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Raikiri Triken: The Three Souls Swordsman

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 25: What Do You Mean We Need To Rebuild Again?

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It was a beautiful day in Konoha

Then the side of a hotel exploded.

A few minutes ago…

Harry ducked as the twin killing curses flew over him, thankfully only hitting the opposite wall and blasting a pair of holes. Reflexively, he slammed the door shut, earning a pair of indignant cries. Harry rolled away from the door, fumbling for his wand. Merlin, how long had it been since he'd used it? It felt like months.

"Harry?" Temari said, sounding a bit surprised.

"Temari, get out of here!" Harry said, finally drawing his wand and magically sealing the door even as a pair of holes were blasted through it. "Those are friends of mine, and either their really mad or they're being controlled."

The door was blasted off its hinges, and the two girls calmly stepped through the opening, Hermione deflecting Harry's knee-jerk Disarming spell as Ginny sent another barely-dodged jet of green light. Their faces were blank and empty.

"I'm thinking someone's controlling them," Temari said she ducked as Ginny sent a green blast at her, grabbing the staff she'd just put down a moment ago and using it to sweep Ginny's feet out from under her. The redhead fell, rolling with the movement to avoid the swipe to her head. A half-aimed spell cast with a cry of "Relashio!" clipped Temari's shoulder, sending her spinning.

Harry, meanwhile, was dueling Hermione, trying to overwhelm her so she wouldn't be able to launch something as powerful as a Killing Curse. It was nearly impossible in the enclosed confines of the small room, and furniture and the clothes they'd taken out of the trunk were being shredded. It was all happening so fast. Harry ignored the mental chatter from the peanut gallery, completely focused on the duel.

Thus, it was only the combined screaming of the peanut gallery and Kagura that made him dodge, causing the spell Ginny had sent at him to miss. Temari recovered, grabbing Ginny from behind and flipping the girl over her shoulder, wrenching away her wand and throwing said wand to the side. The witch hit the floor awkwardly, her back slamming into a giant shuriken left lying on the floor.

The Suna kunoichi was about to flip Ginny over and incapacitate her with a hold when the girl suddenly twisted strangely in her grip, wrenching her arm free. Her other hand swept upward, and Temari had to dart back to avoid being slashed by the cross-shaped shuriken the witch was suddenly holding. Temari hooked the staff she'd dropped to flip over Ginny with her foot and kicked it up, grabbing it in time to fend off the weapon Ginny was now wielding skillfully. The sound of shuriken striking staff filled the little room.

Harry, in desperation, charged at Hermione, keeping up the barrage of spells to keep her busy until he got within grabbing range, where he used the skills Soujiro and Kenshin gave him in regard to unarmed combat (since Shishio's skills were all of a lethal bent) to take away her wand. She responded by kicking him where it hurt. There was none of that delayed reaction nonsense; pain filled his very being, and he fell to his knees, instinctively curling into a fetal position. Above him came the tinkle of a small chain and the sound of something being unsheathed.

"Harry!" he heard Temari cry.

Instinct kicked in, and he drew Kenshin's sword from his waist, bringing it up in time to catch the heavy blade Hermione was swinging down at him. His green eyes met her blank ones, which looked at him with empty impassivity that contrasted quite sharply with how enthusiastically she was trying to kill him. Though still pained, he managed to swing his foot up, kicking the girl in the head and sending her stumbling back.

Harry turned over, trying to keep an eye on Hermione while getting to his knees. The bushy-haired witch was shaking her had as if to clear it, but the way she was holding the sword– no, not a sword. It was some kind of weird sword-gun hybrid– told him she was still feeling violent towards him. That didn't really mean anything at this point. "Hermione?" he tried.

Her head rose slowly as he rose to one knee, and her eyes were still blank. Still controlled. She suddenly charged at him raising the blade in her hand in a heavy overhead slash, but her rhythm was ruined by the ceiling, which her blade dug into. Harry dashed forward, slamming the butt of his sword in her stomach. Hermione doubled over, but in the process bought down the butt of her weapon down on his head, causing him to see stars as he stumbled back.

As the two of them reeled, over the sound of Temari and Ginny fighting he could hear the other witch's voice cry out, "Gauntlet!"

And that was when the side of the hotel blew out.

Voldemort fastidiously flicked dust and debris from his clothes as he looked at where the wall that was now all over his floor used to stand. "Hmm," He said to himself. "Best to find somewhere else to watch this…"

He Disapparated away.

When Harry's head stopped ringing, he realized he was on a slightly sloped rooftop, Temari looking down at his face in concern. Her face brightened when he opened his eyes. "Harry!" she said "You're all right!"

"Wha… what happened?" Harry managed to get out. "Where are Hermione and Ginny?"

"I… I don't know," Temari said. "I lost track of them during the explosion. I barely got you out before the ceiling came down. Ginny missed me with… whatever it was she did."

