by First-GeNeSiS

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Chapter 1

The world had always been embraced by the opposites. Good versus evil, with both forces, it obtained the balance of life. Nevertheless, the everlasting dispute of who should prevail would always be present in everything, in and to everyone. No one could prevail, for it was the presence of one force that there existed the other.


Amongst the charcoaled walls, fired up by raging evil emotions, the king of darkness sat on his throne surrounded by nothing but layer upon layer of fire. The grounds boiled with increasing heat and the minions of darkness comfortably gathered close to their master's seat. Ugly creatures rejoiced with their laughs of insanity and damned souls cried from anonymous pain.

"Did you summon me, father?" A girl with aquamarine hair and pale skin, wearing a hellish garb, red like dried rose, elegantly walked toward the throne. Her lusciously curved lips became redder at every warm breath.

"Michiru." Rising, the king revealed his broad structure. His unseen mouth moved the fur that grew in his lower face. Whether it was beard or mustache, they couldn't be distinguished. His eyes were covered with nothing but darkness as black as hell. "You do know what day this is."

"I am thoroughly aware."

"Good. You have all the time you need. But the sooner you finish it, the quicker you'll be fully accepted into our black realm."

"I am insulted, father. Don't you trust the capability of your very own daughter? The least thing you can do is set me a time limit. And I'll impress you more."

"As you wish. You'll have one week. Bring the human to the horrid reality of hell then finally make these creatures of darkness unconditionally kneel before you."

She scowled with a face of a thousand royalties, laying sight one by one on the damned creatures surrounding her. Gaining their loyalty was not enough for a trophy of victory. Such creatures didn't even deserve her authority. They were just trash, too dirty to even wipe her feet. She restored her attention to the king. "And who is this unfortunate human that is to be my prey?"

"Chiba Mamoru."

"A man?" The girl sounded with great interest to the subject. "This will be very easy."

"Well then," the father continued. "Let me choose for you a guardian that will accompany you in your royal initiation." Raising a hand, he brought forth from solid ground, a small brown creature with a porcupine's head, snake's body, cat's limbs and a goat's tail. Every inch of its skin dripped mud, as its mouth salivated in spontaneity.

"Mi-sama?" Barely seeing its master, the creature spoke, at its highest pitch, as it gradually cleaned the dripping dirt over its face. "Mi-sama? Mi-sama!" It ran to the beautiful devil, preparing to greet her with utmost respect. But before it even reached feet away from the woman, flames burst and burned it to ashes

"Disgusting!" Steam came out from Michiru's pointer. Around it was a silver ring with a black signet of a flame. She brought down her steaming finger and softly caressed it with her lips. "I guess it died."

"Michiru!" The king's angry voice quaked the grounds.

But Michiru maintained her posture. "Father, let me tell you. Whatever you create, I can easily destroy." She sounded angelic to normal ears yet her lips wore the devil's grin.

Then, from the farthest corner of the throne room, there, emerged deep and course laughter. "Sobarashii!" A one-man applause followed. "Just wonderful, simply wonderful."

The woman turned to the unknown person. "Kuro onii-sama!"

"Yo!" He walked across the room, positioned himself beside the throne, and returned his gaze to the woman. "Your control over your power is improving." With a well-modulated voice, he retained his calm face. He got hold of his chin. "But what a waste that you had to kill your own guardian."

"That's it, Kuro." The king was holding his tension. "Tell her."

Michiru relaxed a little and folded her arms. "I can't help it. Just looking at it alone was already a huge burden."

His straight long charcoaled hair swayed as he approached the girl. There was silence at first that only his teal eyes spoke of the concealed words of such conversation. Then, his smile broadened. "Michiru is a big girl now. Today is already her start of initiation into the black realm. If she can't fulfill this initiation without a guardian, then it will only defeat its true purpose." His eyes probed her face and his finger slightly moved a lock of her hair. "Besides, what Michiru wants, Michiru gets. I have my whole trust in my little 'sis." His hair sagged as he leant over, took in his sister's lips, and gave her a deep long kiss. Pulling away, he smiled again. "And my future wife."

