Chapter 3 √ Grief

Tohru looked on in horror as Momiji gave the grim news to the rest of the Sohma clan. She just could not believe that the core of the Zodiac curse, Akito had succumbed to something like an illness. It seemed like he was a very strong person, however to be felled by an illness was something that happened to many people many times over.

Momiji had timed his announcement so poorly, coming on the heels of Kisa's mother just giving up, that a furor ensued at Shigure's house. The only ones not affected by the news of the day were, well all of them were affected, in one way or another, even if they thought they wouldn't be.

Tohru wasn't really sure how she would react when she heard of Akito's passing, but her tears started flowing, and pretty soon, everyone was crying silently, except for Kyo, who under his tough exterior knew that he had never cared for Akito.

It all seemed so surreal to Yuki. The man who had put him through so much abuse had finally passed. He was not sure whether he would cry over Akito, the man who had been his personal tyrant for most of his life, but if Tohru could cry over someone she barely had any contact with, then Yuki was sure he could find a little sympathy in his heart.

After all, Yuki thought, Akito must have had problems of his own, bearing the brunt of the family curse. Problems that he alone could only realize. Problems that were his alone, because no-one else in the family could bear the load.

For his part, Shigure seemed the most distraught of the family. He was one who would let emotion rule him, and he did not see the shame of crying, so the tears came slowly, almost as if they weren't really there.