Harry was able to boggle at her, even through the pain. "Ginny did that?" He forced himself to sit up, Temair helping him. They were on the roof across from where his room used to be. There was a large hole there now, with piles of rumble. "We need to look for them! They might be injured, or–"

One of the piles of rumble moved. A dusty Hermione was levering herself up on the blade she was going to use to kill Harry. She'd been hit hard by the blast, apparently. One shoulder was bleeding where the oversized nunchucks had apparently struck and wrapped around them, tangled up with another length of metal chain. Next to her, Ginny had apparently used a long metal pole as a support to keep up a corner of the room's mattress as a makeshift partial shelter.

Harry… Kenshin's voice said.

"Not now, Himura," Harry muttered, trying to stand on the roof.

No Harry, this is important!


Those weapons the girls are holding… they're talking to us, Soujiro said. They sound concerned and upset. And female.

"Oh," Harry said blandly. He glared at the staff Temari was still holding. "I don't suppose there's any chance that's empty, is there?"

No, a new, female voice said in his head.

Oh, hello, Kagura said. I'm Kagura. Who're you?

My name is Yuna, the voice said. High Summoner of Yevon. Pleased to meet you…

"This is bullshit," Naruto said, looking at the balloon full of water he was supposed to make explode with his chakra. He'd already done it several times, but the old pervert kept telling him he was doing it wrong!

Just reminding you he's in this story too…

"Oh, look Ron, a strange bracelet lying on the ground!"

"Luna, what do you need another one for? You already have more than fifteen!"

Hermione was one of the smartest people Harry knew, while Ginny was one of the most perceptive. Being controlled, unfortunately, did not dull either of these qualities. They were very quick to pick up on the added abilities the things they were holding gave them.

Which was why Harry, and to a lesser extent Temari, was now being attacked by a giant shuriken, a metal staff, a gun-sword combination weapon, a chain whip, giant nunchucks and in some instances Ginny's bare hands. On the plus side, they had apparently not been able to recover their wands from the remains of the room. On the downside, Harry had lost his as well.

Now that they were outdoors, however, Temari was cutting loose, and to hell with her being caught. Kagura's fan was out and blasting, the gale-force-plus level winds keeping the other two girls back. The movement to open spaces also let Harry dodge better, even as he Apparated and Shukuchi-ed to where he thought he could incapacitate the two.

Hermione and Ginny were not going down easy, however, and already both had unleashed ridiculously powerful attacks that they should not be able to do. Hermione's cry of "Shockwave Pulsar" had leveled several blocks. Fortunately it had been a while in coming, and people had been able to run or be bought out in time. Ginny's "Landscaper" had caused the collapse of several buildings.

They had by now, of course, attracted a lot of attention. Ninja were appearing, staying in the sidelines and helping people get to safety, but Harry knew it was only a matter of time before one of the big guns appeared. A small part of him wondered who it would be that would evolve this into an 'out of the frying pan, into the fire' situation.

He was still thinking about it, trying to dodge one of Hermione's increasingly skillful slashes when she suddenly fell asleep…

Sakura nodded thankfully at The Sleep Card, looking over at the four unconscious foreigners. She winced as she recognized Gaara's sister. Oh, this was going to be awkward. "Someone better tell the Hokage," she said tiredly. "Looks like we're rebuilding again…"

Tenten whistled quietly to herself as she rang the doorbell to the Hyuuga compound. She smiled at the slightly flustered and annoyed Hyuuga who'd answered the door. Clearly, Yami Hinata's House reorganization plans were causing no small amount of chaos. "Hi, I'm Saotome Tenten. I'm supposed to pick up Neji-chan for our date tonight?"

She caught the small twist to the corner of the Hyuuga's mouth. "Just a moment please," the Hyuuga said. Tenten couldn't be sure if the person she'd been talking to was a guy or a girl. The Hyuuga were worse than her family when it came to androgynous fashions.

Barely five minutes later, a slightly annoyed-looking Neji appeared at the door, wearing her usual sorts, bandages and jacket, although the jacket seemed to have shrunk in the wash, since you could barely make out the outline of her breasts. She'd been getting back to normal after several days of being in a blissful high from Yami removing her seal. "What's this about us having a date?" she said.

Instead of answering, Tenten crossed her arms, glaring at Neji. "What is wrong with you?" she said. Neji blinked. "Don't you know anything? A lady isn't supposed to come to the door right away, she's supposed to tell whoever goes to tell her her date's at the door to tell her date that she's still getting ready and tomake the date wait anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour! Everyone knows that! Heck, I know that, and I'm from the traditionally most socially inept clan in Konoha!" She grabbed Neji by the shoulders. "Now go in there and do it right! And slut up, darn it! At least ditch the jacket!"

"Wha-?" was all Neji was able to say before she was shoved back through the door. From the sounds Tenten made out, some of her female relatives had been lurking in waiting to tell her these things exactly.

The Saotome girl shook her head. "Honestly, I'm supposed to be the guy in this relationship! I shouldn't be talking about these things!"

- To be continued...

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