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Chapter 17

She opened her eyes as she felt the gentle cold air that caressed her face. A soft cushion held her back and a flowing sheet covered her. Everything felt so fresh and wonderful, so relaxing and the humid atmosphere was soothing to her skin.

She got out from the bed and steadied her feet on the ground. Her room was serenely beautiful. A window showed a scenic view of a cool horizon. Everything she felt was invigorating. Though she had forgotten everything that happened yesterday, she didn't mind at all. Or the environment was too perfect to be minding such small detail. She didn't remember what happened but she was sure of where she was currently staying and what she should be doing.

A pile of robes was arranged in her closet just as she knew that a tall mirror was waiting for her at the corner of the room. She took a look of the façade she was carrying.

Her reflection showed an energetic youngster with an age of around 11 years old. Her hair was yellow like gold and her face lined a boyish shape. She fixed her hair up and changed into a clean set of robes.

The door opened. "Mo Haruka-chan, aren't you ready yet?"

She straightened the folds and presented herself cheerfully. "Now, I'm ready." She put on a big happy smile.

The woman led the young one out of the room and accompanied her through the long corridor.

"Ne, Shizuka-sensei. Where are you taking me this time?"

"I'll give you a special lesson on Heaven's geography today."

They descended from the palace's staircase.

"A special lesson?" She had a suspicious look toward her sensei.

They passed by the master's chamber where Haruka caught sight a beautiful wavy-haired woman in a stunning red gown talking to the master. Both looked serious in their discussion.

"Shizuka-sensei, who is that woman?"

Shizuka looked at the woman for a second and immediately turned away to lead the girl to the palace's exit. "Just a visitor of the master."

Haruka noticed the increasing pace of their walk. "A visitor?"

Shizuka was drowned in silence until they were completely out of the building. Much to Haruka's curiosity, the teacher took her to a more unused route leading to a farther destination from the palace.


"Even so, I am still thankful." The master sent his goodbye to the visiting demon.

Michiru walked out of the chamber and grabbed the opportunity to relish the place that she had spent once with an angel. The air was the same, the view was left unchanged, and the Ko-shis and Na-shis looked contemptuously at her from their posts. She casually ignored them.

Shiro, then came from the east wing. "I want to talk to you." He sounded indifferent. "I never thought that you would return Haruka back to us, erasing her life of what she had become after she became a full-fledged Na-shi."

Looking mighty unfriendly, the princess silently listened to him.

"But isn't this a breach of nature's rules?"

"I am a demon, Shiro. I love breaking rules."

"Are you thoroughly aware that this act has a retroactive effect?"

She ignored him.

"Again, you changed the world for the second time." He reminded her of how she tilted the world's balance with her affair with an angel. "Somehow, with your action today, Mamoru recovered from his accident ten years ago. He finished university and became an excellent agent of the Internal Revenue Agency. And just yesterday, he was able to apprehend Ponwick Saul's anomalies in the government. We know that Saul was your best candidate in your hellish plan. And yet, you took the risk. Were you aware of all these?"

She seemed not to care.

"You are good as dead, you know? By returning Haruka back to us, it's the same as you purposely lose during your initiation back then. It's the same as giving Haruka the victory."

"Are you finished already?" Irritation was written all over her face. "Why do you act concern for me? Aren't you the one who should be happy now?" Her arms crossed as a finger held her chin. "You know, Shiro, if only you had made your move on Haruka much earlier, then perhaps none of this would happen." She recalled on how Shiro was so jealous when she stayed in Heaven.

Indeed, back then, he only wished for Haruka to take her attention off of the demon back to her own work – her attention only to the master and if not, to the Ko-shi counterpart.

"The nerve that Haruka was even jealous that you might be hitting on me back then," she laughed at the thought as she remembered how green the angel was every time the princess walked with the Ko-shi. "When, all you wanted to happen was for Haruka to notice you, instead."

"Uso yo!" He cried but he was bad at lying, himself. "That's not true at all." Now, his words he let go from his mouth were covered in defense.

Michiru grinned and giggled as she left the Ko-shi alone in the palace's grounds. "Tsk tsk tsk" Pausing at nothing, she walked straight out the door. "And they said, angels were honest."


"Haruka-chan!" Shizuka called out much louder than before.

Haruka had wondered out from Shizuka's sight and had no plans of returning to her teacher. Not when she was playing like a normal innocent mischievous cherub would. She could hear her teacher all right but the Heaven's sceneries were breathtaking to left them without savoring nor enjoying.

