me for me, until you do... I won't fly wingman for War Dog Squadron." Alan walking away leaving the group to just stare at him.

"Blaze say something to him." Nagase pleading with Blaze who didn't even flinch when Alan walked out.

Archer nodded, "Yeah Captain, he is a good pilot and seems to be a good guy. He has issues to deal with he needs help."

Blaze would shake his head, "We will fly our missions and if he rejoins us or not is not our concern anymore. We don't need that type of pilot in our unit. No matter how good a damn fighter pilot he is."

Archers head would lower. "Yes sir."

Chopper was staring out the window witnessing Alan storm off toward the Hangars. "I think he is leaving now, shouldn't we kid?" Chopper didn't have the same bounce in his voice as before.

The commanding officer in the room would speak up, "Your dismissed good luck War Dog Squadron." Then room emptying quickly leaving many questions to be unanswered.

Alan would remain in the hangar not even aware that War Dog squadron had taken off for the airport. Alan sitting on a chair, a cold soda in his hand. The sight of a mechanic rushing toward him made him look up. "Yes?"

"Sir, we have been told that the air port is currently under attack from Yuktobonia aircraft and tanks. They have also released a toxic gas in the small town of.."

Alan would let the man finish talking, tossing his hald empty soda into the trash, his form marching toward his F-14. Noticing special GPB's were loaded. Alan wondered what they were, climbing the ladder to his plane only to begin warming it up. "Ghost ready for launch."

"This is control tower, Ghost you are clear to runway five. Those GPB's are specially designed with a neutralizing agent. It should dissolve the toxic gas. You have to save those people. We are depending on you."

Alan shook his head a moment flipping through his weapons payload. At least he had vulcan machine gun rounds. "Roger that tower, I will do what I can." Alan lining up on runway five before hitting the burners racing to the end then taking off to the sky. Alan looking at his radar, the town was only five minutes away. A green blip on his radar confused him, "Is there a friendly craft out here?"

"It's me Archer sir." Archers F-16 would be closing in on Alan's left wing. "I came to fly support for you. My plane was armed with the same GPB's. I hope this doesn't make you angry, but no one deserves to fly alone."

Alan shook his head, "Archer? whjy aren't you with War Dog squadron?" Alan hearing a little more from the young pilot. "Look I don't need support, your team mates will need you."

"Sorry sir, I was given an order by First Lieutenant Nagase to fly support for you. So thats what I am going to do sir. Like it or not."

"I don't like it but I will accept it, stay close Archer this town has lots of high buildings and we are going to have to be careful dropping these bombs. Unless you want to lead this mission then we will do it your way Archer."

"Uh no sir! Your idea sounds good, I will fly as your wingman. I am not ready to be a Captain yet."

"Okay Archer just watch the buildings and we should be able to go home in one piece."

"This is Awacs Blue Tail to Ghost and War Dog four. You are to neutralize the focus points of the gas. We are transmitting the areas onto your radar do you see it?"

Alan would glance to his radar, "Roger that Blue Tail. I see them, Archer I want you to disperse and take on the four targets in the cities east side. I will get the six in the west, north, and south."

Archer blinked, "Why are you taking so much area Lieutenant?"

Alan smirked a little behind his helmet. "This is why." Alan pulling back on his flight stick only to push down, his afterburners taking hold as he turned his plane sideways and cut between the buildings and was now a mere 400 feet above the ground weaving in and out of the buildings.

"Good point Lieutenant. I will stick to the east side. A lot more room there anyway. Archer engaging.

Alan couldn't help but laugh, "Ghost Fox one." Alan listening to the explosion the green toxic gas dispersing into clear gas from the nutraelizer liquid in the bombs. Alan listening to random chatter on the radar something about city evacuations.

"Blue Tail to Ghost, you have to hurry the wind is going to pick up. We can't let the gas spread over the city."

"Archer to Ghost I have neutralized two of the four targets."