"I guess it can't be helped." The old man shrugged. "Well, Michiru, if your brother says so. Then, you can have it your way."

"I assure you. Chiba will have a damned soul in just a few days." Michiru turned around, shoved her hair, and disappeared into the darkness.

The king turned to Kuro. "Do you think she'll be alright?"

"Don't worry, father. She is, the Princess of Darkness."


"So, you got it now?" Haruka smirked at the little girl beside her.

"Hmmm… Let me see," the girl thought about it for awhile. "The valley is over there." She pointed to a vast plain. "The gate is over there." Her hand swayed to another direction. "And the Angel's palace is in the horizon."

"Excellent." Haruka heaved off a huge breath. "And after eleven times of repeating it, you finally got it right."

A silver-haired guy came up from behind the two. "Haruka-san, the master wants to talk to you."

"Ah, Shiro-san. You found us." Haruka stood to greet the angel properly. "Is the master in the palace?"

The guy nodded.

"O.K.!" The blond stooped over to the little girl. "Shall we head home, now?"

Extending a hand, Haruka smiled as she got the girl's compliance.

The three started to walk on the Heaven's grounds. The blond breathe in a handful of air from Heaven's solace. Though the environment was more like the Earth's country scene, somehow, Heaven got a totally different feel. It was nature in the clouds. Above them was the sky, below them was the sky, and beyond the kingdom's walls, outside the mighty gate, was the doorway to the world.

"Haruka-sama, that man over there." The girl pointed at Shiro. "Is he an angel too?"

Haruka's face never stopped at being amused at the child. "Hai."

"Oh? But how come he is stiffer than you?" Her lips pouted. "And more serious."

Haruka chuckled. "You see, Mai-chan, each and everyone of us is different. Besides, Shiro-san and I have different rankings in the palace. I am a Na-shi and Shiro-san is a Ko-shi."

"Na-hi and Ko-hi?"

"Let me explain it a little better. Female angels are called Na-shi. They are what humans call as 'guardian angels'. Male angels are called Ko-shi. They are the protectors of heaven and will never leave the kingdom. Na-shi, on the other hand, are the ones that get assigned to specific humans. So, Mai-chan, when you get bigger, you'll become a Na-shi."

"Oh." The child became silent again.

"That girl." Walking with the two, Shiro pointed at the little girl. "Is she new?"

"Hai." Haruka replied. "Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to introduce her." She pointed at the child. "This is Mai-chan. She is a newly-born cherub and Shizuka-san wants me to show her around for today."

"Ah!" Startled at a realization, Mai stopped. "Get assigned? Meaning," she looked at Haruka with held tears on her eyes. "Haruka-san is going to leave Heaven, too?"

"Now, now."

"Not possible." Shiro interrupted and bent down at the little girl. Raising his finger, he continued the lesson. "You see, Haruka-san and I are archangels. Haruka-san is the chief angel of the Na-shi and I am the head of the Ko-shi. Archangels stay only in Heaven."

"Ah! O.K.! Everything is fine then." The girl continued to walk.

"I didn't know that you have the potential of being a good teacher, Shiro-san." Teasingly, the blond gave the other her remark. It was definitely unusual of Shiro to talk to a cherub. As what Mai had said, he was stiff. Well, he was the only one who was stiffer than Haruka. But it didn't matter, his job called for it.

The distance they walked was long but any walk in heaven was never tiring. The group reached Angel's Palace. The Na-shis were the only ones there. Ko-shis rarely hanged out in the building. Haruka saw the same angelic faces that morning from when she departed with Mai.

The angels greeted them and Haruka had completely sensed the excitement of how her subordinates looked at them. Perhaps, they fancied a lot at the Ko-shi archangel. Well, it couldn't be helped. He was rather good-looking. But there was something disturbing to begin with. Somehow, Haruka felt that those crystalline eyes of the Na-shis were rooted on her.

"Well, I still have somewhere to go." Shiro waved at the blond and immediately walked out of the palace.

