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"Harry, stop fussing! You're behaving worse than a woman! I've been happy with my outfit for the past hour, thank you… What the hell are you doing now?! Would you stop dusting me off! Silk does not attract dust!"

Hermione began to beat Harry's over eager hands off as he clearly did not hear what she was saying to him.

"Ok, ok! 'Mione I just want you to look perfect is all. I know how much tonight means to you."

"I don't think Fleur or anyone else for that matter… well, perhaps everyone except Mad eye, will notice a speck of dust on my shoulder Harry, but I appreciate your concern."

Hermione turned back to the mirror for one final once over. She had to admit she did look good. Her hair was falling is soft curls down her back and she was wearing a silver silk knee length dress with silver stilettos.

"Hermione, you look absolutely gorgeous. There is no way she is going to say no. No chance at all."

"I hope you're right Harry… I want tonight to be perfect."

"And it will be, just play it cool and just let it all unfold of its own accord. She loves you more than life itself and I know you feel the same about her. You were made for each other, it's meant to be."

Hermione turned around to face Harry with tears brimming in her eyes.

"Sweetie, don't cry, your makeup will run and we don't have another hour for you to fuss over how best to fix it. Let's go yeah? It's already 7:00 and you made the reservation for 7:30."

Hermione stood still for another moment just smiling and looking up into her best friends face.

"I love you so much Harry, the day I met you was a blessing in disguise" she whispered enveloping him in a hug. "Even if it has taken me close to 10 years to see it" she added with a laugh as Harry gave her a playful punch in the arm.

"Shall we?" he said and offered his arm out to her. She took it and together they walked out of her bedroom and downstairs where Ron and Ginny were waiting with a camera and a video camera.

"Hermione!" Ginny squealed. "You look sooooo gorgeous!" she said while frantically clicking away taking picture after picture.

"And here is our beautiful Hermione on the night she is going to pop the question to her long time girlfriend Miss. Fleur Delacour. Tell us Miss. Granger, how does it feel to assume the role of the man in this partnership and take on the responsibility of buying the engagement ring and getting down on one knee. Daunting, slightly unfair…"

Hermione just smiled and said as calmly as she could "Get the camera out of my face Ron or I will charm it up your ass."

He quickly turned it off and looked sheepishly at her. "Sorry 'Mione I'm just really excited for you. And Ginny's right, you look gorgeous."

"Well save that excitement until after she says yes, if she says yes…" Hermione muttered as she finally voiced what had been on her mind for the last month. Maybe it was too soon? Maybe fleur was getting bored and wasn't seeing the relationship progressing any further. Especially to an engagement…

"I know what you're thinking Hermione and I bet you my broomstick that she will say yes" Harry said in what was clearly meant to be a reassuring tone.

"Harry you're broomstick means jack all to me. Why didn't you say something like you're life, or your house… or Ginny?!" Hermione said quickly as she was beginning to have a panic attack.

"Well… none of those really crossed my mind…" he said scratching his chin and looking thoughtful, "But if it's all the same to you, I do bet my life, and my house, and even my girlfriend."

Hermione's breathing let up a little. If her friends were so confident, then she should be as well right? Fleur had never once given any indication that she was unhappy with their relationship or that she was getting bored. She was the one that even suggested the dinner tonight which Hermione was planning on doing regardless, and this thought made a small smile cross her lips. Lately they'd begun to think alike and act in similar manners. Just the other day Fleur told Ron off in a very Hermione-ish way by threatening to shove an egg beater up his clacker if he didn't stop sticking his finger in the cake mixture. Harry, Ginny, and even Ron were right… Fleur wanted this just as much as she did.

"Well I think its time I was going… thank you all so much for everything. If I don't come home tonight… assume that it went well." She said with a smile.

"So we'll see you tomorrow then!" Harry said giving her a final once over and then a massive hug. Ron and Ginny followed suit and Hermione turned to face them, and with a final smile she apparated to Diagon alley.

Hermione appeared right in front of Merlin's fine dining but didn't immediately walk in. It was 7:20 and she was started to feel more and more nervous. She had the ring in a silver velvet box in her handbag…

"Oh my god… you're joking" she said to herself. "I forgot the ring at home!"

As if right on cue Harry appeared right beside her. "I thought that maybe you'd be needing this?" he said with a smile.