"Ghost roger that Archer, good job keep it up. Ghost Fox one!" Alan dropping two more bombs destroying two more focus points. That left him three more, his plane barrell rolling to the side to squeeze between a building.

"Wow did you see that Captain, that plane just. I mean wow!" One of the ground troops were speaking on the radio.

"I saw it Seargent but right now get those people out of here. Admire the planes after we save these people."

Alan shook his head, the awacs flying for them wasn't real imformative nothing like Thunder Head of Oka Nieba. Alan dropped his final bomb on the gas focus point. "Ghost here all sites on the west, north, and south side clear."

"Archer here, I have neutralized the targets on the east side as well."

"Good job War Dog Squadron, the city owes you a big thanks. Wait we have a police chase by the cities east side. They are requesting support. It seems that the green van they are chasing is carrying the ones who set off the explosions. Engage but do not destroy them War Dog Squadron."

Alan groaned a little, "You see that van Archer?"

"Umm no sir.. Wait, there it is!" Archer moving his plane behind the van, "There seems to be weapon fire coming from the back. Looks like a gatling gun or something."

Alan was busy trying to catch up with Archer, "Use your machine gun to neutralize the gun."

"Sir? Thats a small fast moving target I might miss and destroy the van."

Alan growled, "Just do it, trust your instincts the greatest fighter pilots don't rely on what they see. They react and do. You may hit the van, but you may also not hit the van."

"Sir I can't. I don't, I mean. There opening fire on me!" Archer getting hit with random machine gun fire. "I'm taking damage!"

Alan's plane would flip upside down above Archer's. A quick burst of machine gun fire would fly toward the van. A small explosion erupting from the back, but the gun stopped. "Archer are you okay?"

Archer was shaken up but was okay, looking up and seeing Alan looking down at him from his cockpit. "I'm okay a little shook up."

"You took to long, you can't second guess yourself in the field Archer. Your teamates rely on you, you can't rely on them to save you."

Archer groaned it stung to hear the truth, but Alan was right. "I'm sorry sir, I know I should try to be more."

"Stop don't worry about it anymore. It's done with Archer, I don't play the Blame Game. Just don't let it happen again."

"Blue Tail to Ghost we have incoming helicopters. They are going to try and pick up the Vans occupants. They have to be stopped."

"Heard that Archer? Lets get them." Alan pulling his flight stick to the left spinning his plane back around and then moving forward sliding between some more buildings. "I count five helicopters, we got to hurry."

"Archer, got it Ghost. Moving to engage enemy helicopters." Archer opening fire one of the helicopters.

"Splash one helicopter War Dog Four. Nice job four left."

Alan lining up and using his vulcan machine gun, two of the helicopters bursting into fire. "Ghost thats two more down, Archer theres one on the east side moving to the bridge stop him. I will get the one sneaking in under the bridge."

Archer blinked looking and noticing the helicopter. "Roger Ghost, but wait isnt a boat coming under the bridge? Sir thats suicide!"

"You have your orders get to it Archer, don't worry about me." Alan spinning his plane and sliding under the bridge opening fire. The explosion under the bridge would capture Archers full attention. "Lieutenant!"

"I told you to not worry." Alan's plane flying out from under the bridge. "Get that helicopter Archer!"

Archer blinked truly impressed watching Alan move out from under the bridge, wow he was an impressive pilot. "Oh right sorry!" Archer aiming and shooting the helicopter down, his plane flying by it. "I see the police, they have the suspects sir."

Alan looked over his shoulder seeing the green van stopped with several police around them.

"Blue Tail to War Dog Squadron, good job report back to base, we will inform you of further instructions there."

"Ghost roger that." Alan quirking a brow swearing he heard something about a birthday party? Man civilian radio could be confusing sometimes.

"Archer roger. You think Chopper, Blaze, and Edge are okay?"

Alan had been thinking about that the entire time, "I am sure lets get back to base so we can meet them. I am sure they will be there."

"If you say so sir, following at your nine o'clock." Archer sighing and leaning back in his seat, his F-16 right behind Alan's F-14.