"Haruka-sama!" A slender woman with long chestnut hair and green eyes called and approached the angel. "Master is waiting for you." She looked down at the child. "And how've you been, Mai-chan. You didn't give Haruka-sama any trouble now, did you?" Shizuka was the angel a step down in rank of an archangel. She cared a lot for the cherubs and as well as she took the position of a teacher to the newly born.

Her golden locks of hair swayed as Mai shook her head. "I am a good cherub, Shizuka-oneesan."

"Good to hear that."

Haruka laughed. She was never this amused at a child before. Mai was too cute to be taken for granted. "She's an avid learner. If you're going to continue raising her up then I know she'll make a perfect guardian, Shizuka-san."

"Haruka-sama!" A blue-haired cherub came running to the three. "Master is looking for you!"

Haruka gulped. Shiro, Shizuka, and Yuki. There were three messages delivered already. Now, she knew that the issue for what she was called for was indeed serious. It was even very unusual for her to have the slightest feeling of being nervous. Or was it fear? The ambiguity was not an issue. She just had no idea what was in store for her by her master.

"You really have to go now." Shizuka finally insisted. "You mustn't make Master wait."

Haruka nodded. "First, I have to clean myself up." She was just wearing her casual angelic robes. Her wings, hidden underneath her flesh, left only a protruding mark on her back. Yet, to present oneself to the master was not ordinary. Rather, it was like an occasion, a special celebration of presentation.

The blond said a little prayer, recited a few chants, and in a split of a second, she restored her archangel's regimentals. The pressed clothes covered every inch of skin of her body. White gloves, white boots, white satin clothing wrapped her, long well fit sleeves embraced her long arms and firm pants held her legs. Her waist carried a tight golden belt and a golden strap around her head. Now, confident and prepared, she could only think of what her master could want from her. "Ja, I'm going."


Haruka turned.

"Let me straighten your collar a bit. It's a little bit crooked." Shizuka's hands found their way to Haruka's neck and carefully work on the angel's collar.

Everything should be perfect and Haruka was indeed grateful to her subordinate's concern.

Yuki's giggle became audible

"What's the idea?" The blond stood straight with raised brows, innocent, and having no single clue.

The blue-haired cherub composed herself and looked at the three straightly. "Well, no matter how I look at it, you, three, look like a real family."

"Like that ever happens!" Haruka rescinded.

"Hey, it's just my opinion. Well, I'll go on ahead. Teacher is still waiting for me." The small girl dashed through the palace's corridors.

Keeping her cool, the comment didn't seem to bother Haruka at all. A small child had really no idea with those worldly facts. She was about to walk away when she noticed Shizuka's red face. Come to think of it, a beautiful angel like Shizuka sure looked pretty cute turning red. Looking at her give Haruka a somewhat throbbing feeling. But imagining that Haruka herself was the one that caused her to turn red like that was even more invigorating. "Hey, are you alright?" The blond lifted up the shorter woman's face. "Hora you're all red."

"Ah!" Mai exclaimed. "Shizuka-oneesan is blushing really hard."

"No, I'm fine. Really."

"You sure?"


"Well, if you say so." Haruka let go of the woman's face. "Well, this time, I'm really going to the Master now." The sounds of the footsteps made by her leather boots echoed the palace grounds. She turned to Shizuka for the last time. "Shizuka-san, take good care of our child now! Then, we can take Mai-chan when we're ready to elope."

Shizuka's jaw dropped, her face became redder as before. Her opened mouth just froze, without words to say.

"Just kidding!" Haruka winked at the other woman.

Her back turned and she continued to walk sternly toward the Master's chamber. It was really not usual for her to crack those kinds of jokes to her subordinates especially to Shizuka, but somehow, she could feel that the situation called for it. But if situations such as those happened, she normally ignored it or better yet, sealed her lips, and ignored the urges that would regularly emerged reflexively. What happened was different. She managed to ride on what had been said. Perhaps, it was a sign of her very own growth. She knew she was playing with someone's feeling. And she knew it was enjoyable, too enjoyable to begin with that thinking of it more felt like it was her first and last game.