She frolicked with the birds and hummed at the trees, the flowers, and the grasses. She jumped and play and thankful to all the living creatures playing with her in return. The leaves talked, rustling to her ears and branches swayed as the wind whistled sweet nothings to the little angel.

Running with no direction, she got lost amongst the tall bushes and her feet could only carry her ascending to a small hill. A tree stood tall at the middle of it.

"Ano…" She saw a woman. She was the same woman, strikingly beautiful and sublime, that the master had a talk early in the morning.

The woman turned and her hair glided smoothly through the air.

'Kirei' The girl mumbled her fascination. "Ano… daré desu ka?" She wasn't scared at all, not with an attractive stranger. Her feet slowly approached the woman.

Michiru gazed down and saw a very young Haruka looking up on her. "Haruka… kawaii!" She adored the child.

Haruka blushed and asked again. "How do you know my name?"

"Hi-mi-tsu!" The woman teased as she sealed her lips with a finger. A smile formed tenderly. "Let's just say…" she thought for awhile. "That I'm your angel."

"Wow!" She gave out a loud surprise. "An angel has an angel?"

Michiru giggled. She looked up at the bright yet cool sun which was almost high above for noon. "Jikan da." She slowly walked away.

"Matte!" The girl called. "Where are you going?"

"It's already time for me."

"Time for what?"

Michiru walked around the tree, concealing of what might happen to her. "Woe to you, father. You lost a son and a daughter because of one single angel." She mumbled to herself.

"Oneesan?" She called again. "Time for what?"

When Haruka ran to see the woman, flames burst and slowly consumed her, part by part.

"Oneesan! Oneesan!" Haruka tried to help but the flames were piercingly hot. "Oneesan! Dooshita?"

"Haruka…" Michiru looked intently at the child. "Iie yo, Haruka. Kore wa watashi no batsu desu."

"Iie, iie, iie." Haruka was furious, unable to comprehend what was really happening.

"Daijoubo." The flames had already swallowed her limbs, her body, then her chest. Her face almost faded with the steaming fire.

"Naze? Naze?" Haruka called again and again.

"Haruka's angel has to die…" her voice faded. "for love." Her mouth spoke of her last words that Haruka couldn't hear. The flames were the only witness to her truth. "I fell in love with an angel, not with a demon."

Tears watered from her eyes. "Wakaranai yo, oneesan." She cried alone on the hill. Her heart crumpled itself with various feelings of sadness and despair. "Oneesan…"

The flames disappeared in a second. Not even ashes remained from the woman she had seen. It was as if the stranger wasn't there in the first place. But Haruka was sure that once, a very beautiful woman was there, and now, she was gone. Still, she was aware of who she was. "Kanojo wa…" She treasured everything she saw about the woman – her hair, her eyes, her skin, and the most alluring of them all, her lips. "… boku no akai tenshi desu." However, that angel was gone.


From the author:

Translated lines:

"Ano… daré desu ka?" means Ummm… who are you?

"Kirei" means beautiful

"Kawaii" means cute

"Jikan da" means it's time

"Iie" means no

"Daijoubo" means it's all right

"dooshite" and "naze" means why

"Kore wa watashi no batsu desu." means This is my punishment

"wakaranai" means I don't understand

"boku no akai tenshi desu" means my red angel.

There are a lot of Japanese lines in this chapter. I'm not really fluent in Japanese but I kinda imagined the characters saying such lines as I was writing this so I just had to write them down. I provided the translation just in case the words are not that familiar.

Another fic finished! This is originally an 18-chapter fic but I merged two chapters together about the Land of Unknown and cut out some parts of it. So, do you like it? How do you find the story? I deliberately wrote a serenely calm (almost or really boring) first few chapters to give a huge impact on the emotions contained in the last few chapters. Honestly, I was afraid that only a few of you (readers) will continue reading the fic until the end because of the slow plot. But then, I was so happy when I received a lot of reviews on chapter 15. I was like, "Wow! This fic is still alive?" Hehehe… It's partly my fault also because of my delayed updates. I was really very busy and I had a few blOck-outs between chapters especially during Haruka's wandering in the Land of Unknown and eventually coming to Hell.

Oh! I should apologize to those who expected a happy ending. Gomen! Well… the ending can still be "happy" depending on how you interpret it, right? Or am I just giving an excuse… Gomen again. But that's just how the story goes. I can't stop Michiru, ya know. What do you think of her now? The story was really beyond my control. Hehehe…

Anyway, 'will be looking forward to your reviews. Thank you for reading this fic until the end. I had fun with all of you especially to those who were constantly reviewing the chapters. (hugz)