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"Are you nearly finished 'mione?"

"No" Hermione replied stifling a yawn. "I still have to file this last report"

"Oh ok… Well… would it be ok if I left you to lock up, I'm meeting Harry in an hour and I have to go get ready" Ginny pleaded giving her puppy dog eyes.

Hermione laughed. "Yeah no worries. So I won't expect you back home tonight?"

"Nah" she said with a giggle, "Harry invited me to spend the night at his. Who am I to turn down that offer!"

Hermione smiled and winked. Ginny Weasley had just finished her final year at Hogwarts and was back on with her long time sweet heart and boyfriend of one month, Harry Potter. Her red hair was sleek and shinny in a long layered sheet down her back. She was tall, slim and had very lightly tanned skin with the most alluring blue eyes. She really was one of the most beautiful women Hermione had ever seen. Hermione on the other hand was in most men (and boys) eyes a goddess. Her hair had out grown its bushiness long ago and was now just a very sleek wavy caramel colour that just went past her shoulders. She has hazel eyes and tanned skin without one blemish or freckle. If she didn't have brown hair and act so shy, many would assume she was a Veela.

It had been just over a year since Hermione graduated Hogwarts School of which craft and wizardry and it had been the hardest year of her life. Hermione remembered finishing her 7th year as one of the few students remaining at Hogwarts. Many parents had withdrawn their children due to the reign of the Dark lord, and the murder of Dumbledore was the last straw for many. Her, Harry, Ron, Ginny and about 20 other Gryffindor's remained there along with about 50 other random students from the other houses. As soon as the trio graduated, Harry, Ron and herself were offered Auror positions but only Harry and Ron took up the offer as Hermione didn't feel that it was the right job for her. Harry, with his new resources as Auror immediately put his year long plan into action. He located the last horcruxes and in a battle that is sure to become legend, Harry defeated Voldermort. For good. That was almost 8 months ago now. Ginny had remained at Hogwarts however during all of this but not without a fight. It was only on Hermione and Harry desperate pleas for her to stay and look after things there did she do it.

Ginny recently graduated and was instantly employed under the Ministry of Magic as a school Governor with Hermione, becoming the youngest governors in the history of Hogwarts.

"I'll see you tomorrow then babe?" she said placing a kiss on Hermione's cheek.

"Yeah for sure. Have fun Gin and don't get up to too much mischief" she said winking.

"Who me? Never!" she said with a massive grin and blowing a kiss to Hermione while walking out the office.

Hermione worked without a break until she knocked an ink bottle off the desk sending it crashing to the ground. She was taken out of her trance by the sound as ink splattered her robes and floor. She looked at her watch and groaned seeing that it was 11:00 and she'd been in the office since 8:00 that morning. She cleaned up the ink with a flick of her wand and began to pack up her things.She yawned, grabbed her jacket and turned all the lights off. She walked out the office and into the apparating sector of the Ministry.

It's so quiet and peaceful at night… she thought. All that could be heard was the gentle trickling of water from the fountain. The moonlight was reflecting off the marble statues and off the gold of the fountain. For the first time Hermione truly appreciated the silence and beauty of the night. She looked around to make sure that no-one was left in the hall and only saw a small light at the far end of the hall from below the door. She placed her belongings on the ground and lay down on the cool marble. She looked up at the ceiling and traced all the intricate designing of the many witches and wizards with her eyes. She closed them and listened to all the sounds around her. The wind was gentling playing across her features and the water was creating a soothing feel to the atmosphere. She heard the gentle thud of a door and soft footsteps heading her way. She also heard sobbing and sniffing which alerted her to sit up. She squinted against the dark but didn't recognize the figure coming towards her. She knew it must have been a woman by the sound of the sobbing and footsteps.
It was funny… she'd never seen the woman before but the outline and blonde hair tied into a messy pony tail looked oddly familiar. The woman walked through a stream of light and Hermione gasped.

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