Her feet stopped at the Master's door. Aware of her arrival, they swung wide and opened to a throne room where the Master comfortably sat.

"Haruka, you're finally here." His voice was so ever solemn and deep.

She immediately paid tribute and bowed down infront of him. "I apologize for my tardiness, sir. It was…"

"You returned Mai to her teacher."

She raised her head, still had eyes of amazement for her Master's great intuition. "That is correct, sir."

"Do not worry. Your tardiness is well compensated."

"What can your humble servant do for you?"

There was silence at first that Haruka knew was a preparation of something out of the ordinary. She received a lot of orders from the Master before. Trained the Na-shis, organized an occasion, looked after the cherubs, and a lot more of Heaven's chores that she had been doing for the past fifty years. She felt that this one was different.

"I am sending you to the world."

"Sir?" Confused, she knew that her position entitled her to be in the palace at all cost. "Are you demoting me?"

"Of course not." The master had a trace of a chuckle in his tone. "You are the best guardian in Heaven. Why would I demote you?" He resumed a sober face. "Hell started their princess' initiation to the black realm. She was sent to the world to make a human's clean soul evil. I want you to stop her from succeeding."

She, indeed, was surprise. Hell's princess was already starting to make her move in the circle of the great forces. It was a sign that the world should be prepared for. It could lead to salvation or it could lead to destruction. Although she had been a guardian, she never experienced facing Hell's royal foes before. This job was a once-in-a-lifetime event of a Na-shi archangel. Succeeding the mission meant Heaven's glory, but failing meant the Na-shi's own death as well as the world or even universal chaos. Her predecessor was at a loss half a century ago when Hell's very own prince managed to acquire a pure soul. And Heaven lost. The world went to war, more evil souls rose feeding on humans' innocence, as nations between nations experienced bloodshed at its fullest. The archangel that faced the prince, 50 years ago, died miserably from the prince's very own hands. The archangel was crushed and later, burnt. Now, this time, the princess was the one in her initiation and Haruka knew nothing on what this princess was capable of. But she was certain that whatever the princess could do, it was lethal. "Do I need to banish the princess from the world?"

"That is futile. The death of a demon is the victory of an angel. All you need to do is free a soul from the princess' clutches and the world will be saved."

Much contemplation rushed to Haruka's head. This was a very serious assignment and she had to be prepared for it no matter what and yet the confidence that she held within was not enough to defeat whatever instrument of darkness the princess might have in stored for her. Her lack of confidence could push her to her very own death. This slightest doubt was a huge threat. But she knew that she was the only one in Heaven who was in the position to counter the dark princess. "And whose soul is she after?"

"A young college student named Chiba Mamoru."

Making her final decision and gathering every bit of courage there was, Haruka nodded. "I will guard his soul with my life."

She arched her back a little and clinched her fists, summoning on her strength, the tiniest nerve marked a trace on her neck. Closing her eyes, her teeth gnashed feeling on the energy accumulating and in a second, great white wings sprouted from his back. Her body faded in Heaven as Haruka, orbed herself to the world.

It was a short time of travel that light spectacles of matter swiftly passed by Haruka's path. With such span, she had only one thought. She had to defeat the princess no matter what the cost was.

As the angel found her path to Mamoru's pad, she quickly made a celestial way in it. Inside, her body gradually appeared along with soft shiny spectacles she accumulated from her journey. For the first time in decades, her shoes felt the hardness of the world's grounds. Calming from the flight, her wings spread, took a few flaps, then came into a full relax.

Around her was quiet and serene.

Then, a captivating form of giggle crouched up behind her. The angel turned and saw the figure on the bed, lying on her sides, dressed in a seductively red clothing, with a condemned yet mesmerizing pair of teal eyes and an alluring wavy hair. Haruka's chest fluttered with nervousness. The cause of this feeling? It remained unknown. Perhaps it was because of seeing for the first time Hell's own daughter or perhaps, it was because she was seeing a red angel.


Author's Notes

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