"Thank you so much Harry! I'm so nervous I can't believe I forgot the ring! Of all things! Thank you so much again" she whispered hugging him.

"No worries babe, good luck" and with a kiss on her cheek he was gone.

"Okay, okay, okay… this is it…" she said to herself and walked through the doors into the candlelit restaurant.

"There's a reservation under Delacour I believe?" Hermione said to the young wizard at the door.

"Delacour?" he looked up at Hermione curiously "Oh…Yes… well your friend is already here. Right this way" he said and led Hermione through to the most secluded part of the restaurant. Hermione was confused by the manner in which the boy was acknowledging her. However the confusion didn't last nearly as long as she thought it would. "She asked for this spot especially. It's very popular for couple's. I was expecting a man to be her other half which surprised me a little when you came in. I suppose friends enjoy the atmosphere and privacy just as much!" He said with a laugh. Hermione was about to angrily interrupt his musings when he continued this time with a far more aggravating comment. "She's a very pretty young woman, your friend. As are you as a matter of fact." He said looking her up and down. "If you don't mind me asking, is she seeing anyone?"

Hermione's eyes flashed. "I do mind you asking because she is seeing someone as a matter of fact." She replied venomously.

He stopped and looked at her clearly surprised. "What's your problem? I was only asking a question."

"My problem is adolescent git's such as yourself, thinking they have a chance with my girlfriend."

"You're gir-girlfriend?" he said trying and failing to mask his excitement.

"I can take it from here. I can see her." she was about to walk off when a thought crossed her mind. "And let me tell you. If you come anywhere near us tonight I will personally make sure you never forget your mistake." and with that she angrily brushed past him leaving a very turned on but frightened boy in her wake.

Hermione was still fuming when she arrived at the table. Fleur looked up at her and beamed as she saw her approaching but it quickly turned to a frown when she saw the state Hermione was in.

"Mon amour, what iz ze matter?" she said placing her hand on top of Hermione's. The small gesture alleviated some of Hermione's fury but she was still quite angry as she was telling Fleur what happened.

"And then he asked me if you were seeing anyone and I cracked it. Little shit. But I can assure you that he wont be coming anywhere near us tonight. Not unless he wants to lose something very precious to him."

Fleur giggled and leaned across the table to give Hermione a peck on the lips. "I love you so much ma cherie. You are like my knight in shining armor." Fleur smiled at her and Hermione's anger slowly ebbed away. Fleur picked up the menu and began to look at the wines. "So I waz zinking, zat tonight we should 'ave ze Savignon blanc?"

"Fleur that's the most expensive wine on the list!" Hermione said looking at the 45 galleon price tag.

"So? Tonight iz all my shout az I waz ze one who invited you 'ere."

"Oh come off it you can't shout a wine that is that expensive! It's not practical!"

"'ermione it'z always practicality's wiz you. Do not worry; I know what I am doing."

Hermione glared at her but after seeing her look so calm and set, there was no good to come from arguing with her.

"Mmm fine, but I hate it when you do this. Next dinner is my shout ok?"

"Okay mon amour, whatever makes you happy!" Fleur said airily, turning a page in the menu. Hermione looked at her carefully. Fleur was behaving very strangely, as if she wasn't going to let anything bother her.

"Fleur are you okay?" Hermione asked slowly.

"Why wouldn't I ma cherie? I am 'ere with my beautiful girlfriend, in a classy restaurant, about to drink exquisite wine, everyzing iz perfect!"

"Mmm… okay" Hermione replied still wary of her behaviour.

Fleur took it upon herself to order so much food for the two of them that at the end of the main course, more than half was left over.

"I told you your eyes are bigger than your stomach."

"And I told you zat whatever we didn't eat we could take 'ome and eat tomorrow. Zis food is amazing." Replied fleur polishing off her salad.

"You really get on my nerves sometimes you know that" Hermione said with a flicker of a smile.

"You wouldn't 'ave me any other way." Fleur said looking at her with her beautiful blue eyes. The candlelight was flickering in them making the sea of blue look like it was on fire. It was breathtaking.

"And now for dessert!" Fleur said calling over a waiter.

Hermione looked at her incredulously. "You're joking aren't you? I couldn't fit in another bite."

"You will when you see it"

"I doubt it"

"We'll see" Fleur said standing up.

"Where are you going?" Hermione asked as she came and stood beside her holding out her hand.

"Follow me mon amour, I want to take you zomewhere."

"What about the bill?"

"It's taken care of. Come on."

Hermione stood up and followed fleur down a corridor away from the happily chattering couples.


"Just wait bien-aimé"

Fleur turned left and up a set of stairs. Hermione was being pulled along in her wake and really didn't have a clue as to what was going on. This was all wrong, how was she supposed to propose now? She wanted to wait until dinner was over, she'd call the waiter over and have him bring over a bunch of roses and while fleur was admiring them, she'd get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. She was thinking about it all through dinner. But this wasn't planned and this had the potential to ruin everything she worked the courage up for.

"No, Fleur seriously, we should go back, you're not even telling me where we're going, and you know I don't like surp-"

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks. They were at the top of the building in a beautiful garden that had tiny little fairies flying around giving them light. there was what looked like a crystal blue pond in the centre that would occasionally spit out different florescent coloured water. All Hermione could think was 'this will do just fine'.

Fleur grasped her hand lightly again and started pulling her toward the pond.

"Fleur, what are you doing?!" Hermione said coming to her senses. The blonde was 30cm away from stepping into the water. "Fleu-!" But when she stepped into it, or rather onto it she did not fall through, but merely looked as if she were walking on concrete."


"It's magical 'ermione, like the rest of ze garden. No harm can befall you 'ere, trust me"

Fleur didn't need to add the last part as Hermione trusted her with her life.

"This is absolutely amazing fleur" Hermione whispered walking over to the balcony. She put her hands on the railing and looked down below her. The rest of Diagon alley looked so beautiful by night. Tiny little lights moving below, most all different colours, it was simply amazing. Hermione felt Fleur snake her arms around her waist and put her head beside hers. Hermione leaned her head back so that it was resting on Fleur's shoulder.

"I love you Fleur, with all my heart, I always have, and I always will."

"Je'taime Hermione, you are everything I always dreamed of but never thought I could have. Zere's zomething I have come 'ere to ask you however… and I zink zis iz az good a time as any."

Hermione's heart stopped beating... She couldn't be, could she?

Fleur gently spun Hermione around so that they were eye level. She lost the ability to speak. She wanted to tell her to stop, to wait, that maybe they could do it together? But that was silly, so were the rest of the ideas running through her mind in order to beat Fleur to it. But she couldn't move, she was for once, at a loss.

Fleur gently caressed the brunettes face, then, as she slowly moved down, her hand gently made its way down the front of Hermione's body, sending shivers up her spine.

Fleur was now down on one knee with a small velvet blue box in her hand. It seemed to materialize out of no where. She lightly grasped Hermione's hand in her own and looked up at her with sparkling eyes and a small determined smile on her face.

"Hermione Michelle Granger, from ze moment I first saw you, you 'ave been all I 'ave been able to zink about. Zis past year 'as been the 'appiest of my life because I am finally wiz ze one person I 'ave ever truly wanted. I want to spend ze rest of my life wiz you and an eternity after zat. Please make me ze happiest woman in ze world and accept my 'and in marriage. Mon amour, will you marry me?"

Hermione had tears in her eyes and with her free hand was covering her mouth. She knelt down in front of Fleur and cupped her face with her hands. "Oh course I will Fleur, you mean the world and so much more to me. But there is one tiny condition…"

Fleur looked at her puzzled as Hermione pulled a small silver box out of her bag.

"Oh mon dieu…" she whispered realizing what it was.

"I think we both had the same idea coming here tonight. I'll accept yours if you accept mine" Hermione said to her girlfriend opening the box to reveal a diamond encrusted gold ring. She grabbed Fleur's hand and gently slid the ring down her wedding finger.

"Mon amour it's beautiful" Fleur gushed. She then grabbed Hermione's finger and slid a diamond and sapphire encrusted white gold ring down the length of it.

They both looked at each other at the same time and helped each other into a standing position. As they gazed deeply into each others eyes it all fell into place. They leaned in at simultaneously, and when their lips met they shared a passionate and heated kiss that for them, sealed it.

Call it fate or destiny, standing on that roof together, looking over the whole of Diagon alley made them realize it didn't get any better than that. That the experience would have been somewhat less if it had been shared with anyone else.

When Hermione pulled back, she leaned her forehead onto her fiancé's and smiled. "You realize this is the first day of the rest of our lives?"

"Oui, and everyday will be perfect."

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